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21st century hurricane, 17th century ballad

Walter Russell Mead is a brilliant guy I’ve never interviewed but want to. Next best thing is reading his blog, Via Meadia—and I like his post yesterday on Hurricane Sandy and how we “were reminded just how fragile the busy world we humans build around us really is.” Mead described how salt water sweeping across […]

After Sandy

New York wakes up from a devastating deluge, and the city’s churches marshal relief efforts

Christian rock trio retires

Becca, Lauren, and Alyssa Barlow crowded in front of a computer camera on Monday night to bid their fans a final farewell. After ten years of singing, touring, and recording together, the sister-trio known as BarlowGirl is laying down their chords, lyrics, and drum sticks. Lauren, 27, explained that the transition happened just as they […]

Tweeting for better grades

In a new study, “Twitteracy: Tweeting as a New Literary Practice,” co-author Christine Greenhow, a Michigan State professor, reports that students regularly in contact with fellow classmates and instructors on Twitter received higher grades because they were more interested in the content of the course, suggesting that one of the markers of a good course […]

Storm surge

As Hurricane Sandy slams the East Coast, causing death and major power outages, the presidential campaign pauses

Sandy leaves death, damp, and darkness in wake

NEW YORK (AP)—Millions of people from Maine to the Carolinas awoke Tuesday without power, and an eerily quiet New York City was all but closed off by car, train, and air as superstorm Sandy steamed inland, still delivering punishing wind and rain. The full extent of the damage in New Jersey, where the storm roared […]

Who’s a racist?

On MSNBC’s Ed Schultz program Friday night, the former chief of staff for Colin Powell, retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, said, of the Republican Party, “My party is full of racists … and the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with […]

A collection of prayers

I would like to share with you one of the greatest helps to my prayer life. It consists of a new understanding. I had been tempted to the sin of those Jews who complained about seeking God in general: “It is vain to serve God. What is the profit of our keeping his charge … […]

Texas pastor fatally beaten was ‘man of integrity’

FOREST HILL, Texas (AP)—The Rev. Danny Kirk Sr. greeted everyone walking into his Texas church on Sundays with a big hug and an “I love you.” His weekdays were spent visiting folks in the hospital or mowing lawns and doing household repairs for members in need. Parishioners, who described Kirk as a dedicated minister with […]

Are 22% of Pastors Really Undecided Voters?

Why nearly 1 of 4 say they don’t know how they’ll vote when only 4% of Americans overall say so.

The Rise, Expansion, and Fall of the Evangelical Left

It may not be as dead as it seems, argues David Swartz. Maybe it even won.

What Jesus Might Say About Sandy

The problem with many storm theologies is that they assume Jesus never happened.

Bill Mallonee Wrestles with God Knows What

On new album, troubadour ponders his eternal fate, a hard life, and ‘groping in the dark.’

Obama Strategists: President Has Campaign Wrapped Up

Obama Chief Campaign Strategist David Axelrod and campaign manager Jim Messina told reporters on a Monday conference call that Mitt Romney has no momentum in swing states “from North Carolina to Nevada,” and in essence the presidential election is all sewn up.

Va. Supreme Court Grants Breakaway Anglican Congregation’s Appeal

A Virginia congregation that broke away from The Episcopal Church over theological differences has been notified that its appeal was granted by the State Supreme Court regarding issues surrounding funds and property.

NAACP Letter Criticizes Franklin Graham’s Views on Obama

The North Carolina chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has sent an open letter to Reverend Franklin Graham over his views on President Barack Obama.

2012 Election Watch: Senate Races That Can Change the Power Balance

Among the 33 Senate races this election, there are 10 that will determine which political party will have control in the next Congress.

Mike Huckabee in Voting Video: Some Issues Are Not Negotiable

A new video narrated by Mike Huckabee seeks to remind Christians to cast their ballots according to their values, and says their votes will “be recorded in eternity.”

After Superstorm Sandy Passes, Will Romney Struggle to Re-Engage Voters?

Despite early voting already in process in several states and Election Day just a short eight days away, both presidential candidates briefly suspended campaign activities as Hurricane Sandy came crashing into the Northeast coast on Monday. But now in the wake of Sandy, will Romney find it an uphill battle to re-engage voters and make […]

CP World Report: Superstorm Sandy, Nigeria Bombing, Rome Protest, Iran

Superstorm Sandy is blamed for at least 11 deaths as it hit the American North East and knocked out electricity to more than five-million people.

Should Pastors, Religious Leaders Endorse Political Candidates and Is It Legal?

One of the more common strategies any candidate or campaign seeks to employ is to use the endorsement of high profile individuals who are willing to lend their name and personal support to a candidate with the intention of influencing others to do the same. But the issue gets a bit sticky when those endorsing […]

You’re Thinking of the Wrong Kingdom!

Halloween Season: Former Witch on Breaking From the Coven – Part 2

In the final part of The Christian Post’s two-part interview with author S.A. (Seleah Ally) Tower, a former witch who became a Christian, she shares that it was her realization of how intensely God loves her that saved her from the life of a Wiccan practitioner.

Rimsha Case Still in Limbo; Take Action Now for Justice

SANTA ANA, Calif. (Oct. 29, 2012) – The Sept. 17 arrest of a 14-year-old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, under Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws drew huge international condemnation due to her you

Persecution Quotable: Richard Wurmbrand on Repentance

As you pray today for the persecuted church, consider the words of the founder of  The Voice of the Martyrs.  Pray for the safety of the persecuted church, but do not forget to pray for those who are lost and without Jesus Christ.

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