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Exodus 1-6:1

  • ICC Note: The Meadowbrook Baptist Church in Gadsden, Alabama welcomed a 28-year-old Middle Eastern Christian on Sunday. The woman, who remains unnamed, spoke on the persecution she experienced growing up in the Middle East as a Christian, including social seclusion and threats to her family. There is “no justice for Christians” where she comes from. At […]

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    An Old Testament Perspective Terence Fretheim is Professor of Old Testament and Dean of Academic Affairs at Luther-Northwestern Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fretheim did an in-depth study of the theme of divine suffering, taking into consideration metaphors that are often ignored in scholarly circles and churches. The result is a substantive study that is foundational […]
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    “Preach the gospel always: when necessary use words.” This famous quote by St. Francis of Assisi is compelling, but it is also easy to hide behind in the current culture we live in.   I remember the first time I was asked to “use my words” and share the gospel with a stranger. It was during a […]

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