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With Samoa calendar change, question for Jews: When is Shabbat?

When Samoa skips Friday this year, when should Jews observe Shabbat?

Egypt assures U.S. no more raids on NGOs, as Panetta urges transition to democracy

North Korea names Kim Jong Un Supreme Commander

Turkey president, premier express regret over airstrike that killed 35 civilians

Hundreds of thousands rally in Syria as 32 reported killed

Assad can force end to Syria crisis but wishes to avoid bloodshed, Lebanon official says

IDF Chief: Nuclear Iran a threat to entire region, not just to Israel

Iran announces long-range missile test amid Strait of Hormuz row with U.S.

One killed as IDF hits Gaza militant squad about to launch rocket into Israel

Soviet envoy warned Nixon and Kissinger against Mideast war in 1973, documents reveal

Shooting Israel / Between Israel and the West Bank

One ultra-Orthodox woman who did not stay silent

Imam behind ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ calls for peaceful pilgrimage to Israel

France: Muslim Woman Fined for Driving while Wearing a Burqa

Muslim woman in France fined after being caught driving while wearing a burqa – which is banned in France.

Hareidi Who Was Charged With Harassment Blames the Media

Shlomo Fuchs, who allegedly called a female soldier “harlot” and was charged with sexual harassment, blames the media for the incident.

Iran to Fire Long-Range Missiles During Naval Drill

Iran announces it will fire long-range missiles during a naval drill in the Gulf on Saturday.

Peres Admits: I Held Secret Talks with Abbas

President Shimon Peres reveals he held secret talks with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, with PM Netanyahu’s knowledge.

Syria: At Least 32 Dead in Clashes Around the Country

At least 32 people dead in Syria after thousands took to the streets to protest.

China Is More Concerned Than It Reveals on Japan-India Ties

Japan and India boosted naval ties in a move seen as directed against China. China officially downplayed this but is really concerned.

PLO Plans to ‘Disengage’ From Israel

In the latest sign that the 1993 Oslo Accords are moribund, PLO officials say they plan to completely disengage from Israel.

Swiss ‘Rehabilitate’ Those Who Aided Jews in WWII

Swiss authorities completed the process of ‘rehabilitating’ those punished for aiding Jews during the Nazi era – all are dead.

Recipe: Sliced Lamb in Apricot Mushroom Sauce

Arutz Sheva brings you a hearty Moroccan lamb stew to warm you during the cold winter months.

Intermarriage Among European Jews Raises Alarm

European Centre for Jewish Students concerned over new study which finds a 17% increase in intermarriage among European students.

‘Synthetic’ marijuana is problem for US military

US wants 2012 talks for Taliban political office

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