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How old are your TV viewing habits?

Evangelicals debate the meaning of less religious involvement and political conservatism among younger evangelicals compared to their elders. Barna pollsters dine out on the concern (or joy) that the difference represents real change. Others say that the young’uns will grow out of it, as their predecessors did, once marriage, mortgages, and munchkins give them a […]

Weekend Reads: Clean living in this dirty-minded world

Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World (Zondervan, 2012) deftly challenges the American church’s saturation with things we think we can handle. Growing up in a home where both parents smoked, Craig Groeschel didn’t even notice the haze. Returning home after his first semester in a non-smoking dorm room, he was shocked by how […]

Helping lead the fight for liberty

Sen. Ted Cruz talks on what drives him to battle both Democrats and the Republican establishment

The church as ‘the other woman’

Craig and Wendy Bellis learned how to love each other and their role in the church

Ancient Byzantine Church Turned Into Mosque in Turkey

It was in Turkey that the followers of Jesus were called “Christians” for the first time in history, but this nation is making efforts to erase its Christian past, as reflected in the conversion of an ancient Byzantine church into a mosque.

Ohio Kidnapper Ariel Castro Says Porn Addiction ‘Took a Toll on My Mind’

Ariel Castro, charged with the abduction of three women whom he held as sex slaves for over a decade in Ohio, agreed on Friday to a plea bargain to avoid the death penalty, and told the court his addiction to pornography and “sex problems” had taken a toll on his mind.

Brazen Burglar Arrested After He Got Stuck in Chimney of Pawn Shop He Was Trying to Rob

A brazen burglar found stuck in the chimney of a business he was trying to rob on Wednesday was charged with several felonies after he attempted to escape from police and emergency service workers who rescued him.

Pope Francis to Church in Brazil: Preach in the Streets

Pope Francis addressed hundreds of thousands of young pilgrims at the celebrations marking the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro this week, saying if the church did not spread the faith in the streets it would be reduced to a non-governmental organization.

Getting Through the Storms of Life

Are you facing a “storm of life” right now? By that I mean, are you facing some kind of crisis or unexpected tragedy? Are you losing hope?

Your Blood Glucose and Your Spiritual Health

Many of us have faced challenges over the years with our weight. After years of failed attempts at weight loss, I was given a bit of a wake-up call last November during a routine physical. They checked my A1C which reveals your average blood glucose level over the previous 3 months. It should be at […]

3 Reasons Rubio Can Still Become the GOP Presidential Nominee

While there has been much ado about Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) recent drop in favorability among Republican voters, the storyline has certainly been overplayed by the media.

Dozens Killed in Massive Egypt Protests as Morsi Supporters Clash With Police

Hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered for rallies for and against the Egyptian army’s overthrow of former President Mohamed Morsi in several parts of Egypt Friday as the ousted leader was officially placed under investigation for murder. As of Saturday morning, dozens of people were confirmed dead and hundreds wounded.

Parasitic Meningitis Confirmed in 12-Year-Old After Swimming in Arkansas Lake

A rare illness called “parasitic meningitis” is being investigated by the Arkansas Department of Health after a girl from Benton, Ark was confirmed as being stricken down with the swimming illness.

Family Dollar Murders: Suspect Was Fired Last Spring After Harassment Allegations (VIDEO)

The Family Dollar murders suspect, Lavere Bryant, was allegedly fired from the company last spring, after reportedly being overlooked for a promotion, according to new reports.

Syria’s Minorities Must be Protected to Push Peace

ICC Note: Syria’s civil war has gone on for more than two years and claimed more than 100,000 lives. While the West has expressed concerns about the violence there have been very little concrete solutions offered. Religious minorities in Syria are caught between supporting Bashar al-Assad and his harsh authoritarianism and the mostly Sunni rebel […]

Christian Suffering Under Jihadi Extremism

ICC Note: Islamic extremism continues to have tragic – and often deadly – results around the world. This report highlights a number of events across the globe from recent months where Christians were targeted for abuse and violence as a result of their faith. By Raymond Ibrahim 7/24/2013 Middle East (Gatestone Institute) – Before Egypt’s […]

Authorities Attempt to Fabricated Evidence Against Still Imprisoned Kazakh Pastor

ICC Note: When Almenova found out that Pastor Kashkumbayev was arrested for poisoning her communion juice, she stepped forward to say that he “is totally innocent and has not harmed my health at all.” In response to this, she told Forum 18 that, “The authorities forcibly put me in a psychiatric ward between 23 February […]

Senator Rand Paul Says U.S. Churches Should Challenge IRS

ICC Note: In the United States many pastors fear making any type of remarks from the pulpit that could be taken as political, since the Internal Revenue Service reserves the right to remove funding from organizations which may in their opinion be crossing the constitutional division of church and state. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky […]

Indonesian Man Faces 3 Months in Prison For Threatening to Cut Pastor’s Throat

ICC Note: An Indonesian Muslim may face 3 months behind bars for threatening to slit the throat of a Christian pastor last Easter. The defendant, Abdul Aziz Bin Naimun, admitted to issuing the threat but says he didn’t know it was illegal. The pastor who was threatened, Palti Panjaitan, was interviewed by ICC last year thanks […]

Terror Victims’ Families: Netanyahu Caved…Again

The Almagor terror victims’ organization has sent Netanyahu a letter of protest over his decision to release 104 terrorists.

Bennett: Terrorists Should be Killed, Not Released

Economy Minister says he will vote against release of terrorists ahead of peace talks.

Muslim Brotherhood: 120 Dead in ‘Massacre’

Graphic video shows bodies at morgue, reportedly shot by security forces in weekend violence involving pro-Morsi rioters.

PM’s Open Letter to Citizens: Full Text

In a rare communication, Netanyahu spells out his rationale for releasing terrorists, despite opposition by the public.

Seven killed in Florida shootout

The dead bodies of three women and three men were found at two different apartment units inside the building.

Dep. Min. Danon: Release of Terrorists is ‘Lunacy’

Deputy Defense Minister asks ministers to vote against the planned release Sunday, citing “consensus in Likud.”

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