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Leviticus 19-20

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    Protesters demonstrating at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 26, 2017. (Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty Images)

    MILWAUKEE ( JTA) — I was privileged recently to participate as the sole Jewish voice at a news conference with Latino leaders, community activists and faith groups at which we spoke loudly and clearly in support of compassionate immigration policies. I told the people […]

  • Thumbnail Evangelical millenial minority chooses the Green Party My political viewpoint is shaped by both my Evangelical faith and my personal experiences. My faith has been shaped mainly by the Pentecostal and Anabaptist traditions. From my Pentecostal heritage, I draw the belief that the Holy Spirit is actively working among lowly and marginalized people. From the Anabaptist tradition, I […]

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    Thumbnail Feet that carry the gospel are beautiful no matter how ugly they may be otherwise. The Bible says the feet that take the gospel and proclaim it to the lost are beautiful (Romans 10:15). A church filled with people engaged in missions is filled with beautiful feet. Most feet are not beautiful. Mine are not. However, […]