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Christians Healed From Alcohol Addiction

According to pollers, alcholism can be defeated through the power of God.

America Is Doomed For Financial Collapse

Over half of believers polled believe the U.S. economic downturn is God’s judgment.

Sides Taken Over Oil Crisis Link To Armageddon

Earth’s final conflict may or may not be a result of a global conquest for oil.

Believers Divided Over the Death Penalty

Christians cite Biblical reasons for and against sentencing criminals to death

Natural Disasters Could Be God’s Judgement

Believers are divided over whether increasing natural calamities can be attributed to the wrath of God.

Believers Overwhelmingly Support Israel

Close to 90% of Christians feel that Israel, as God’s chosen people, should be supported.

True Believers Can Cast Out Demons

Most Christians believe the power to exorcise evil spirits still exists today.

False Teachers Gaining Ground In Today’s Churches

Nearly 90% of Christians fear that false teachers are infiltrating the church with un-Biblical doctrine.

Christians Appalled Over Women’s Church Attire

A majority of believers think Christian women dress too provocatively for church.

Cosmetic Surgery Considered Questionable

A majority of Christians advocate reconstructive surgery but balk at cosmetic enhancements.

New York: Gay Marriage Approved by Senate

The New York Senate voted 33 to 29 to pass the gay marriage bill Friday night. The bill passed after two undecided Republican senators switched their votes to “yes” in the final moments before the vote on the bill.

NBC Pledge of Allegiance Apology ‘Too Little, Too Late;’ Christians Demand Explanation

NBC apologized for omitting “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance but Christians are now demanding an explanation from the network.

Lesbian Minister Suspended for Performing Same-Sex Ceremony

After more than six hours of deliberations, a jury of 13 United Methodist clergy voted 9-4 to suspend the Rev. Amy DeLong for 20 days beginning July 1.

Tough Pro-Life Law Forcing Ind. Abortion Clinics to Close

Planned Parenthood of Indiana announced it has downsized its operations, shutting down several facilities and shortening its hours of operation, in the absence of federal court intervention to halt Indiana law cutting Medicaid funds to abortion clinics.

Bishop Paul Morton’s Message to Eddie Long: Repent and Apologize

Bishop Paul S. Morton, founder of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship that ordained Eddie Long as Bishop, has openly rebuked the Atlanta megachurch pastor and called him to repent of any sins committed in sexual coercion lawsuits that were settled last month.

Documentary Shows the Harms of Same-Sex Marriage

The Family Research Council has fired another salvo in the debate on legalizing same-sex marriage with the release of a new documentary that details the harm same-sex marriage can inflict upon a society.

Global Survey: Evangelicals Say Secularism, Not Islam, Is Top Threat

For far more evangelical leaders around the world, the influence of secularism, not Islam, is the major threat, according to a newly released survey.

Obama’s Afghanistan Pullout Plan Met With Mixed Reactions

Calling his ordering of additional 30,000 American troops into Afghanistan “one of the most difficult decisions [he had] made as president,” President Barack Obama announced Wednesday night that 10,000 of the troops would be removed from Afghanistan by the end of 2011.

Burma’s Christian Refugees in India Demand Protection

Thousands of refugees who fled Christian persecution in Burma’s Chin state held a procession in New Delhi to mark the 60th World Refugee Day Monday, demanding legal protection in India and religious freedom back home.

Evangelicals Pick Tim Pawlenty as Preferred GOP Candidate

A new poll of evangelical leaders reveals that Tim Pawlenty leads the list of preferred Republican presidential candidates for the 2012 race. Forty-five percent named the former Minnesota governor as their top choice for 2012 GOP nomination

Las Conchas Fire 3 Percent Contained; Nuclear Lab Still Safe

New Mexico governor Susana Martinez assured the public on Wednesday that all resources necessary to battle the Las Conchas Fire have been made available. The fire is currently burning close to Los Alamos.

Rhode Island Senate OKs Civil Unions for Gay Couples

The Rhode Island Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that allows civil unions for same-sex couples in the state. The measure was passed just days after the landmark approval of gay marriage in New York.

Kerry, McCain Allied in Expanding U.S. Role in Middle East

Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) are working together to expand the U.S.’ role in the Arab Spring. The partnership is notable because Kerry and McCain have often clashed on foreign policy issues throughout their long Senate careers.

Obama Criticizes Republicans for Failing to Address Budget

President Obama took the podium Wednesday morning to talk about the economy and budget issues, and urge Republicans to agree on tax increases in order to reduce the annual budget deficit.

Ohio House OKs ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill

The Ohio House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that could result in one of the toughest and most restricting abortion laws in the country. If signed into law, it would make abortions illegal after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which usually occurs around six weeks after conception.

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