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Caucus countdown

GOP hopefuls make their final plea to voters before Tuesday’s Iowa showdown

Don’t Worry, Read Happy: Alan Jacobs on The Pleasures of Reading

Why you can stop fretting over what you ‘need to know’ and enjoy those books that bring delight.

Resolving to Lose More than Pounds

What theology might have to do with your New Year’s resolution.

New Year: Pastors Reflect on Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned in 2011

There is a lot to be learned from our mistakes, although not everyone is willing to share their failures with others. Several pastors, however, have decided to take a look back at the mistakes they made in 2011 and share what they learned.

Ted Haggard: Newt Gingrich Models Resurrection to Me

The former President of the National Association of Evangelicals says he will support Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich in 2012.

Zachery Tims’ Fla. Church Denies Riva Tims’ Claim to Leadership (VIDEO)

New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC), the Florida megachurch founded by the late Zachery Tims, has responded to a lawsuit filed by its pastor’s ex-wife, Riva Tims, who helped founded the ministry 15 years ago. In a public statement released Friday, NDCC says it wishes the best for Ms. Tims and her ministry, but that she […]

A Peek at Modern Paganism: What Paganism Is and Isn’t (Part 1)

Modern paganism to outside observers often seems like a patchwork of random ideas. True paganism isn’t far off from that description, its practitioners agree.

Top 10 Political Gaffes of 2011

From Rick Perry’s “oops” to James Sensenbrenner discussing the First Lady’s “large posterior,” here are the Top 10 Political Gaffes of 2011.

Va. Governor Signs Stricter Rules to Regulate Abortion Clinics

Virginia abortion clinics that perform first-trimester abortions will have to submit to stricter regulations, which could result in most of them being shut down by next year.

The Persecuted Christian Who Touched Our Hearts in 2011

Now that 2011 is winding down and almost over, I wanted to share a few thoughts about the Christians that we all read about and hear about every day, as we blog about this for you.   I've had the privilege of blogging about Christian persecution for almost seven years and each year it is amazing […]

Christians and Lions: The World’s Most Widely Followed Faith Is Gathering Persecutors

12/31/2011 United States ( The Economist) – CHRISTIANITY is growing almost as fast as humanity itself, but its 2.2 billion adherents cannot count on safety in numbers. That is partly because the locus of the world’s largest religion is shifting to hotter (in several senses) parts of the world. According to a report published by […]

Christians In U.S Claim Regulations On Charities Threaten Religious Freedom

12/29/2011 United States ( – A recent article in the New York Times titled “Bishops Say Rules on Gay Parents Limit Freedom of Religion ” discusses the “religious liberty battle” that Catholic bishops believe is “a prime example of what they see as an escalating campaign by the government to trample on their religious freedom […]

Nigerian Christians Dismayed By President’s Security Response

Nigerian Christians Dismayed by President’s Security Response ICC Note “The Christian community in Nigeria is deeply sorrowed over the deteriorating state of insecurity and apparent inability of the government to protect and guarantee lives, churches and properties of our members.” By Nick Loomis 12/29/2011 Nigeria (The Voice of America)-The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, met […]

Christians Face Harsh Realities Of Nigerian Church Bombing

Christians Face Harsh Realities of Nigerian Church Bombing Amid anguish and mourning, church leaders distinguish between defense and retaliation. 12/29/2011 Nigeria (CDN) — Until last Sunday, Christmas Day, St. Theresa’s Catholic Church on the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, was just one of many branches of Christianity in the country. An early morning suicide […]

Increase of anti-Christian activities during Christmas in Iran

ICC Note: Iranian authorities have again increased pressure on Christians this holiday season, Mohabat News reports. 12/28/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – Iranian security authorities seem to have started another anti-Christian campaign to increase pressure on Christians living inside the country during this Christmas and New Year time period. These threats remind us of the bitter […]

Egypt Charges Three Soldiers With ‘Manslaughter’ in the Maspero Massacre

ICC Note: “The Supreme Military Court started… December 27, procedures in the trial of three soldiers on charges of ‘manslaughter’ of 14 Christian Copts during the Maspero Massacre which took place in front of the radio and television Building in Maspero on October 9. According to the indictment, the list of defendants were limited to […]

Egypt’s Embattled Christians Seek Room in America

ICC Note: Thousands of Coptic Christians have gone to the U.S. to escape persecution in Egypt, The Wall Street Journal reports. By Lucette Lagnado 12/24/2011 Egypt (The Wall Street Journal) – Kirolos Andraws had every reason to be excited about the January uprising in his native Egypt, figuring democracy would bring hope for young people […]

Mideast Christians are the litmus test of Arab Spring

ICC Note: “As the Arab Spring runs its course, the litmus test of whether democracy truly is taking root in Egypt and elsewhere in the region will be if the emerging rulers respect the rights of their Christian minorities,” The Jerusalem Post reports. By David Parsons 12/24/2011 Middle East (Jerusalem Post) – There must be […]

Egypt court orders prominent blogger freed

ICC Note: “An Egyptian court ordered the release Sunday of a prominent blogger detained nearly two months ago by the ruling military for his alleged role in deadly sectarian clashes in October,” The Associated Press reports. 12/25/2011 Egypt (AP) – An Egyptian court ordered the release Sunday of a prominent blogger detained nearly two months […]

Where do Israeli haredim stand on haredi violence?

The tendency to blame the haredi sector as a whole for the recent violence in Beit Shemesh is fueled both by the difficulty that outsiders have discerning shades of gray in that community and by the ambivalence within the haredi world itself toward using violence to achieve religious aims.

Iran to fire long-range missiles during Gulf drill

Iran will fire long-range missiles during a naval drill in the Gulf, a semi-official news agency reported.

Al-Qaida affiliated militant killed in Israeli airstrike

An overnight Israeli airstrike against a group attempting to fire rockets into Israel killed a leader of the Al-Qaida-affiliated Army of Islam.

Gantz: ‘Price tag’ attacks look like terrorism

Israel’s military chief of staff said that settler attacks on Palestinians and the army have “characteristics of terrorism.”

Bahrain king meets with rabbi

The king of Bahrain met with a visiting rabbi in his palace.

U.S. releases $40 million to PA

The United States transferred $40 million in foreign assistance to the Palestinians.

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