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Psalm 23

  • Thumbnail An extended sermon in the words of the Savior Elmer Towns has a new book that will raise some questions and spark some discussion. He spoke with The Exchange about “ The Bible by Jesus ” recently and this is what he had to say. The Exchange: So how did this book come about? Elmer Towns: About 15 years ago I […]

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    A man wearing his support for Donald Trump on his kippah at Trump’s election night event in New York City, Nov. 8, 2016. (Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

    NEW YORK ( JTA) — Everyone said their guy was going to lose. Three-quarters of their fellow American Jews voted for the other candidate. But now, Jewish Trump […]

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    I recently served as a leader at a Christian retreat for teenagers. Over the weekend, we were asked to take off our watches and shut off our phones so that we could focus our attention on what God had for us over that three-day period. Though it wasn’t as easy to do as I thought it […]
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    Thumbnail Fuller Seminary video wants more reading. Here’s what people already are. Fuller Theological Seminary wants you to read the Psalms more. And it enlisted Bono and Eugene Peterson to make the case. According to research, many Americans already are. “What is your earliest memory of the Psalms?” asks Fuller professor David Taylor of the U2 singer-songwriter and the author […]

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    Newly elected Argentine President Mauricio Macri, right, invited the family of the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman to his home in January 2016. Clockwise to his left are Rabbi Marcelo Polakoff; Nisman’s daughter Kala; Macri’s wife, Juliana, and daughter Antonia, and Nisman’s daughter Iara. (Courtesy of the Office of the President of Argentina)

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina ( JTA) — […]

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    Thumbnail When to practice civil disobedience. In June 2015, in the wake of Dylann Roof’s murderous rampage at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, legislators gathered to debate removing the Confederate flag from the state capitol. Meanwhile, Bree Newsome, a young African American woman, was taking the matter into her own hands, scaling the flagpole and snatching […]

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    Psalm 23, B.B. King, and “nana’s voice on the telephone” are some of the comforts Wynonna Judd pays homage to in the standout “Things That I Lean On,” one of 12 bluesy rock tracks on her eighth studio album, Wynonna & The Big Noise . The album, released last week, is a smooth blend of […]

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    Thumbnail Many people today find the famous psalm troubling. But we need it now more than ever. Psalm 23 offers hope and encouragement like no other poem. Countless Jews and Christians have found in this short psalm solace in the face of life’s greatest challenges, including death. Two verses in particular (4 and 6) have given the psalm […]

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    JEDWABNE, Poland (JTA) — A 1941 pogrom in the Polish town of Jedwabne was commemorated at the site of the atrocity. Representatives of the Jewish community and local residents came out for Friday’s ceremony to remember the hundreds of Jews who were killed on July 10, 1941, by dozens of their Jedwabne neighbors. Yitzhak Levin, an Israeli with […]

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    John Henry and Frances Patterson’s new gravesite in Israel.  The inscription reads “As I speak of him, I will remember him.” (Hillel Kuttler)

    MOSHAV AVICHAIL, Israel (JTA) – On a crisp February morning in this community near the Mediterranean Sea, the sound of Israel’s flag whipping in the wind likely pleased the soul of John Henry Patterson, […]

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    ThumbnailA scriptural call to overcome our divisive instincts. There’s a curious sentence in Psalm 23 that unsettles me. David writes, “You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies.” In the same passage where the king presents God as the Good Shepherd and celebrates his provision, he throws in this radical thought about eating […]

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    ThumbnailWhy one seminary thinks so and is sending an Old Testament scholar into early retirement. Throughout history, Christians have affirmed that Jesus is the focus of Scripture. But one Bible scholar is being forced to take early retirement by a conservative seminary for seeing too much Jesus in the Old Testament. The Old Testament anticipates a […]

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    ThumbnailAre pastors preaching Paul too much and Old Testament too little? Leading Bible website analyzes top verses searched by millions worldwide. Which Bible verses are searched for most often in the world's 10 most populous countries? Psalm 23, Genesis 1, and 1 Corinthians 13, according to the world's leading Bible website. Yet China, India, the United […]

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    Dr. Tony Evans emphatically teaches about the faithfulness of God from Psalm 23.

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Most Popular Bible Verses of 2012; ‘I Will Fear No Evil’ Tops List   5 years, 1 month ago · View

    From the nearly 7 million visits it received last year, King James Bible Online was able to determine the most viewed Bible verses of 2012. Topping the list was Psalms 23:4.

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    Thumbnail The pastor, his wife, and their six small children had just read Psalm 23 while eating breakfast. Suddenly, the police burst into his home to search the house and arrest him.     The police asked him, “Don’t you have anything to say? Have you no sorrow or regret?”     The pastor said carefully, “You are the answer to what […]

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    Thumbnail Thank you for sharing these prayer requests and praying for them today.  Nigeria–Fulani Herdsmen Raze Christian Villages in Central Nigeria Source: VOM Contacts Matthew 5:13–15 Fulani herdsmen have stepped up attacks on predominantly Christian villages in the central Nigerian state of Nasarawa this year. Four villages were attacked between April 2 and April 6, leaving 14 people dead, including Reverend […]

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    ThumbnailThank you all for praying for this weeks prayer requests.  Please share them with your friends, family and church.  Your prayers do make a difference.  God bless you. Philippines—Church Elder Killed in Mindanao Source: VOM Contacts Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,    I will fear no evil;    For You are with me; […]