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Newborn Left on Beach: Baby Abandoned on Hawaii Beach Just Hours After Birth

A newborn has been left on a beach overnight at Sandy Beach Park in Hawaii, according to reports.

Plane Crashes Near L.A. After Midair Collision With 2nd Aircraft

A plane has crashed near L.A. after a midair collision over Southern California.

Reporter’s Notebook: MerleFest’s greatest hits

WILKESBORO, N.C.— Observations from this past weekend’s MerleFest, an annual music festival that draws close to 80,000 people to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina to hear the best in folk and bluegrass. Scythian rocks. One of the surprises of MerleFest this year was Scythian, a Washington, D.C.-area band made up of […]

Message received

Wycliffe pledges to comply with an audit panel’s recommendations on controversial Bible translation practices

Gosnell defense: Verdict must ‘transcend’ bloody reality of abortion

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s defense attorney tried one last time during today’s closing arguments to convince the jury in the Philadelphia courtroom his client is not a murderer who operated what prosecutors called a “house of horrors.” Handing jurors photographs of a relatively clean waiting room and other areas in Gosnell’s West Philadelphia abortion center, Jack […]

From near death to NFL draftee

D.J. Hayden sat in his mother’s house Thursday night, surrounded by friends and family and dozens of cameras. Then the phone rang, with the caller on the other end informing him that the NFL’s Oakland Raiders had drafted him in the first round. His family didn’t wait for the phone call to end before shouting […]

Online freedom good news for Chinese Christians

“In Isaiah 40:1, the Lord says, ‘Comfort, O comfort my people.’ Today, in the midst of the Boston bombing, we not only need to pray for peace for those who are victims in this attack, and their relatives and friends; we also need to pray for the people of that land, pray that they will […]

American Christian may face death penalty in North Korea

North Korean officials announced Saturday that detained American citizen Kenneth Bae will be tried before the country’s Supreme Court on charges of plotting to overthrow the government. If convicted, Bae could face the death penalty. According to media accounts, including one from The Telegraph , Bae is thought to be a Christian missionary linked with […]

D.C. abortionist admits he would let an infant die

In an undercover video released today by the pro-life organization Live Action, an abortionist in Washington, D.C., admitted he would allow a baby born alive to die, without making any rescue attempt, contrary to federal law. Cesare Santangelo, who conducts abortions at the Washington Surgi-Clinic, said a baby born alive at his facility would be […]

Radical religion at war and at peace

The politico-religious conflict once again came crashing onto our shores when two naturalized Americans from the Muslim Caucasus region of Russia allegedly set off bombs in the crowded homestretch of the Boston Marathon. The elder brother, more than the younger, had developed a radical devotion to his religion, Islam, not only above any political allegiance, […]

Mother of bombing suspects spoke of jihad, conspiracy

The mother of the brothers accused of the Boston bombings is adamant her sons are innocent and claims she is not a terrorist. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva has been defensive of her sons one moment, and consumed with grief the next during interviews given in Dagestan, where she lives. “It’s all lies and hypocrisy,” she said “I’m […]

Obama nominates rising star thin on transportation experience

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—President Barack Obama today nominated Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx as his new transportation secretary. If confirmed by the Senate, Foxx would replace outgoing Secretary Ray LaHood. Foxx’s nomination is no surprise. The Democrat had already announced he would not run for a third term as mayor this year. Foxx was 38 when first elected […]

The Shepherd

Michael Cromartie is guiding media elites into a more accurate view of conservative Christians. When Rick Warren arrived at the Faith Angle Forum in Key West, Florida, in May 2005, the megachurch pastor addressed one of the last remaining groups in America that knew almost nothing about him: journalists. In the room were 20 of […]

News: A New Creation Story

Why do more homeschoolers want evolution in their textbooks? Christian homeschool science textbooks have long taught young earth creationism (YEC) almost exclusively. But observers say a growing number of parents want texts that also teach evolution. "Homeschooling has broadened so much, and now includes many Christian groups who have never adopted [YEC]," said homeschool pioneer […]

Hashtags Won’t Heal Us

Learning to lament in the 21st century. As a culture, we tend to think of grief as healthiest when abbreviated and restrained, as seemingly quick and efficient as other aspects of our fast-forward, high-tech lives. Even mental health experts disagree over what "normal" grief looks like. Although the depressive symptoms of bereavement have long been […]

Bride Kiss Saves Guest: Newlywed Saves Guest at Wedding With ‘Kiss of Life’

A bride’s kiss has saved a guest at her wedding, after a young friend collapsed on the floor on the dance floor.

Zeta-Jones Bipolar: Actress Voluntarily Checks Into Treatment Facility for Bipolar II Disorder (VIDEO)

Catherine Zeta-Jones is having bipolar II disorder treatment, according to an announcement by her reps this week.

JC Penney Takes $1.75B Loan From Goldman Sachs (VIDEO)

JC Penney will receive $1.75B in a loan from Goldman Sachs, according to reports out this week.

Chad Johnson Homeless Man: NFL Star Takes Homeless Man Out for the Day (PHOTO)

Chad Johnson has spent a day with a homeless man, treating the less fortunate man with various treats and posting photos of their day together on his social media account.

What’s Behind Your Iron Suit?

We pretend we have invincible emotional armor and weapons like sarcasm and denial that can fend off the incessant barrage of destructive circumstances life brings our way. But the truth is that our attempts to be superheroes in a fallen world strip us down to the core as well.

Jury to Begin Deliberations in Gosnell ‘House of Horrors’ Murder Trial

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell, 72, could receive the death penalty or life in prison if jurors find him guilty of any one of the four counts of first-degree murder for killing four babies born alive in his West Philadelphia abortion clinic. He also faces charges for one count of third-degree murder in the death of patient […]

Modern American Atheism Is Reaction to Christian Right, Sociologists Argue

Atheism changes over time and is a reaction to the dominant religious beliefs of the time. Today’s atheism is, in part, a reaction to the political activism of conservative Christians, or the “Christian Right.” This is one of the conclusions found in a new study of American atheists, There is No God: Atheists in America, […]

Mark Sanford ‘His Own Worst Enemy,’ Says SC Political Scientist

As former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch prepare to battle at the polls in a special election for the state’s First Congressional District seat next Tuesday, local political scientists say Sanford has been self-sabotaging a race that should have been his for the taking.

90-Hour Bible Reading Marathon Underway at US Capitol

The 24th annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon began Sunday evening as a way to celebrate First Amendment freedoms, encourage Americans to read their Bibles and prepare for the National Day of Prayer later this week.

Pennsylvania to Observe ‘National Fast Day’ Tuesday

The state of Pennsylvania will be observing a “National Fast Day” in accordance with a resolution passed in the House of Representatives earlier this year.

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