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house cleaning

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I was checking on the status of the site and I happened across many links to sites that were not just spam, but had disturbing content.  In addition, these links were showing up connected with the site on search engines.

Therefore, I am de-activating the independent registration option until I have someone or the time to monitor it.  If you would like to join the community, just email me with the username you would like.

Thanks, for your understanding.

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|Revelation 21:21|Revelation 21:12|12 Gates to the City|12 Gates of Jerusalem|


Over this upcoming summer, I plan to give strong attention to this site.


Tighten up and expand feeds to news that concerns Christians.

Expand number of publications to include more content using different blogs within 12 gates.

Deal with spamming and allow genuine community members to join.




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I have been gathering newsfeeds from different sources for the site recently. All of the news is listed under the blog called “Chronicles.”  It includes news about Israel, general Christian news, and news about persecution of Christians taking place around the globe.  It can also be accessed by using the blog menu. 

If you have any similar sites or sites that you think would be worth posting news from, please feel free to let me know by PM or just posting a comment. 


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Welcome to 12 Gates. 

We are in the process of re-organizing our forums to offer an expereience that create a “homespace” for people as well as a place to gather.  A place to collaborate, fellowship, and interact. 

You may join at any time.  Right now we are in an experimental phase so please bare that in mind when you sign up. 😉

We believe the site should be functioning properly by September.

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Welcome to 12Gates

An instruction guide will be up shortly.

If you have any questions, click on the “group” tab and join the group “facilities”

From there you can post any questions