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David Beckham might bring professional soccer to Miami

David Beckham in 2010. (Insidefoto/PR Photos) Thanks to David Beckham, there’s a chance Miami will have its very own Major League Soccer team, Sports Illustrated reports. The retired soccer star is supposedly willing to shell out $25 million to get the project started, a source told the Associated Press. While technically a quarter Jewish (his […]

Elsewhere: Hungary hate, historic Barbados synagogue, trapped as a toddler

American exceptionalism and us: Assimilation is fueled by America’s acceptance of Jews, “outreach” efforts are a failed strategy and the best hope for Jewish continuity is in Israel, writes Jonathan Tobin. (Commentary) Beyond ‘us’ and ‘them’: While some things are lost in interfaith marriages, there are also gains, writes Yona Zeldis McDonough. (Huffington Post) Hate in […]

Pioneering class of female Jewish law advisers graduates

NEW YORK (JTA) — The first American class of “yoatzot halacha,” or female advisers in Jewish law, has graduated. The five graduates — Dena Block, Nechama Price, Lisa Septimus, Tova Warburg Sinensky and Avital Weissman — trained for two years under the aegis of Nishmat, a Jerusalem-based Torah study center for women. They each studied […]

Despite rise in West Bank terror, IDF in no hurry to declare new Intifada

Statistics show 157 incidents of stone-throwing in September, compared to 121 in same month in 2012; Israelis have not seen such a series of attacks in a short time span since 2010.     

1,700-year-old curse discovered in Roman villa in Jerusalem

Inscription reveals that a woman named Kyrilla sought to put a curse on a man named Iennys by invoking names of six Greek gods in apparent legal dispute.     

Area 51 used to test Soviet jets loaned to U.S. by Israel

Tests conducted by the U.S. Air Force at the notorious Area 51 base in the Nevada Desert, according to declassified documents released this week and reported on by The Guardian.     

Israel advancing plan for some 5,000 new homes in West Bank and East Jerusalem

Construction projects to begin across West Bank, including in isolated settlements. Palestinian Authority, UN and U.S. condemn move.     

Uganda: Committing to Pray

Committing to Pray, Around the World Christians will join together Nov. 3 in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) — including those living in Uganda — reports a VOM in-country worker. He says pastors and church members are excited about joining the prayer movement. After watching VOM’s short IDOP film […]

Jewish center joins activist groups' lawsuit against NSA

Shalom Center may have been recorded because of its active opposition to U.S. actions in the Middle East, writes Rabbi Arthur Waskow.     

Iranians jailed for ‘house church’ attendance

Christians lose appeals against incarceration for meeting together to pray Four Iranian Christians jailed for attending a ‘house church’ have lost their judicial appeals. Mojtaba Seyyed Alaedin Ho

Two pastors killed in Kenya

Perpetrators must be arrested and security increased, say church leaders Two pastors from southern coastal towns in Kenya were killed last weekend in separate attacks. Charles Mathole, a leader of

The Israeli chip that gives sight to the blind

Nano Retina says it has successfully implanted miniature device in animal eyes, wiring it to along optic nerve to brain’s neurons.     

Which One Is Bad?

“Hussein**” has seen God work miracle after miracle as an evangelist and house church leader in Iran. Miracles like Iranian secret police raiding a house church meeting that had just received a shipment of 500 Bibles in three large boxes, which were still sitting on the floor. Police pulled pictures off of the walls and […]

Sudan Government Seizes Presbyterian Church & Gives to Muslim Tycoon

ICC Note: After the secession of South Sudan from Sudan-proper, those Christians left within the Khartoum-controlled North have become targeted by a religious cleansing campaign designed to intimidate them into fleeing to the South. This latest example further illuminates a problem which the international community seemingly continues to do its best to ignore. 10/30/2013 Sudan […]

Next round of Syria talks in Geneva may be delayed due to U.S.-Russia disputes

Washington and Moscow differ over who should represent the Syrian opposition, while the main opposition group has not committed to attending.     

Imprisoned Eritrean Woman Dies of Neglect After Refusing to Renounce Her Faith in Christ

ICC Note: The Eritrean government, which has long persecuted and imprisoned Christians living within the totalitarian state. However, ICC has learned that following the discovery and arrest of Christians, the Eritrean authorities are now imprisoning neighbors and anyone else the government feels “should have known” that Christians were in the vicinity. This new policy is […]

Visiting LGBT leadership group gets a blunt Israeli welcome

One American delegate here with the high-powered group says that being in Israel is sort of like being back in Nebraska – random people aren’t afraid to talk to you.     

Who Knew Notes Could Kill?

By William Stark and ICC’s Representative in Pakistan 10/30/2013 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – On October 8, Adnan Masih’s life was radically changed when Abid Mehmood, a Muslim man, entered a police station in Lahore, Pakistan and filled a case against Adnan accusing him of making blasphemous remarks against Muhammad and the Quran. Like […]

Some 2,000 Beit Shemesh residents cry fraud over Haredi win in local elections

City warns employees to keep away from political activity; national crime unit takes over fraud investigation.     

USA: Anti-Christian Groups Trusted by Military to Define ‘Extremism’

ICC Note: Numerous highly alarming reports are beginning to emerge from the United States military establishment revealing what appears to be a consistent patter of labeling conservative Christians as “extremists” and warning service members not to get involved with these groups. Many military personnel, a large portion of whom are from conservative Christian backgrounds, are […]

Underground Believers in North Korea Pray for American Christians

ICC Note: Despite living in perhaps the darkest nation on earth and facing life imprisonment or death for their beliefs, North Korean Christians are reportedly praying actively for the church in the United States. The report below encourages Americans to join with their persecuted brothers and sisters in America to pray strength in the midst […]

MKs approve funding for new 'Jewish Identity' body – without knowing budget

But NIS 14 million won’t be transferred until body explains what it will actually do with the funds, following Labor MK Stav Shafir’s opposition.     

Is Egypt Moving Closer to Religious Freedom Post-Morsi?

ICC Note: A committee working on amending Egypt’s 2012 constitution recently reported that it will be adopting a measure that would forever end constitutional restrictions against the construction of new churches. Under President Mohammed Morsi, very few churches were given license  by the government to even repair damaged the churches sustained in riots. Hopefully this […]

The Jordan River region: A natural refuge produced by warfare

For years the southern Jordan River region has been a closed military zone. The local wildlife has only benefited from this, but will this tranquility continue?     

Christians in Syria BelieveThey are Targeted by Syrian Rebel Groups

ICC Note: As Christian towns and neighborhoods in Syria are becoming caught up in Syria’s civil war, many Christians feel that they are being targeted for violence by rebel groups fighting government forces. Recently, two major Christian areas, Sadad and Maaloula, have been taken by rebel forces and then re-taken by government forces. When rebel groups took these […]

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