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A Record of Times

Under the radar

The battle over homosexual rights is playing out in America’s heartland

Ryan’s rise

The GOP vice presidential nominee moves from policy wonk to attack dog

Mentioning Mormonism

Romney’s faith comes out of the campaign’s shadows Wednesday at the RNC

The Superman of Harlem: An Interview with Geoffrey Canada

The founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone on why it takes a whole community to educate a child.

No Protestant on GOP Ticket for First Time Ever

For the first time in the nation’s political history, the Republican ticket will be absent a Protestant as either the presidential or vice presidential candidate. Mitt Romney is Mormon and Paul Ryan is Catholic.

The Casualties of Free Expression in America

Mr. Zuckerberg, as well as Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt, and Apple’s innovative genius, the late Steve Jobs, have all praised, at various times, the concept of expressive “openness” on Internet platforms. Yet, ironically, all three – Facebook, Google and Apple – have been tools of censorship against Christian ideas.

Isaac Nowhere Near ‘Katrina-Like,’ Says Aid Worker

An aid worker with the United Methodist Committee on Relief believes that Hurricane Isaac is nowhere near comparable to Hurricane Katrina. The Rev. Tom Hazelwood, assistant general secretary for U.S. Disaster Response for UMCOR, told The Christian Post that the present storm has impacted the region differently.

Stupefied by Negativity

Santorum Launches ‘Patriot Voices’ to Help Romney

Rick Santorum launched a new political advocacy organization during the Republican National Convention. One of the first missions of Patriot Voices will be to help Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in some key swing states.

Ga. School District Says Football Coach Did Not Violate Church-State Separation

A Georgia school district that has a coach at the center of a church-state debate has officially announced that they do not believe he violated church and state separation.

SC Megachurch Celebrates 1,251 Salvations in One Weekend

South Carolina Pastor Perry Noble made the bold goal of seeing 3,000 people receive Christ in one weekend. Though he didn’t reach that number, he’s celebrating 1,251 salvations.

Republicans Tout Unity; Christians Say Romney’s Mormon Faith Not an Issue

Despite a number of stories in the media trying to highlight divisions within the party, Republican backers from the Tea Party, evangelicals, Catholics, libertarians and foreign policy conservatives are voicing strong unity in support of the Romney/Ryan ticket during the Republican National Convention in Tampa and are eager to campaign against Barack Obama. The religious […]

CP World Report: RNC, Youcef Nadarkhani, Pakistan Blasphemy Law, Nigeria

The Republican National convention is now in full swing and Texas Congressman Ron Paul immediately grabbed the headlines last night. The media long determined that Ron Paul finally saw the light, threw in the towel and ended his campaign.

Republicans Showcase Diversity With Primetime Lineup

This year more than ever, the GOP gathering in Tampa highlights the growing number of African-American, Hispanic and female politicos involved in the Republican Party, many of whom the party believes will be rising stars and leaders for the next several decades.

Future for Kyrg Christians Uncertain

Kyrgyzstan’s coalition falls, impact on Christians unknown ICC Note: The government of Kyrgyzstan is in a tumultuous position right now as its “ruling coalition collapsed” last week. With a president trying to unite fighting politicians and a new prime minister on the horizon the future seems uncertain. This is especially so for Christians as “this […]

Lawyers Barred from Meeting Imprisoned Christian Gao Zhisheng

News Flash: Shaanxi Luonan house church’ summer camp suffers raid and arrest ICC Note: Gao Zhisheng, a Christian and prominent Chinese human rights lawyer, has been imprisoned since December 2011 following years of disappearances and arrests at the hands of the Chinese government. Until April his family did not even know if he was alive […]

Republican Party Assails China Over Religious Persecution, One-Child Policy

GOP Platform Assails China Over Currency, Persecution, ‘Barbaric’ One-Child Policy ICC Note: ICC is pleased to note that comments at this year’s Republican National Convention strongly condemned China’s persecution of religious minorities, including Christians. Sadly, U.S. Foreign Policy all too often overlooks the arrest and harassment of Christians and other religious minorities in China in […]

Still No Justice for Arrested Bible Study Leaders

Justice delayed…again ICC Note: Three years ago two Christians were arrested for “forcibly converting”  people to Christianity in a children’s Bible Club. Though out on bail, they are still waiting for their court date. They’ve been waiting for three years and wonder if the “judges and the accusers know that there is no case, so […]

NEWS RELEASE | Christian Girl Jailed for Blasphemy Determined to be 14 Years Old

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Christian girl arrested for blasphemy two weeks ago in Pakistan has been determined a minor according to a recent medical review. The child, being held in Rawalpindi prison, is reportedly “in a state of shock” and does not understand the charges brought against her. Muslims from the […]

Murder and Violence Against Christians in India Continues

Hindu nationalists attack Anglicans in Tamil Nadu, one dead   ICC Note: The state of Tamil Nadu has seen violence and even murder against Christians at the hands of Hindu radicals recently. This article discusses these instances and more. By  Nirmala Carvalho 08/28/2012 India ( Members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a Hindu nationalist […]

Frustrated By Lack Of Protection, Kenyan Churches Sue Government

Frustrated By Lack Of Protection, Kenyan Churches Sue Government ICC Note Kenyan church leaders are taking their government to court after Muslim rioters attacked churches. We agree with the church leaders and call for the government of Kenya to protect the country’s Christians from attackers. By Fredrick Nzwili 08/30/2012 Kenya (MINNPOST)-In the wake of the […]

Nigerian Christian Leader Wants Believers To Remain Steadfast Despite Persecution

SU Chief Wants Christians To Remain Steadfast ICC Note A Nigerian christian leader called for Christians to remain strong in their faith despite the persecution they face. Muslim radicals are fighting to eliminate Christians from northern Nigeria. We also call upon Nigerian Christians to continue to be strong in their faith. We also believe that […]

Christian girl accused of blasphemy in Pakistan must stay in prison after bail hearing delayed

ICC Note: Rimsha Masih, who family says is 11 years old with Down’s syndrome, will spend more time in prison after her court hearing was adjourned Thursday. Rimsha, a Christian, was arrested on blasphemy charges after being accused of burning pages of Islamic books. The hearing is rescheduled for Saturday and there is hope the […]

Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Carries His Cross as a Christian ‘Walking the Walk’

NYC Deacon Lauds Iranian Pastor for Holding on to His Faith Amid Years of Imprisonment ICC Note: Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been imprisoned for his conversion to Christianity since 2009, but refuses to recant his faith in return for his freedom. His courage and devotion has encouraged Christians throughout the world to “walk the walk” […]

Iran’s uranium enrichment centrifuges have doubled

Iran has doubled its production of uranium enrichment centrifuges at one of its underground facilities.

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