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faith_telegraph: Christian Pastor Faces Execution In Iran For Refusing To Renounce His Faith. #christian #news

faith_telegraph: Christian Pastor Faces Execution In Iran For Refusing To Renounce His Faith. #christian #news

Holly’s story

Website launched to warn of the dangers associated with ‘the abortion pill’

‘In the balance’

Iranian pastor who refuses to recant his faith could pay the ultimate price

Asking questions

A House Republican launches a formal investigation of Planned Parenthood

Good News: Jesus Is Not Nice

The chaos of grace and the grace of chaos.

Interview: Douglas Groothuis on Good Apologetics

The philosophy professor wants all Christians to go out and defend the faith in love.

Iran Pastor Update: Remains on Death Row; Prayers Urged

American Christians and U.S. officials are rallying behind a pastor in Iran who faces execution for refusing to recant his Christian faith. Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s attorney said they are awaiting the final written verdict.

Federal Judge Upholds Key Parts of Ala. Immigration Law

A Chief U.S. District court judge on Wednesday gave the state of Alabama the go-ahead to implement portions of one of the nation’s strongest laws designed to curb illegal immigration, rejecting the Obama administration’s attempts to block key portions of the bill.

Gingrich Proposes ‘21st Century Contract with America’

Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, noted for engineering the infamous “Contract with America” that led to GOP control of Congress in 1994, updated the strategy with a 21st century approach Thursday, at a town hall meeting in Des Moines, Iowa.

American’s Trust in Government Hits New Low

Trust in government is at an all-time low, according to a CNN/ORC International poll conducted over the weekend. A USA Today/Gallup poll similarly shows that most Americans believe President Obama and Congress are doing a worse job than previous presidents and Congresses.

Richard Dawkins Again Refuses Debate With Christian Apologist William Craig

Richard Dawkins has again refused to debate world-renowned apologist William Lane Craig on the rationality of faith and the existence of God. Many believe that Craig’s upcoming “Reasonable Faith” tour in the U.K. is intimidating Dawkins

Cain Says Blacks Are ‘Brainwashed’ to Not Consider Conservative Standpoint

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain claims African-American voters have been “brainwashed” into supporting liberal politics, saying many of them have not been open to Republican views. Cain, the only black candidate in the race, made his comments in an interview Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

Elaborate FBI Sting Nabs Lone Wolf Terrorist Attack on Washington

A Massachusetts man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly masterminding a plot to hit the nation’s capitol building with explosive-laden remote-controlled airplanes followed by a ground assault, the Department of Justice said.

Should Churches Have Multiple Worship Service Styles? Consumerism or Contextualization?

After a few years of “worship wars,” many churches decided to create multiple services based primarily on worship styles or worship preferences.

CCM Duo Shane & Shane Return With ‘The One You Need’

After a brief hiatus from recording, veteran CCM duo Shane & Shane have returned with their new album, The One You Need.

Herman Cain in 3-Way Tie With Romney, Perry

After a strong showing in the Republican presidential debate in Orlando, Fla., and a decisive victory in the Florida straw poll over the weekend, Herman Cain’s rising poll numbers now put him in a three-way tie with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

Myanmar: Faith over Family

A young Christian in Myanmar was forced to choose between faith and family recently when her relatives demanded that she recant her faith. On Sept. 19, 2011, 21-year-old Ying was preparing to leave for classes at an underground seminary when her relatives locked her in the house. They threatened to disown her, beat her and […]

United States: VOM Video Contest Winner

Five days before the beginning of fall semester at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, while many college students were moving into their dorms, 18-year-old Christina Kuo stood in front of a video camera. “Jesus Christ gave up his life for you. What would you give up for him?” she asked, looking into the camera. “[Asia […]

Update: Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani refuses to recant, faces execution

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, an Iranian pastor sentenced to death for apostasy, refused to recant his faith…

Scores of Christians killed in Plateau state, Nigeria

Dozens of Christians have been killed by Muslim extremists in Nigeria’s Plateau state in recent weeks….

Lives touched through VBS program in the West Bank

astor Stephen Khoury, a VOM partner, successfully completed a summer VBS program in Shepherd’s Field, despite opposition…

Orphans under pressure in Laos

Eleven orphans in northern Laos are currently facing pressure from the principal of their orphanage to stop attending church….

Coming up: Women’s conference in Edmonton

Christian women are suffering for their witness in nations hostile to Christ. Join us for our Our upcoming “Holding to the Hope” conference…

White House Condemns Pastors Conviction and Christians on The Voice of the Martyrs Facebook Page Offer Prayers

Over the last few days the world has become aware of the plight of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian suffering in prison and currently awaiting a death sentence from the Iranian government because he refuses to deny Jesus Christ and convert to Islam. Pastor Youcef has inspired many prayers on The Voice of the Martyrs Facebook […]

Large Campaign Underway to Free Christian Mother And Daughters Imprisoned In North Korea

9/28/11 South Korea (DI) – The campaign to rescue South Korean Shin Sook-ja and her daughters, who have been detained in North Korea for 35 years, is spreading across South Korea. Since The Dong-A Ilbo introduced their plight on Aug. 3, the campaign for their rescue has gained the spotlight. Hyundai Church in Tongyeong, South […]

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