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Old school Oscars

This year’s Academy Awards give a nod to the golden age of Hollywood

Primary issues

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney employ different strategies in Michigan

American Originals

New PBS documentary explores the highs and lows of the life of the Amish.

Shuree: What ‘One Girl’ Can Do

Up-and-coming pop singer rises above broken home, drugs, and violence.

Breakaway Anglican Group Experiencing Schism

A group of American churches that left The Episcopal Church over theological differences is experiencing its own issues with breakaway congregations.

Movie Review: Relationships, Not Spirituality Trump ‘The Way’

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s the road most traveled – not the least – that will make for the best route on a journey and the one that’ll make all the difference in life.

Pastors Offer Help to Community Stunned by Ohio School Shooting

Emotions are running high in the city of Chardon, Ohio, where a gunman went on a horrific shooting spree at Chardon High School on Monday that has resulted in the death of three students and the wounding of two others. But as members of the community mourn, area pastors have banded together to lend an […]

Evangelical Pastor: Gay Marriage Activists Imposing Agenda on Us

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. has quickly become one of the nation’s foremost religious leaders, especially when it comes to standing up for traditional marriage and intact families. In light of his position opposing the passage of Maryland’s law legalizing gay marriage, Jackson took time to talk with The Christian Post on a range of issues […]

Coptic Billionaire Not Guilty of ‘Insulting Islam,’ Egypt Court Rules

A Coptic Christian billionaire who was sued for posting a controversial cartoon did not insult Islam, an Egyptian court ruled Tuesday.

Planned Parenthood’s New App Tracks Sexual Activity

Planned Parenthood of The Great Northwest (PPGNW) just launched a mobile app where users can log in and register the location they practiced safe sex.

Do Our Schools Have a Prayer?

Well, it’s happened again. Another school shooting. Lives shattered forever by a lone gunman who allegedly took his vengeance into his own hands.

The Candidate Who Would Be God

Mitt Romney: potential GOP candidate for president, brilliant entrepreneur, loving family-man, and devout Mormon … Or should I say Christian? Yes, the elephant is still in the room, but effective Mormon marketing, coupled with a theologically tolerant electorate, has caused this particular pachyderm to blend in with the rest of the furniture.

Franklin Graham Responds to Criticism From NAACP Over Obama’s Faith

Franklin Graham responded on Tuesday to criticism from faith leaders in the NAACP who accused the evangelist of questioning President Obama’s Christianity.

Indictment of ‘Masterminds’ of Murders in Turkey Expected

Judges in Turkey’s southeastern city of Malatya have announced the preparation of an indictment in the case of three murdered Christians that is expected to reveal a shadowy network that incited five young men to carry out the crime.

Will You Help Us Write 251 More Letters to Imprisoned Christian Gao Zhisheng

A few weeks ago we shared with you our goal to write Gao Zhisheng 5000 letters and I'm very encouraged and happy to share with you that we are so close to reaching that goal.  As of today, February 28th, we only need 251 more letters written.  In the last few weeks you've written 165 […]

Nigeria: Church Bombed in Jos

Boko Haram terrorists bombed a large church in Jos on Sunday, killing a church member and a baby, along with themselves. Church security guards prevented the suicide bombers from reaching the church auditorium, where a service was in progress. Claiming responsibility for the attack, a Boko Haram spokesman said, “We have just started.” The suicide […]

Iran Puts Off Execution of Christian Pastor…Unconfirmed

Many of you  have asked if we know of anything new about what is happening with  Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, and right now the only thing we can share with you is that it is being reported by the Israel National News that the execution of Pastor Youcef has been temporarily put off.  The Voice of […]

Court Stops Eviction Of Churches Meeting In New York Schools

02/27/2012 United States (Charisma News) – New York City churches that have been meeting in public schools won a reprieve from eviction. A Friday court order allows churches to continue meeting for worship services while a lawsuit against the city continues. The preliminary injunction against New York City’s unique-in-the-nation prohibition on worship services in vacant […]

The Status of Persecution in Bangladesh

“Bangladesh is a Parliamentary Democracy that promises its citizens the right ‘to profess, practice, or propagate any religion’ in Article 41 of its constitution. Religious freedom exists but is steadily being eroded by Islamist pressure and a legal system which gives no safeguards to religious minorities.” Religious minorities are also facing killings, rape, torture, attacks […]

American Girl, 14, Gets Death Threats For Defending Marriage

Girl, 14, Gets Death Threats For Defending Marriage ICC Note Sarah received death threats following her appearance before the state of Maryland’s legislature and defending traditional marriage. Such threats indicate the growing intolerance towards views shared by Christians. 02/28/2012 United States (The Christian Institute)-A 14-year-old girl in America received death threats and abuse after taking a stand for the […]

Pakistani Muslims Employ ‘Blasphemy’ Threat In Land Grab

Pakistani Muslims Employ ‘Blasphemy’ Threat In Land Grab Attempt fails as influential Islamic family intervenes on behalf of Christians. 02/28/2012 Pakistan (CDN)-Tensions are still high in a village near here following Muslims’ attempt to seize land from a Christian family by threatening to accuse them of “blasphemy.” What began on Feb. 19 as a quarrel […]

UN Committee Condemns Vietnam’s Persecution Of National Minorities

At the UN’s review of Vietnam’s efforts to eliminate racial discrimination, international experts heavily criticized the country’s discriminatory practices towards religious and ethnic minorities. 02/27/2012 Vietnam (UNPO) – The Vietnam Committee on Human Rights regrets that Vietnam missed a precious opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the United Nations in Geneva on 21-22 […]

Pro-Israel voices joining bid to get Iranian dissident group off U.S. terror list

The Mujahedin-e Khalq, a controversial Iranian dissident group, is adding prominent pro-Israel figures to its campaign to get off the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations.

eBay to expand activity in Israel

eBay is expanding its activity in Israel.

Israel’s new envoy presents credentials in Cairo

Israel’s new ambassador to Egypt presented his credentials at a ceremony in Cairo.

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