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Police arrest four in alleged cocaine smuggling ring

Drugs are thought to have reached Israel via Brazil, Spain, Cairo and Taba in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Yad Vashem: Abbas’ Holocaust message may herald shift in Palestinian stance

Acknowledging Holocaust ‘fundamental to anyone who wants to confront history honestly,’ statement reads.

Elected: The man who refused to strip for Netanyahu

Foreign Press Association picks first Palestinian chairman.

Selfies with Survivors: Do Holocaust and social media mix?

‘Never forget’ campaigns are going viral on Twitter and Facebook ahead of Israel’s national remembrance day. But isn’t Shoah more than a hashtag?

Sullen Netanyahu reaction amplifies PR success of Abbas’ Holocaust statement

PM asserts Israel won’t negotiate with any Palestinian government ‘backed by Hamas,’ exposing looming dispute with U.S. if Palestinian reconciliation reaches fruition.

New tape: NBA owner Sterling told girlfriend, 'In Israel, blacks are treated like dogs'

Clippers boss seemingly used comparison to justify views of African-Americans, which caused an outrage even Obama was compelled to address.

Israeli TV adds 'killed in Auschwitz' to Anne Frank bio

TV show sets out to highlight public ignorance on Holocaust, ends up showing its own.

‘Holocaust teaches us to prevent nuclear-armed Iran’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compares West’s inaction before the Holocaust to the world’s passivity as it’s faced with Iran’s calls for Israel’s destruction.

No cases yet, but Israel keeping eye out for MERS virus

Egypt announced its first case of the SARS-like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome on Saturday, as the toll in Saudi Arabia climbs past 300.

Early pterodactyl from China resolves evolutionary mystery

The proto-Kryptodrakon is the first finding of the missing link between primitive pterosaurs and the more advanced sort with elongated fingers.

Lapid: If Hamas meets Quartet's conditions, Yesh Atid is ready to talk

In TIME column on Sunday, Finance Minister explains why he voted in favor of suspending peace talks.

Israel blocking Palestinian permits over UN push, IDF officer says

Testimony contradicts government claim to Supreme Court that professional considerations behind halt in planning.

Glaring witness: Film’s ongoing dilemma with the Holocaust

Cinema is entertainment. This has been the thorny challenge for filmmakers who’ve chosen to grapple with the subject of the Holocaust, and the reason why most of their attempts have failed.

Obama blasts 'racist' comments by NBA team owner

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling allegedly told his girlfriend not to bring black friends to games.

Netanyahu slams Abbas’ Holocaust message as PR move

Palestinian President says Holocaust ‘most heinous crime against humanity in history’; Netanyahu: He made deal with Hamas, which wants to destroy Israel.

Double canonization is a historic victory for the Jewish people

Never has a religion so comprehensively changed its attitude to what was once seen as its worst enemy as the Roman Catholic Church did under popes John XXIII and John Paul II.

Reported racist comments land Jewish NBA team owner in trouble

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling allegedly told his girlfriend not to bring black friends to games.

Abbas denounces murder of Jews in Holocaust as ‘most heinous crime in modern era’

Netanyahu: Rather than soothing international public opinion, Abbas should choose between Hamas and peace with Israel.

Iran planning to target decoy U.S. aircraft carrier in drills

Adm. Ali Fadavi, navy chief of the Revolutionary Guards, says Iran should ‘learn about weaknesses and strengths of our enemy.’

Egypt dig may have unearthed earliest image of Jesus

Curly-haired young man on wall of 6th-century early Christian tomb could have been Christ, postulate Spanish Egyptologists.

Pew Survey says: Israelis more open-minded than most of the world

Israelis relatively okay with homosexuality, alcohol use and premarital sex, but they ain’t got nothing on those laissez-faire French.

Sisi Calls for Big Turnout in Presidential Election

Former Egyptian army chief wants “unprecedented numbers” in upcoming vote.

Gantz: Use the Past to Ensure the Future

On Yom Hashoah ,Chief of Staff calls on the soldiers to remember those who perished and ensure the future of the people of Israel.

Radio Host: The Waqf is Too Overconfident

Popular radio host Avri Gilad suggests that the Temple Mount be closed off to Muslim worshipers for several years in light of the violence.

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Hinda Tasman

The story of Hinda Tasman, one of the six torch lighters in the opening ceremony of this year’s Yom Hashoah.

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