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Leviticus 9-11

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    Sara Paasche-Orlow

    BOSTON (JTA) — The elders of Israel are like the wings of a bird: Just as a bird cannot fly without wings, Israel cannot do anything without their elders (Vayikrah Rabba 11.8, Midrash on Leviticus 9:1). Last I checked, there was no mitzvah among the 613 telling us to dye our hair to counter the effects […]

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    ThumbnailWe’re troubled by God’s commands for Israel to wipe out entire peoples. Why we should be encouraged. There is genocide in the Bible. Scripture both describes the Israelites exterminating the Canaanites in cities like Jericho (Josh. 6:21), and also presents this as the command of God. This is what the Israelites are supposed to do when […]