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Romans 6:19-23

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Want to Share Your Faith? Start with Words from the Bible!   1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail Believe, confess, repent, and follow. As an evangelist, people occasionally ask me which Bible verses they should memorize and use when sharing their faith. While there are many great ones to choose from, here’s where I suggest that they start: 1 Peter 3:15: “But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: How I Found Healing for My Spiritual Blindness   1 year, 5 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Discovering hope and healing for fallible followers through Jesus’ faithfulness in the Gospel of Mark. When I began exploring the Christian faith I’d inherited from my parents, I felt as though I’d rediscovered an antique toy in a corner of the attic. How have I never seen this before? I thought, amazed that I’d grown up with this […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Going to Church in North Korea   2 years, 5 months ago · View

    ThumbnailI find the nation of North Korea almost endlessly fascinating. There seems to be no way that anyone born and raised in a free nation can understand the level of control and paranoia that exists inside “The Hermit Kingdom.” And very few of us will ever be allowed to visit. Suki Kim was allowed to visit…and even […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Saved by Grace   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    Many people believe that piling up good works makes them right with the Lord. Yet when it comes to sin, death is the only payment that can satisfy divine justice (Romans 6:23). Since we all transgress, this leaves us in a desperate situation facing an eternity apart from God.

  • admin wrote a new blog post: Eternal Life: Adjust Your Focus   4 years, 4 months ago · View

    Many believers can almost instinctively complete this statement: “For the wages of sin is_____.” Reading that sentence, perhaps you even filled in the blank out loud: death. We all know what that means, right? Verse 23 of Romans 6 proclaims it’s what we deserve for our sin. This is how we view ourselves from time […]