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Issa: We must get politics out of the IRS

WASHINGTON—The Albuquerque Tea Party (ATP) filed for tax-exempt status as a 501(c)4 in December 2009. As of July 2014, the group still has no idea when—or if—the Internal Revenue Service will respond. Rick Harbaugh, the secretary and former president of ATP, said his group has been acting like a 501(c)4 for nearly five years. ATP […]

Are STEM majors getting the new ‘universal’ degrees?

While Jennifer Mok graduated with an industrial engineering degree in 2010, she now works as a management consultant for nonprofits in Washington, D.C. “I’m interested in finding more meaning in my work, rather than stability,” she said. And she’s not alone. A recent study found that 75 percent of college graduates with science, technology, engineering, […]

Employer-based health insurance takes a hit

New data from health insurance providers suggests more than 1.7 million people lost coverage through their jobs between October 2013 and March of this year. Analysts, though, put off making sweeping judgements about any connection to the Affordable Care Act and its health insurance exchanges. Prior to this summer, most useful enrollment data came from […]

Joe Biden, long-shot for president

This article is the second in a series called White House Wednesday, by the staff of The World and Everything in It, looking at potential 2016 candidates for president. Last week, the series profiled Texas Gov. Rick Perry . Joe Biden, the irrepressible Delaware Democrat, has a longer history in Washington than his two terms […]

No end in sight for Gaza conflict

One minute, nine Palestinian children were playing on a swing set at the Shati refugee camp in Gaza. The next, an explosion covered the ground in smoke and blood. “Some lost their heads, others their legs and hands,” said witness Nidal Aljerbi.  Monday’s bloodshed led to a bitter exchange of blame between Hamas and the […]

Midday Roundup: EU, U.S. clamp down on cash flow to Russia

Cut off. The United States and European Union on Tuesday enacted new sanctions against Russia in an attempt to stymie its economy. The sanctions hammer the Russian banking sector by making European capital markets off-limits to Russian state-owned banks. Not being able to generate debt in Europe will limit the banks’ ability to lend money […]

Latest pro-life efforts target abortion tourism

Pro-life abortion restrictions taking hold across the country are having unintended consequences in a few states with less regulation: women traveling across state lines to kill their babies. Half of the abortions performed in Kansas, more than a third of those in North Dakota, and almost a quarter in Tennessee are considered “out of state,” […]

Globe Trot: Taliban gains ground in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN: World events are moving Western focus elsewhere, and a Taliban advance is going unreported with U.S. forces in decline and an election crisis threatening government stability. Sound familiar? Yesterday in Kandahar a suicide bomber killed the cousin of President Hamid Karzai, a powerful ally of presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani, as voting disputes mean election […]

Court declares Ground Zero cross an important historic symbol

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good. (Psalm 14:1) The American Atheists sued the National September 11 Museum & Memorial and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to remove the Ground Zero Cross memorial from the site of the […]

Congresswoman’s baby happy, healthy a year after miracle birth

A choked-up House Speaker John Boehner prompted two bipartisan standing ovations July 23 when he praised a doctor who helped a fellow lawmaker’s infant survive a rare fetal condition. Lawmakers reacted warmly after Boehner, R-Ohio, interrupted a vote on education legislation to recognize Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash. The 35-year-old lawmaker stood up, holding and […]

Pope Francis Apologizes for Pentecostal Persecution, But Italy’s Evangelicals Remain Wary

A ‘near totality’ warn U.S. evangelicals (and others) against becoming too friendly with the Catholic Church. Despite Pope Francis's unprecedented visit to a Pentecostal church and apology for past treatment of Pentecostals by Catholics, many Italian evangelical leaders remain concerned about how evangelicals in the United States (and other nations) are cozying up to the […]

Another ‘Stained Glass Ceiling’ Shatters: CCCU Picks First Female President

Calvin College leader brings legal savvy to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. America's leading advocate for Christian colleges has chosen its first female president. The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) has elected Shirley V. Hoogstra of Calvin College to lead the Washington, D.C.-based association. Approximately 9 of its 175 member institutions […]

Introducing EvangelVision: A New Resource from Wheaton College

EvangelVision is a helpful resource for the both the veteran and the anxious evangelist. I am thankful for the hard work of the talented people of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College. I visited them earlier this month and had the opportunity to teach a class, and was once again impressed with […]

Water Works: Why Baptism Is Essential

Some churches say Baptism is optional, but the New Testament teaches it is integral to the life of faith. Movies and tv shows have probably included more scenes of baptism than any other distinctly Christian ritual—wedding ceremonies aside. One that stands out as especially detailed (yet problematic) is the baptism of an escaped convict in […]

Hey, Christian Youth: It Gets Better

Why have the perks of faithful adulthood become our best-kept secret? While excellent at come-to-Jesus moments, Christian camps—and by extension, youth ministries—sometimes overlook their opportunity to emphasize the winsomeness of Christian maturity, to present the richness and fullness of life as an adult follower of Christ. Given extended adolescence, segregation of youth from adults, and […]

Morning Roundup 7/30/14

Wikipedia Wars; Not Willing That Any Should Perish; God is NOT Good Wikipedia's Edit Wars — and the 8 Religious Pages People Can't Stop Editing—Sarah Pulliam Bailey Fascinating look from the Bailey on Wikipedia pages… let’s just say that Wikipedia might not be the best source. 😉 Not Willing That Any Should Perish—Jim Scott Every […]

No, Christians Should Not Believe in ‘Left Behind’s’ Rapture Theology, Says Prominent Apologist

Several months before “Left Behind” opens in theaters, a prominent Christian apologist is reminding the American church that the movie’s claims about the rapture are false.

It was a Normal Day at the Retirement Home — Until This Happened (VIDEO)

The residents wanted to show their children and grandchildren just what they’re made of!

German Students Surprise a Homeless Man Who is Ignored Every Day – People Are Great!

They bring him the attention he needs.

Evangelicals Grieve as Braxton Caner, 15-Y-O Son of Christian College President Ergun Caner, Reportedly Commits Suicide

The Evangelical Christian community erupted in collective grief Wednesday as word spread online that the beloved 15-year-old son of Ergun Caner, renowned Christian author, Baptist minister and president of Brewton-Parker College in Mount Vernon, Georgia, reportedly committed suicide Tuesday.

Should a Special Counsel Investigate the IRS Targeting of Conservatives?

At a Wednesday House committee hearing, experts debated whether or not a special counsel should be appointed to investigate claims that the Internal Revenue Service was unlawfully targeting conservative groups.

Lolo Jones Talks Finding Contentment in God After Years of Losing Hope in Answered Prayers; Bonds With Fans Over ‘Frustrating’ Loneliness

U.S. bobsledder and Olympic hurdler Lori “Lolo” Jones has shared openly of her struggles in prior years of trying to accomplish things by her own strength, instead of relying completely on God. “That exhausted me. It broke me,” she confessed to fans, moving many of them to reveal their own struggles.

Son of Ergun Caner, President of Brewton-Parker College, Commits Suicide

Braxton Caner, the 15-year-old son of apologist and Baptist college President Ergun Caner, has apparently committed suicide.

Pit Bull Puppy Cuddles Up Next to a Toddler in the Carriage – This Could Be The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen!

This adorable puppy, definitely doesn’t like to nap alone.

Former Catholic Priest Ousted for Breaking Celibacy Vow Prefers Married Life, Fatherhood Over Priesthood

A well-known former Roman Catholic priest, the Rev. Alberto Cutié, opened up to Oprah recently about his scandal five years ago, when he had a relationship with his future wife while still a priest.

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