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Bill Gothard placed on administrative leave

The board of directors of the Institute for Basic Life Principles has placed its longtime leader Bill Gothard, 79, on “administrative leave” while the board investigates claims that he years ago engaged in sexual harassment and other misconduct. Responding to a WORLD inquiry, board chairman Billy Boring stated, “After completion of the review the board […]

Trying to get pregnant? There’s an app for that.

A new app is using data technology to help women get pregnant, and crowdfunding their fertility treatment if they don’t. Glow, a startup launched by PayPal founder Max Levchin, uses fertility-tracking to help couples conceive. The free app allows users to input information about body temperature, ovulation, diet, and other data points. Glow then draws […]

Venezuela protest cheat sheet

What’s behind the recent riots and how are they similar to, and yet very different from, protests in Ukraine?

Constitutional sexting defense saves teacher from prosecution

Prosecutors in Texas dismissed charges last week against a teacher caught exchanging explicit text messages with a middle school student, claiming the texts were constitutionally protected. Sean Williams, a middle school teacher in Everman, Texas, exchanged 688 text messages with a student over six days in the fall of 2012. He was 30, she was […]

Midday Roundup: The Obama administration’s war on caloric subterfuge

Because nobody drinks just half a Coke. Nutrition labels on food packages could be changing to more realistically reflect people’s eating habits. The Obama administration has proposed new Food and Drug Administration rules as part of first lady Michelle Obama’s health and nutrition initiative, “Let’s Move.” The new labels would feature calories in larger, bolder […]

Prescribed reading

My literature professor once told us to read Graham Greene’s book The Power and the Glory when we were depressed. The advice struck me as being both peculiar and salient. First, he assumed we would at some point get depressed. Second, he prescribed fiction as the antidote. So on my shelved copy, still unread, I […]

Is Ted Cruz out of control?

What you think of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, depends on who you believe. Is the freshman senator on an “ego trip,” putting himself before country (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post ), or is he standing on his principles (Cruz’s conservative supporters)? ABC chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl says Cruz is “so hated” among GOP […]

Fear of being labeled a ‘fundie’

We had a dinner guest who confessed to being nervous about being called a “fundie” for his maintaining in public venues among his colleagues that homosexuality is wrong. I hadn’t heard the word “fundie” in a long time and found it quaint. Our dinner guest was 20 years our senior, and came up in a […]

Signs and Wonders: Churches welcome Son of God to theaters nationwide

Churches to pack theaters. T0night, publicists in some cities are giving churchgoers free admission to theaters showing the new  Son of God  movie, which is receiving mixed reviews from critics. In Charlotte, my hometown, all 10 screens of the upscale Phillips Place theater plan to show the movie. The film’s producers have already shown it at Rick […]

Web reads: Buy the bigger pizza!

NPR’s Planet Money discovers and charts this news you can use: “When you look at thousands of pizza prices from around the U.S., you see that you almost always get a much, much better deal when you buy a bigger pizza.” Here’s the counter-argument. Some couples are using stop-action videos to document their pregnancies. The […]

Review: Son of God

TV’s most recent depiction of Jesus gets a theatrical release—and that’s key to thinking about this version. mpaa rating:PG-13 (For intense and bloody depiction of The Crucifixion, and for some sequences of violence.) Genre:Drama Directed By: Christopher Spencer Cast: Diogo Morgado, Greg Hicks, Adrian Schiller, Darwin Shaw Theatre Release:February 28, 2014 by Twentieth Century Fox […]

I’m In It To End It: #EndItMovement

#EndItMovement Around the world, there are presently almost 30 million people in slavery—a truly staggering number, quite possibly the largest number of slaves the world has ever known. You can see where they are held right at this Washington Post article. Carrie Underwood, Matt Chandler, Selma Wilson (President of B&H Publishing and in the picture […]

Court Orders YouTube to Remove Example of How *Not* to Evangelize Muslims

‘Innocence of Muslims,’ blamed for Benghazi embassy scandal and nixing blasphemy reform in Pakistan, taken down (for now) by a controversial copyright claim. "Innocence of Muslims" had an outsized impact beyond being a brief and bad film. It sparked the deaths of dozens of people in at least 10 countries. It was initially blamed for […]

Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: Jesus in Every Scripture by Dr. Walt Kaiser Jr.

Is Jesus really found in EVERY Old Testament text? Dr. Kaiser explains. Much of Christocentric preaching tended to depend on a strong Biblical Theology, but a Biblical Theology that often wove together somewhat selectively somewhere around some twenty major biblical themes such as kingdom, temple, sacrifice, covenant, and the like; but it was one in […]

What God Teaches Us About Broken Marriage Vows

May the church offer divorcees grace, not guilt-trips. Many divorced Christians have felt they step into church wearing a scarlet D. Author Elisabeth Corcoran was one of these. After her marriage of almost 19 years unraveled, Corcoran grappled with pain, confusion, and shame. Those feelings were compounded when she was politely asked to step down […]

Commentary: TV Politics and Proximate Justice

Shows like ‘Scandal,’ ‘The Americans,’ and ‘House of Cards’ give us one picture of politics. Are there any others? Scandal, ABC's blockbuster bananas political melodrama, returns for the back half of its third season on February 27. Frequently the most-tweeted-about show in America, Scandal focuses on the adventures (political and otherwise) of Washington's best fixer, […]

Anti-Abuse Ad Has Secret Message Only Children Can See (VIDEO)

A unique billboard secretly helps children who may be walking with their abuser. See how it works.

Here’s What Happens When a Group of Motorcycle Bikers Shows Up at a Church (VIDEO)

Dozens of leather-clad bikers show up for a church service, and the pastor has no problem – because he’s one of them.

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Actress Patricia Heaton Says ‘Media Runs With Idea That Christians Are Bad Guys’

Catholic actress and star of the upcoming movie, “Mom’s Night Out,” Patricia Heaton has said that the media often falls victim to pejoratively stereotyping Christians, rather than portraying them as real people.

Icelandic Girl and Rescued Foal Might Be the Cutest Friends You’ve Ever Seen (VIDEO)

When this baby horse got separated from his mom, he found the sweetest little girl to be his friend. It’s too heartwarming for words.

What Topic Do All Christians Agree On In 2014?

From Carrie Underwood to Steve Furtick to Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, here’s who is making noise on social media for “Shine a Light on Slavery” Day.

Obama Launches ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ to Improve Lives of Black, Hispanic Youth

President Obama announced Thursday the strategy behind his Administration’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative that aims to close the achievement gap for black and Hispanic youth by ensuring they receive education and job opportunities so that they can reach their full potential in life.

Christian Leaders to Obama: Thanks for Standing Up for Religious Freedom Abroad; Please Protect Religious Freedom in US Too

Ten Christian leaders sent a Wednesday letter to President Barack Obama, thanking him for his National Prayer Breakfast speech in which he called for expanding religious freedom abroad. They also urged him to pay greater attention to his own policies that are infringing upon the religious freedom of his own citizens.

Texas Republican Accidentally Endorses Gay Marriage

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick (R), who is also running for Lieutenant Governor, accidentally endorsed gay marriage on Twitter Wednesday.

Surprise Gospel Flash Mob Stops Traffic Singing ‘Every Praise is to Our God’ (VIDEO)

Pedestrians in Birmingham enjoyed an impromptu moment of worship from gospel artist Hezekiah Walker. See their reactions!

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