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Leviticus 16-18

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Defiling our planet   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    Undaunted by facts, the climate change champions soldier on, indicting mankind for rising planetary thermostats, though satellite measurements show no temperature rise for 19 years. (It’s just a “pause,” they claim.) But strangely enough, Scripture does indicate a planetary defilement that actually is caused by man, though the phenomenon is little noted by pagan and […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: A Clash of Church and Cake   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    Thumbnail10 questions about the Oregon bakers fined $135K for not baking a same-sex wedding cake. Aaron and Melissa Klein shuttered their Portland bakery two years ago, after being accused of violating Oregon’s nondiscrimination law by refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. But they have no plans to stop talking about their case, despite […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Kathleen Sebelius: Scapegoat   3 years, 9 months ago · View offers two definitions for scapegoat: “1. A person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place; 2. Chiefly biblical. A goat let loose in the wilderness on Yom Kippur after the high priest symbolically laid the sins of the people on its head. Lev. 16:8,10, 26.” Both […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: The Atonement and the Scapegoat: Leviticus 16 by Dr. Kenneth Mathews   3 years, 9 months ago · View

    ThumbnailDr. Kenneth Mathews of Beeson Divinity School looks at the atonement through the lens of Leviticus 16. The ritual "Day of Atonement" (Hebrew Yom Kippur) , described in Leviticus 16, was the most holy day of worship in the Hebrew calendar. It was also the most complicated in terms of ritual performance. A ceremonial ritual conveys a powerful […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: The Atonement and the Blood: Leviticus 17 by Dr. Stephen Um   3 years, 10 months ago · View

    ThumbnailDr. Stephen Um elaborates on Leviticus 17 to kick off a new blog series on the atonement. While the language of "atonement" has begun to fall out of regular use in our day and age, atonement itself remains as central to the human experience as it has ever been. In most cases, the word "atonement" has […]