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We Need You To Help Send Bibles to Some of the Most Closed Places in the World

It's been a few weeks since I've mentioned Bibles Unbound to you all and since it's getting close to Christmas, I think today is a great time to do that. Imagine with me for a moment the joy you will have if you join us in sponsoring only five bibles a month to give to […]

Army Shoots 7-year-old boy; Rapes Widow, Mother of 12

Burma (MNN) ― In recent days, Burma's army shot a 7-year-old boy before opening fire on a Kachin refugee camp near the border of China. Dyann Romeijn with Vision Beyond Borders says this isn't the first time soldiers have shot at refugee camps. "The Human Rights Commission did a report on the Burmese, and they […]

As Morsi and Brotherhood spur alarm, what to do about Egypt?

Jewish groups have raised the alarm about virulent anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric in Egypt under the presidency of Mohamed Morsi. What does this mean for U.S.-Egypt relations?

Yishai to PM: Authorize detention of illegal African migrants

Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai has asked the country’s prime minister and justice minister to order the detention of migrants from Sudan.

Pastor Could Receive 15 Years in Prison for Preaching

KAZAKHSTAN: 15 years’ jail for UNHCR-recognised refugee if deportation to Uzbekistan proceeds? ICC Note: Charged in Uzbekistan with teaching the beliefs of the “banned religious organization Isa-Masih [Jesus Messiah]”, Protestant pastor Makset Djabbarbergenov has been in prison in Kazakhstan, where his refugee request has so far been denied. A few years ago he and his family […]

Netanyahu visits soldier injured on Gaza border

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited an Israeli soldier who lost his hand in an attack on the Gaza border.

Jewish community bears impact of Hurricane Sandy

A day after Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard, the Jewish community assesses the damage and responds.

As storm descended on Northeast, Jews took to Internet to share stories and appeal for help

Social media outlets became lifelines during the storm, enabling residents to commiserate, share information and appeal for or offer help.

U.S., Israeli officials talk cyber-protection of markets

Top Israeli and U.S. government officials discussed protecting financial markets from cyber threats.

Supreme Court denies appeal of Holy Land Foundation convictions

The U.S. Supreme Court denied an appeal of four Holy Land Foundation organizers who were convicted on charges of conspiring to send money to Hamas.

Flights between Israel and U.S. delayed due to Sandy

Flights between Israel and the United States continue to be delayed as superstorm Sandy continues to batter America’s northeast coast.

Jewish institutions remain closed due to Sandy

Jewish institutions throughout the eastern United States remained closed following the onslaught of superstorm Sandy.

European Jewish Association calls for protection of Ukrainian Jews

The head of the European Jewish Association has called on the Ukrainian government to ensure the safety of the country’s Jews in the wake of the election to parliament of an anti-Semitic party.

Church Closures and Intimidation for Sri Lanka’s Religious Minorities

By Corey Bailey 10/30/2012 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern)-Despite the government’s official endorsement of religious freedom, Sri Lanka’s religious minorities have faced numerous violations of those freedoms over the past decade. In June, the Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) issued the Colombo Statement on the Church in Sri Lanka in which they stated their desire to […]

Irish broadcaster calls Israel a “cancer”

A popular Irish broadcaster and columnist said he is not anti-Semitic, after calling Israel “the cancer in foreign affairs” during a broadcast.

Dutch soccer director vows to punish anti-Jewish chanters

The director of a soccer team from the Dutch city of Utrecht has vowed to punish fans who sang anti-Semitic chants during a recent match.

Criminalize anti-Semitic websites, Rome provincial council says in motion

Rome’s provincial council is calling for websites that promote racism and anti-Semitism to be blocked and such online hatred criminalized.

Christian School Reopens in Sudan Amidst Growing Persecution

ICC Note: Christian school that was destroyed lat April reopens amidst growing persecution in Sudan. Since the secession of South Sudan from Sudan, Christians in Sudan have become more presecuted. 10/30/2012 Sudan (MorningStarNews) – Amid threats of further losses, classes resumed this month at a Khartoum Bible school and church compound that Muslim extremists set […]

Bagel and lox uptown, but downtown Manhattan still lacks power

Crackdown on Christians in Central Asia

 Crackdown On Evangelicals In Central Asian States ICC Note: Christians in Central Asia have suffered intense investigation, raids, beatings and fines from authorities in the last few weeks. From the beating of an elderly woman in Turkmenistan to a masked police search of a church in Kazakhstan, Christians are concerned at the increase of attention […]

Christians Persecuted Wordwide

ICC Note: Christians are the most persecuted faith across the world. From Cuba to Pakistan to Nigeria to India, Christians face the threat of violence from other religious and philosophies. If this is true then why isn’t it discussed in the media?   10/30/2012 World (Telegraph) – Imagine the unspeakable fury that would erupt across the […]

Number of Haredi men exempted from IDF service reaches all-time high

Iranian Pastor and Congregants Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Conversions to Christianity

ICC Note: Four Iranian Christians who were arrested in December 2011 for “converting to Christianity” and “inviting Muslims to convert”, among other charges, were given a four year prison sentence on October 15 at a trial in Ahwaz, Mohabat News reports. Other Christians arrested at the same time are awaiting their trial. In this article, […]

Yair Lapid reveals his positions, and stakes out a place in the political center

Churches in Tanzania Fear Persecution will Spread to Their Country

ICC Note: Churches begin to fortify as radical Islam increased in Tanzania. After many churches have been burned, many believe that full blown Christian persecution will follow.  10/30/2012 Tanzania (Independent) – Workmen are raising the walls around the Assemblies of God Church on the outskirts of Zanzibar’s Stone Town. Sweating in the heat and humidity, […]

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