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A Pro-Life Plea This Election Season

The importance of remembering real women.

Europe’s Top Courts Are on a Pro-Life Roll

Recent rulings surprise observers.

Rescued Missionary Heads Home to America

A few months ago, American missionary Jessica Buchanan, was captured by Somali kidnappers, while doing mission work in Africa. The following video report is from CBN News and explains what happened to her, and the good news being reported today is that she has been rescued and is on her way home. Read more here […]

Petition for Asia Bibi On Its Way to One Million Signatures

Pakistan (MNN) ― After hundreds of thousands of signatures, Voice of the Martyrs is still calling for more to speak up on behalf of believer Asia Bibi. In November 2010, Bibi was falsely accused of blasphemy and thereby sentenced to death by the Lahore High Court of Pakistan. Bibi has been in jail ever since. […]

A Cheap, Easy Christianity

Today I would like to share with you all a convicting devotion that I received a few days ago from Grace Gems.  Normally, I post an excerpt from the wonderful book Extreme Devotion, but today I thought I'd mix it up a little and share with you this powerful thought from J.C. Ryle called The […]

Indian official: We won’t cut back on Iranian oil

India will not reduce the amount of oil Iranian oil it purchases, the country’s finance minister said.

Iran may extend IAEA stay

Iran offered to extend a visit by nuclear inspectors.

Panetta: It would take Iran one year to make nuclear bomb

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said it would take Iran approximately one year to build a nuclear bomb.

Poll: Most Israeli Jews keep kosher, practice some Sabbath rituals

More than four of every five Israeli Jews believe in God and three-quarters of Israeli Jews keep kosher, according to a survey.

In Israel, composting and recycling programs in new ecology push

From composting in Modiin to recycling in Jerusalem, Israelis are starting to catch up with the rest of the Western world when it comes to sorting trash.

In Jewish fracking debate, it’s the environment vs. energy independence—and energy’s winning

In the Jewish community, the fracking debate pits two established communal policy objectives against one another: protection of the environment vs. the desire to achieve independence from Arab energy sources.

Alexander Levin’s got a name (and cash), but does he have a plan?

The newest international Jewish organization has a name, the World Forum for Russian Jewry, but not much else — yet.

Women to be among leaders of new Orthodox rabbinical group

Netanyahu frets over growing strength of right in Likud

Lawyer who worked for outposts to sit on Israeli government panel to legalize them

Israeli choreographer to stage Wagner-inspired work in Munich

Palestinian accuses Israel of arranging arrest in Abu Dhabi

Officials: Israel government and IDF outsourcing intelligence-gathering to right-wing groups

Netanyahu poised to win Likud primaries despite far-right challenge

U.S. citizens take refuge in embassy following Egypt crackdown on NGOs

Austria’s Freedom Party leader says far-rightists are ‘the new Jews’

UN Security Council likely to condemn Syria crackdown

Hamas leader embarks on visit to Iran, Gulf states

Russia says Syria authorities agree to talks, but opposition refuses

Netanyahu: Knesset must find alternative to IDF deferment law

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