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Holy cat fight

The Sisterhood , a new reality TV show from TLC, is supposed to give viewers a glimpse into the private lives of preachers’ wives. But in reality, it features nothing more than girl drama sandwiched between Bible verses and church clichés. After a month on air, the show is suffering a backlash from African-American Christian […]

Unlikely friendship ends war on chicken

In a shocking Huffington Post op-ed, a vocal gay-rights activist came out in support of Chick-fil-A and its president, Dan Cathy, calling the advocate for traditional families his friend. Cathy and his fast food chicken chain felt the ire of gay activists last summer after he said, “We are very much supportive of the family—the […]

Knuckling down on sex trafficking

R.A. Dickey came face to face with the hell-on-earth ugliness of Mumbai’s red-light district last week, and he said nothing could have prepared him for it. A young boy locked his sad, wondering eyes on Dickey. Three years old, maybe four at best, the boy wore no pants, his body marred with open sores. “He […]

Signs and Wonders: Scout reaction, Mexican cult busted, big idea of religion, immigration talking points

Scouting exodus? Conservative religious and pro-family groups are making their voices heard in the Scout debate. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) expressed “extreme disappointment” to news that the Boy Scouts of America could admit homosexuals into its leadership ranks. “This is a catastrophic decision for the Boy Scouts of America,” said Dr. Richard Land, the […]

Partying with God

I was driving to my son’s 30th birthday party and feeling a dread of parties. I could sell you on the fact that I register a strong “I”for “Introvert”on the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), and that would be a clean, clinical explanation. But I know there is a good dose of not so neither-here-nor-there […]

Juiced up

The latest health trend to go mainstream extols liquified fruits and vegetables

The Quest for the Perfect Atheist

Susan Jacoby’s biography of Robert Ingersoll mistakes a likeable fellow with a second-rate mind for a “freethinking” hall-of-famer.

Fifty Shades of the Good Book

Erotica fans aren’t the only beneficiaries of private digital consumption.

Stop With All the Dangerous Childbirth Stories Already

Spoiler alert: Downton brings the drama.

Lohan Baby Brother Born: Lindsay Lohan Welcomes New Family Member (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan has a new baby brother, according to reports out this week.

FFRF Sues R.I. Florist Over Refusal to Deliver to Teen Atheist

America’s largest group of atheists and agnostics, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), announced on Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit against a Rhode Island florist for refusing to deliver its order of a dozen red roses to self-professed teen atheist, Jessica Ahlquist, whose complaint was behind the removal of a 50-year-old prayer mural […]

San Diego Megachurch Helps Pro Athletes Inspire Kids in Sports, Faith

More than a dozen professional athletes organized by The Rock Church in San Diego, Calif., put on an inspiring display of sporting prowess and faith for hundreds of youth who turned up for Superfest 2013.

Russian Churches Encouraged to Tackle Russian Orphan Crisis at Pastors Summit

At a summit in Kiev, Ukraine, next week, pastors from Russia and other Eastern European nations will be provided with encouragement and guidance to solve the orphan crises in their nations through adoption and other programs. The Church is the only organization with the resources and mandate to solve the problem, Paul Pennington, executive director […]

Catholic, Protestant Churches Sign Historic Baptism Agreement

Leaders representing the Roman Catholic Church and some American Protestant denominations have signed an agreement in Texas to recognize each other’s baptisms.

Benghazi’s Blue Wall of Silence

Thomas Sowell tells it like it is on Benghazi-gate. But Professor Sowell is a conservative and a Republican. Where are the voices of our liberal and Democratic friends and fellow citizens? Why the lack of curiosity about critical questions of governmental responsibility and accountability? Why the silence?

Online Dating for Christians in a ‘Catfish’ World

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, and some Christians are turning to online dating sites in search of romance. But how can they, especially considering recent online relationship hoaxes that have been brought to the public’s attention, safely navigate the online dating scene and give themselves a good chance at making a true […]

Boy Scouts Were Pressured by Corporate Sponsors to Change Policy on Gays

Pressure from corporate sponsors may be the critical factor in a decision by the Boy Scouts of America to change policy to include homosexual scouts, volunteers and leaders.

Democrats: Never Let a Good Tragedy Go to Waste

Congratulations to Barack Obama on being named the Gun and Ammunition Salesman of the Year by Smith and Wesson! Maybe he will win a free trip to Hawaii and save us taxpayers $3.6 million.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Live Stream Free Football: Watch Online Spanish Copa Del Rey Soccer (3PM ET)

Real Madrid vs Barcelona takes place in Spain’s Copa Del Rey competition on Wednesday night, in one of the most mouth-watering ties in global soccer.

Bless My Country, O Lord

I cried out this song last night to the Lord, for my country so He may have mercy on Egypt and save us from the attacks of the enemy, from thework of the kingdom darkness and death. Millions of other

Vietnamese Christians Brace Themselves for Decree 92

Believers in Vietnam are grappling with the challenges they will face as a result of new religious stipulations in the 2012 version of Decree 92. This decree states that Christian groups will now need

Threat to Burn Bibles in Wake of Sultan’s Ban on word “Allah” 

A threat issued last week to burn Bibles in the Malay language is the latest in a series of attacks on the Christian faith in Malaysia. The event was supposed to occur in Butterworth, which is on the

Pastor Saeed Abedini Sentenced to 8 Years

The wife of an American citizen sentenced to an 8-year term in an Iranian prison does not expect to hear from her husband until 2021, unless U.S. pressure is able procure his release.Naghmeh Shariat P

Meeting Saints: a good trip

Editor's note: a version of this story appears in VOM's February newsletter. U.S. residents can request a free subscription to the newsletter here. There are good trips and bad trips when you go on the road to meet the persecuted church. Bad trips where you come home with malaria (Sudan) or get so sick you […]

Congressional Briefing Focuses on Waning Religious Freedom in Former Soviet Union

 Religious freedom the focus of briefing in Washington ICC Note: As reports of worsening religious freedom conditions stream in from nations formerly belonging to the Soviet Union at least one organization has organized a briefing on Capitol Hill to raise awareness among U.S. leaders of the worrying trend.  01/28/2013 Washington, D.C. (CIC) – Religious freedom […]

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