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New Auschwitz opera takes the stage at London amid mixed reviews

Palestinians to pursue UNESCO bid despite political pressure

Israeli bid to legalize West Bank outposts hits AG objections

UN official: Palestinians mull disbanding PA over stalled peace talks

Israel to open Gaza crossing amid reports of new ceasefire

Netanyahu cabinet boosts taxes on Israel’s rich after social protests

EU’s Ashton condemns targeting civilians along Gaza border, ‘wherever they are’

IDF Targets Terrorists After Rocket Fire

IAF aircraft hit a terrorist squad that fired a Kassam rocket at Israel from southern Gaza. Rocket fire continues despite “ceasefire.”’ style=”float:right;” />

First ‘Freedom’ Target – Honey Monopoly

The Israel Freedom Movement picks its first target – the Israel Honey Council. The goal: cancel the council, lower prices.’ style=”float:right;” />

Hareidi Women in the Service of Israeli Hi-Tech

A Bnei Brak Firm offers in-country computer outsourcing services – with a staff of Hareidi women doing the programming.’ style=”float:right;” />

‘Even Those Who Do Not Believe Admit It’s a Miracle’

For 40 years, prayers were held at an Ashdod synagogue every Sabbath. This week was the first exception – and the congregation was saved.’ style=”float:right;” />

Gasoline Price Going Down by 7 Agorot

Unleaded 95 octane gas to cost 7.22 shekels per liter – a reduction of 0.96%.’ style=”float:right;” />

Arab Neighborhood Planned for Central Jerusalem

A new Arab neighborhood is to be built on rare open space in the heart of Jerusalem, hundreds of illegal houses authorized.’ style=”float:right;” />

Transfer of Goods into Terrorist Gaza Continues

1,285 truckloads crossed over from Israel into Gaza last week, carrying 34,657 tons of goods, medicine and development assistance.’ style=”float:right;” />

Former IDF COS Dan Halutz: Smash Hamas

Lt. Gen. (res.) Dan Halutz calls for a “mortal blow” to Hamas leadership, the sooner the better.’ style=”float:right;” />

Ben-Ari’s ‘Magic Pen’ to Release Jewish Prisoners

MK Michael Ben-Ari offers President, Justice Minister a “magic pen” that will let them release Jewish prisoners.’ style=”float:right;” />

MK Orlev: Expulsion of 1,000 Jews Could Topple Gov’t

Jewish Home MK warns: “We are still suffering the trauma and catastrophe of the Disengagement.”’ style=”float:right;” />

Bosnia US embassy attacker says he acted alone – lawyer

Air Force identifies hit on terror cell in Gaza

Qassam rocket fired from Gaza explodes in western Negev

Palestinians: Air Force attacks Gaza Strip, hits open field

2 Qassam rockets explode south of Ashkelon

Arab League presents Syria with plan for ending uprising

Plan involves Cairo talks between Syrian authorities, opposition; 61 civilians, 30 soldiers dead in latest clashes.

Assad: I’m willing to cooperate with Syria opposition

As Arab League set to host talks on violence, Syrian president claims that hundreds of security forces killed by shooting during protests.

Turkey ends search for quake survivors; death toll at 596

Strong aftershocks continue to rock already-devastated Van province; housed in tents, homeless survivors are falling sick as winter comes.

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