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A Record of Times

‘A sigh of relief’

Judge rules that New York churches can continue to meet in public schools

Cunning or crazy?

Conservative legal minds split on Chief Justice Roberts’ healthcare opinion

Burning blazes

Some Colorado Springs residents return to homes, but wildfires continue

Health and taxes

Court upholds Obamacare but may open financial and political floodgates

Books are special

Written word is a uniquely powerful tool of communication for Christians

Religion on the move

WORLD’s engaging and myth-busting Book of the Year


The wrong and right ways to help

The write way

Ann Voskamp says reading, list making, and waiting on the Lord are integral

Vacation idea

Christian disaster relief will be inexpensive trip that you’ll never forget

Timothy George on the Reformers’ Postmodern Movement

The historical theologian says Luther and Calvin show us how to read the Bible for the sake of the church.

Faith Healing: How Local Churches Are Stepping into Health Care’s Gaps

The innovative Congregational Health Network in Memphis relies on local congregations to take care of their members.

New York City Churches Will No Longer Be Evicted from Public Schools—For Now

A district court judge today issued a permanent injunction order in the Bronx Household of Faith case.

Supreme Court Decides on More than Health Care

The court finished the session with decisions on immigration, juvenile justice, and the First Amendment, too.

The Church’s Domain

Faith-based website endings like .church and .bible likely to join .com and .org in URLs.

Va. School Board Settles Legal Fight on Ten Commandments Display

A Virginia school board has settled its legal fight to display a set of historical documents that would have included the Ten Commandments at a public high school.

Secularist Group’s Dallas Billboard Calls on Catholics to ‘Quit Church’

A secularist organization has launched a billboard campaign to encourage Catholics to “Quit the Church” due to the Roman Catholic Church’s stance on the contraception mandate.

Gospel Listening for the Troops

Michelle Obama to AME Church: Jesus Didn’t Limit Ministry to Four Walls

First lady Michelle Obama told those gathered at the annual conference of the African Methodist Episcopal church in Nashville, Tenn., on Thursday that what Christians do in the quieter moments of their lives is more important than just showing up for Sunday services once a week.

Social Enterprise Helps Corporations, the Environment and Charities at the Same Time

The president of a social enterprise that is designed to provide a win-win scenario for corporations and charities in North America says his experience in the church has given him the motivation to succeed.

David Platt Still Addressing Controversy Over ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ Remarks

It was a three-minute video clip that was shared across the evangelical community. In it, Pastor David Platt famously called the “sinner’s prayer” “superstitious.” A few months later, he still finds himself explaining the heart behind that message.

Scholar Criticizes Obama’s Bush-Like Use of Executive Power

President Barack Obama, like many presidents before him, has gone too far in his use of executive power and is not showing due respect for the U.S. government’s system of separated powers, said Mark Rozell, professor of public policy at George Mason University, in a Wednesday interview with The Christian Post.

CP World Report: Obamacare, Christian Persecution, Syria

Obama-care “mandates” all Americans to buy health insurance, or face hundreds of dollars of fines. This was a mandate fiercely contested by 28 Republican-controlled states. They sued the Obama administration all the way to the Supreme Court, claiming that it had no right to force people into insurance programs.

Reverse Missions: Back to the Catacombs (Part 3)

The weary old building reeked with death. Spiritual demise had occurred long ago at the hands of theologies that strangled biblical truth.

Christian Victims of Radical Hindu Attack Discharged from Hospital

Perpetrators Still At Large Washington, D.C. (June 28, 2012)-International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that three victims of a recent attack against Christians in Assam, India, have been released from the hospital.  ICC sources are reporting that riots in the city and nearby villages were brought under control via police and the government lock-down of […]

Evangelists in New Jersey Jailed for Preaching at Train Station

Police Cite Terrorism Concerns ICC Note: In another case of the government clashing with the freedom to express one’s religious belief, two New Jersey evangelists were arrested and tossed in jail after preaching without a permit at a New Jersey train station. The evangelists report that they have been preaching at the station for years […]

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