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CHINA: Pastor Charged with ‘Fraud’ and ‘Disrupting Public Order’

Zhang Shaojie, 49, a pastor detained in November of 2013, has been charged with committing fraud and gathering a mob…

KAZAKHSTAN: Criminal Trial Begins for Retired Pastor

Eight months after his arrest, retired pastor Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev arrived in court on January 22nd for the first hearing…

Send Someone Else Immediately

Henrey Stanley, the biographer and convert of David Livingstone, was the first Christian to reach Uganda, in the 1870s. He arrived to the court of King Mutesa and showed him a Bible. The king explained that Muslims had arrived previously to his court, and they also had a book to show him. “How do we […]

“We Give Thanks to (those) Who Stand With Us”

Bangladesh is a difficult country to in which to follow Christ. One underground pastor and his family have been working hard to share love and the Gospel with those in their circle of influence. Though it is dangerous, they know they are doing God’s work. “We give thanks to our friends and churches who stands […]

Boko Haram Suspected Behind Killing of 74 Christians

ICC Note: Attacks on Christians continue to be perpetrated by Boko Haram in Nigeria’s northern and central states. In a series of attacks on Christians over the weekend, Boko Haram is suspected to be behind the slaughter of 74 Christians. The attacks started in northeastern Nigeria where suspected Boko Haram militants attacked a Catholic church […]

Christians in Pakistan Suffer Abuse Over Land Ownership

ICC Note: Christians in Pakistan continue to face unprecedented levels of abuse and persecution. In the Christian neighborhood of Horizon Plaza, located in Pakistan’s southern city Karachi, Christians living there are being forced out of land ownership by religious extremists and criminal gangs. These elements find Christians to be an easy target in Pakistan because […]

Money racket? The high cost of Israeli pop concerts

Concert promoters attribute high ticket prices to everything from travel costs and venue prices to the boycott.     

World Jewish Congress demands return of all Nazi-looted art

President Ronald Lauder calls the art ‘the last prisoners of World War II.’     

Middle-class Modi’in, new home of Israel's rich and famous

The city’s Buchman section has quietly become home to businesspeople, politicians and wealthy English-speaking immigrants.     

Security technology made in Israel: a big winner at the Sochi games

NICE’s Safe City system is used by police forces in cities in Israel and around the world, and on underground train networks in London and New York.     

Indyk to Jewish leaders: Framework peace plan to arrive in weeks

Martin Indyk tells Jewish leaders that there will be ‘no surprises’ for the Israeli and Palestinian leaders.     

Ministers split on strategic plan over how to counter boycott threats

Yuval Steinitz advocates PR counteroffensive, but Avigdor Lieberman says this would play into activists’ hands.     

N.Y. Senate passes bill penalizing schools for boycotting Israel

Academic boycotts of Israel inspired Senator Jeffrey Klein to introduce the legislation, although no specific country is mentioned in the final bill.     

Army report: More West Bank settlers in senior IDF positions

Army magazine report says 16% of those attending a recent commanders’ training course were from the West Bank.     

Israeli teacher won’t be fired for expressing ‘leftist’ opinions, school rules

Adam Verete’s position at the ORT school in Kiryat Tivon was in danger after a student accused him of expressing opinions ‘against the state.’     

Longest-serving Jewish House member, Henry Waxman, to retire

Longest-serving Jewish House member, 74, fought for health, environmental protection, women’s and gay rights, and strengthening the ties between the United States and Israel.     

South African government woos voters living in Israel

Campaign comes amid South African support of anti-Israel boycott and Netanyahu’s failure to attend Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.     

Obama’s half brother photographed wearing Hamas kaffiyeh

Pic shows Malik Obama in 2010, wearing a kaffiyeh sporting Hamas slogans.     

Some 700 Syrians treated in Israeli hospitals since early 2013

As process of caring for civilian casualties of the war becomes more routine, human-rights activists call for Israel to take in refugees.     

U.S. financial analysis firm taps Ehud Barak to its board of directors

CIFC, a small company by American market standards, specializes in financial analysis for credit organizations in the United States.     

Israeli minister: Abbas ‘most anti-Semitic leader’ in world

Israeli minister blasts leader of Palestinian Authority for anti-Israel incitement ‘reaching new heights.’     

Rightist minister’s rally draws thousands praying for end to ‘Kerry’s edicts’

Mass protest at Western Wall led by minister Uri Ariel, dubbed ‘prayer for salvation of Israel and its legacy.’     

Scarlett Johansson stepping down as Oxfam ambassador

Movie star severs ties with aid group due to her involvement with Israeli firm SodaStream; Oxfam accepts her decision, calling her role with SodaStream ‘incompatible’ with her role at the aid organization.     

Delek in talks to sell its European unit for $1 billion

Sale would provide Yitzhak Tshuva’s conglomerate with net cash flow of $370 million.     

Israel’s Oramed a step closer in race for first insulin pill

Oramed’s Phase IIa trial a success, offering new hope for diabetes sufferers.     

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