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Mohammed Part 6: Prayer in Jail is Different

Today we will wrap up the excerpts from the testimony of “Mohammed,” a former Muslim who decided to commit his life to Christ, even if it meant he would face rejection and persecution in his native Iran. The words are his, unless otherwise noted in italics. You may want to read Part 1, Part 2, […]

A Widow Remembers: Christian Persecution Today

A year ago, she walked into our offices with a shy smile that made her eyes glow. As we shook hands I had the deep sense that this woman, who still suffers the effects of Christian persecution today, had a depth of faith that only comes from suffering. Her name is Semsa Aydin, and six […]

China Releases US Preacher; Local Christians Receive Prison Terms

China Releases US Preacher; Local Christians Receive Prison Terms ICC Note: An American church leader was held by police in China saying, “we had broken the regulations on religion by conducting a Christian meeting with over 30 people and not first registering with the Religious Affairs Bureau.” In this instance, believers surrendered cell phones in […]

Christian Mother Separated From Children and Killed in Somalia

ICC Note: According to various reports coming out of Somalia, a Christian mother of five children was separated from her children at an al-Shabaab road block and executed. According to reports, the Islamic terrorist group had been searching for this Christian mother for some time prior to her murder. The extremists knew she was a secret Christians and had already murdered her husband late […]

Will Nigeria’s Amnesty Deal Save Christians?

ICC Note: Christian leaders in Nigeria have asked the government to make sure that it makes Boko Haram promise to stop attacking Christians and their places of worship as part of the federal government’s amnesty deal. To bring an end to the three year insurgency, Nigeria is considering granting the Islamic militant group total amnesty […]

Pressure Mounts for Release of Kidnapped Bishops in Syria

ICC Note: Pressure is mounting for the release of two Syrian bishops kidnapped on April 22 by armed rebels in a village near Aleppo, The Independent Voter Network (IVN) reports. The bishops are the most senior church leaders abducted in the conflict which has now killed more than 70,000 people across Syria. By Carl Wicklander […]

New video shows police allowing deadly attack on Christians in Egypt

ICC Note: Recently released video footage shows police standing idly by during a violent assault on mourners attending a funeral at St. Mark’s Coptic Cathedral in Cairo on April 7, Fox News reports. Two Christians were killed and dozens were injured during the attack. 4/28/2013 Egypt (Fox News) – Newly-emerged video appears to show Egyptian […]

Christian Villages “Turned into Battlefields” in Pakistan

Pakistani Christians under third attack in 48 days ICC Note: “Pakistani Christian villages have turned into battlefields where armed groups are seen exchanging gunfire with each other,” Joseph Francis, the director of the Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance & Settlement (CLAAS), told Salem News. According to Salem News, a Muslim mob attacked a Christian village […]

Pastor Excluded From State Department’s Iran Prisoners List

ICC Note: Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen imprisoned for his Christian faith in Iran, was excluded from the U.S. State Department’s “Faces of Iran” website which highlights the cases of dozens of individuals imprisoned in Iran for their political or religious beliefs, the Christian Post reports. Pastor Saeed’s physical condition has worsened in recent […]

Israeli Supreme Court extends Amona outpost demolition date

Israel’s Supreme Court allowed the state to postpone the evacuation of the illegal West Bank outpost Amona.

Bibi to Feiglin: Stay away from Temple Mount

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered Likud lawmaker Moshe Feiglin not to ascend the Temple Mount.

Second Gaza rocket strikes Israel in two days

A rocket fired from Gaza struck Israel for the second time in two days.

Israel’s security cabinet meets on Syria

Israel’s security cabinet discussed the possibility that chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian government in that country’s civil war.

Can a moderate chief rabbi transform the Israeli Rabbinate? Not likely

Advocates for greater religious pluralism in Israel have rallied around David Stav, a candidate to be the next Ashkenazi chief rabbi. But even if he prevails, Stav will have little power to reform the rabbinate, let alone make the sweeping changes many Israelis support. JTA’s Ben Sales reports.

Holder to ADL: Protect rights of all, including Muslims, after Boston

In a speech to the Anti-Defamation League, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder urged Americans to protect the rights of Muslims and other minorities in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Danish Resistance museum collection saved from fire

Most of the collection of the Museum of Danish Resistance in Copenhagen was saved from a fire that destroyed large parts of its building.

Jewish leader says he was beaten at Budapest soccer match

The head of Hungary’s Raoul Wallenberg Association said he was beaten at a soccer match in Budapest.

‘Salon anti-Semitism’ spreading in Germany, film festival head says

Germany’s worsening economic situation is strengthening the far-right, German actor Christian Berkel, co-patron of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Potsdam, told a local newspaper.

Spanish couple marry in Jewish museum they opened

A Spanish couple who built the first Jewish museum in Granada celebrated its opening day by being married there.

Stop suing haredi firebrand, Antwerp bar chief tells Jewish lawyer

The president of Antwerp’s bar association advised a Jewish lawyer to stop suing Moshe Friedman, a haredi Orthodox Jew who has stirred controversy in the community.

Conservative rabbis perform first conversions in Lisbon

Conservative rabbis performed what were being called the movement’s first conversions to Judaism in Portugal.

Dutch King Inaugural Tuesday, Queen to Leave on Yom Kippur

Chief Rabbi Jacobs to attend King Willem inaugural Tuesday, but not festive leavetaking for Queen Beatrix, planned for Yom Kippur.

UAV Didn’t Come from Lebanon, Claims Official

Lebanese security official denies that a drone downed by Israel last week had been sent from Lebanon.

Exporters ‘Near Panic’ As Shekel Breaks NIS 3.60

Israeli exporters were besides themselves Monday, as the dollar sank below the NIS 3.60 level.

Qatar Hints at Support for ‘Swaps’ as Part of Israel-PA Peace

U.S. Secretary of State hosts talks with Arab League officials as part of his attempts to renew the Middle East peace process.

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