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Galatians 5:1

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Responsible Freedom   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Part of our job is to help you think well. Not that long ago, many universities operated in loco parentis —literally “in place of the parent.” Colleges set boundaries of student conduct that were meant to instill character and bar immoral behavior. Today, in a culture that glorifies individual freedom, many faith-based colleges keep the spirit of in loco parentis […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: The Year in Liturgical Cinema: Epiphany   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail The Avas and Samanthas of our world—the technological avatars—cannot replace the power of fleshly presence. Note: “A Liturgical Year in Cinema” is an ongoing series, a personal exploration of the thematic connections between the Christian calendar and films. In the Christian year, January 6 marks the celebration of Epiphany, a commemoration of the revelation of God the […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: I Fought the Law   2 years, 9 months ago · View

    ThumbnailNow I think it’s time to rehabilitate its unsavory reputation. The law, as in the ethical commands of Scripture, has gotten a bad name in Christianity. I should know. I’m one of those writers who has tried to give it a bad name, linking it to words like oppressive,burdensome, and legalistic. Like an automobile engine without oil, a law-based […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: How the Truth Can Set You Free   3 years, 5 months ago · View

    Galatians 5:1 tells us “Christ has truly set us free” (NLT). The reason we can know genuine freedom is that Jesus “has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us” (2 Peter 1:3).