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Christianity on the Decline in Australia; Eastern Faiths Increasing

Number of Hindu’s increases sevenfold, Buddhists fivefold ICC Note: This articles details recently published demographic data that shows a startling decline in Christianity in Australia. While in many countries across Asia Christianity is growing, thereby gradually reducing persecution, it appears that Australia has seen a very rapid rise in the growth of Hinduism and Buddhism. […]

Police Detain Baptists in Azerbaijan; Confiscate Passports, Car and Christian Literature

AZERBAIJAN: Not arrested, merely detained ICC Note: In Azerbaijan you have to have permission from the government to distribute religious materials. They have “special stores” where those types of things can be purchased, and you have to jump through several hoops to even get materials approved. In this case, three Baptists were detained for sharing […]

Living in Fear of Boko Haram: “I did not dare go to church”

Living in fear of Boko Haram: “I did not dare go to church” ICC Note “I am Christian. I did not dare go to church last Sunday. I was too afraid of another attack. But as I drove to the gas station, I passed near a church. The youths of this church had mounted road […]

Christians Attacked in India Discharged from Hospital; Left With No Where to Turn

By Corey Bailey 06/29/2012 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern)-Having survived a horrible ordeal, involving a violent beating which landed them in the hospital, the three victims, since discharged, face further trauma.  Homeless, poor and their attackers still at large, they have no were to turn. ICC sources have confirmed that the attack on Manesor, Mala, […]

A Blanket Opens the Door for the Gospel

ICC missionaries distributed over 400 blankets, praying that as they gave them people’s hearts would be softened to listen and respond to the Gospel.  The missionaries said, “This programme worked wonderfully and many back sliding families return back to church and some non-Christian families shown interest and started to attend regular meetings.” Here are some testimonies: “They […]

Egyptian Christians worry about their future

ICC Note: “Christians are very afraid—afraid of the unknown and the uncertainty of what may happen to the country,” Pastor Sameh Maurice of Kasr el Dobara Church in Cairo told World Magazine. “The future is uncertain.” By Jamie Dean 6/26/2012 Egypt (World Magazine) – For Christians living in predominantly Muslim Egypt, the week began with […]

Syria’s Threatened Christians

ICC Note: “After decades of protection by a secular-leaning dictatorship, the Qusayr ultimatum warned of a dark future for Syria’s Christian community. As the 15-month conflict rages with no end in sight, Syria’s many minorities have come face to face with the emerging threat posed by radical Sunni Islamists,” The New York Times reports. 6/28/2012 […]

Iranian Imam warns against spread of house churches

ICC Note: “The increasing spread of Christianity in Iran and the resulting growth of house churches among Iranians has turned into a big concern for Iranian religious experts and clerics,” Mohabat News reports. 6/27/2012 Iran (Mohabat News) – The increasing spread of Christianity in Iran and the resulting growth of house churches among Iranians has […]

Eritrean migrants protest outside U.S. Embassy

Some 500 Eritrean migrants demonstrated out the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv on Friday.

Arab lawmaker: Compulsory national service ‘an act of war’

Forcing Arabs to do mandatory national service, which is being debated in the Knesset, is “a declaration of war,” an Arab Knesset member said.

Presbyterians set to vote on divestment

Leaders of the Presbyterian Church (USA) will vote next week on whether to divest from three companies doing business with Israel.

Chicago Federation joins Colorado federation fire relief effort

The Jewish Federation of Chicago is directing funds to the Colorado Jewish federation’s fire relief fund.

Legislation to support Holocaust survivors introduced

Three U.S. senators introduced legislation Thursday aimed at supporting programs to assist aging Holocaust survivors.

Peter Madoff taken into custody by FBI

Peter Madoff, the younger brother of Bernard Madoff, has been taken into custody by the FBI.

Appellate court rules against Demjanjuk posthumous citizenship restoration request

A federal appeals court said that Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk’s U.S. citizenship cannot be posthumously restored.

Austrian can prepare to close its fund for victims of the Nazis

The president of the Austrian parliament announced that the country can prepare to close its fund for victims of the Nazis.

UNESCO grants Church of Nativity a Palestine heritage status

UNESCO has agreed to name the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as a World Heritage Site, and list it as in Palestine.

Holocaust survivors beauty pageant crowns Romanian-born winner

A beauty pageant for Holocaust survivors featuring female survivors walking down a red carpet was held in Haifa.

Mofaz, Abbas to meet in Ramallah

The Palestinian Authority president and Israel’s deputy prime minister will meet Sunday in Ramallah.

Polish officials investigate Israel’s call to halt student meet with Palestinian official

A meeting between a representative of the Palestinian community in Poland and high school students was canceled after a phone call from the Israeli embassy.

Jeremy Hunt, Britain’s secretary for sports, will not call for a moment of silence at Olympics

Britain’s secretary of state for culture, media and sport will not join the calls for a moment of silence at the upcoming London Summer Olympics.

Russia, U.S. fail to agree on plan to end Assad’s reign in Syria

U.S. downplays Turkish troop moves near Syrian border

Iran’s UN envoy criticizes U.S., EU over nuclear talks

U.S. Senate sends message to Israel, Iran, votes for greater military support of Israel

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