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Partial shutdown of Homeland Security averted

UPDATE: A partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security has been averted, at least for one more week. As a midnight deadline closed in, the House of Representatives, with a bipartisan vote of 357-60, approved a measure passed earlier Friday evening by the Senate to fund the government agency for seven more days. The bill […]

Russian opposition leader shot dead

Boris Nemtsov, the former deputy prime minister of Russia turned opposition leader, was shot and killed in Moscow early Saturday morning, officials said. The 55-year-old Nemtsov was a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, criticizing the government’s inefficiency, corruption, and policy on Ukraine. The Russian Interior Ministry said that Nemtsov was shot four times […]

Restoring All Things

This week, John Stonestreet of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview and I talked about an upcoming conference that aims to inspire Christians out of despair they might feel over the state of the culture. Stonestreet said he and WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith pushed for the event after meeting so many Christians […]

On the seesaw of games and life

It was disorienting when I heard the news last week about Chris Bosh, the star center for the Miami Heat, who is out for the rest of the season with blood clots in his lungs. A player missing time with an ailment isn’t uncommon. In fact, just this week we found out that Derrick Rose […]

Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy dead at 83

Actor Leonard Nimoy, made famous by his role as Mr. Spock in the Star Trek TV shows and movies, has died. He was 83. Nimoy, the son of Jewish immigrants who grew up in Boston, was just starting to build a Hollywood career in 1966 when Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry tapped him to play […]

Christ’s freedom shines in Mike Farris’ Grammy-winning album

Mike Farris’ Grammy-winning album Shine For All The People is the answer to those who view God as a cosmic Grinch (and Christians as His fun-squelching minions). With horns galore, a monster groove, and unbridled jubilance, the album is basically one giant celebration—and a well-earned one at that. Farris wrestled with serious drug addiction for […]

Midday Roundup: GOP parades presidential hopefuls at CPAC

Speech time. Conservative leaders and activists are gathering in Washington this week for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. The lineup for CPAC 2015 included Republican lawmakers and top conservative commentators. But with the first GOP primary debates just months away, this year’s conference has been a carousel of White House hopefuls. The presidential contenders […]

Barnabas Aid director resigns after sexual assault conviction

A British jury found Patrick Sookhdeo guilty of groping a female staffer and intimidating two witnesses

FCC ‘net neutrality’ vote won’t end regulation debate

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted yesterday to adopt broad regulatory power over Internet Service Providers (ISPs), large companies such as Verizon and Comcast that provide and control access to the web for both consumers and internet content providers.  Advocates of so-called “net neutrality” argue such rules are needed to prevent ISPs from forming monopolies […]

Globe Trot: ISIS attempts to rewrite history by pillaging Iraq’s museums

ISIS has released a video showing its fighters smashing ancient artifacts in Mosul Museum. Now we may be thankful collections of similar artifacts from ancient Nineveh reside in the British Museum and the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute. Austen Henry Layard, the 19th century archaeologist who uncovered the ancient city of Nimrud, wrote a detailed […]

News: Prominent Chinese Christian Convert Accuses Another of Rape

Yuan Zhiming of China Soul on leave as more accusations emerge following claim by Chai Ling of All Girls Allowed. As campus rape gets widespread scrutiny at America’s elite universities, top Chinese Christians in China and the United States are debating a Princeton incident from 1990. The alleged rape involves two prominent Tiananmen Square activists […]

How Do I Stand Up to Marijuana, Gay and Radical Islamic Propaganda?

In cities across America, advocates of the well-funded and well-organized “Yes we Cannabis!” movement are in full swing. So too are the proponents of “Marriage Equality Through Same-sex Unions” and “Islam is a Religion of Peace” promoters.

Why Does President Obama Oppose Netanyahu Speaking to Congress?

Susan Rice, President Obama’s National Security Advisor, told TV talk show host Charlie Rose that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech before Congress about Iran is “destructive” to the relationship between the United States and Israel.

HTC One M9 Leaks, Rumors Prior to March 1 Launch

The HTC One M9, HTC’s next flagship phone will be launched on March 1, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Unconfirmed reports also say that the company will launch another phone that will feature a bigger screen size than that of the M9, which remains unnamed. It is not clear however what the exact […]

Bobbi Kristina Brown Suffers Seizures While in Coma

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s recovery had a major setback this week as she had seizures while in her medically-induced coma.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney to Wed at Singer’s Malibu Mansion

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney just got engaged on Valentine’s Day, and new, details about their upcoming nuptials have emerged via a report from Life & Style.

Rand Paul Slams Hillary on Libya, Obama for Arming Islamic Rebels, Now ISIS, in CPAC Defense Hawk Speech

In tackling conservative criticisms that his stance on foreign policy isn’t strong enough, potential 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., assured an adoring crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that national defense is indeed the top priority of the federal government.

Kate Middleton Not Rushed to Hospital; Duchess Continues Official Engagements as Due Date Nears

Was Kate Middleton rushed to the hospital due to a “terrifying health scare”? Rumors from tabloids stated that she had intense labor pains.

Warryn and Erica Campbell Call for Ministry Volunteers on Social Media

Warryn Campbell is asking for volunteers to be a part of the ministry in his new church.

Taylor Swift Bonds with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian at 2015 Brit Awards

It looks like Taylor Swift is about to add Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian to her list of celebrity friends as the “Shake it Off” singer bonded with them at the 2015 Brit Awards.

Country Star Does Something Amazing on Stage for A Little Girl Battling Cancer

During a Lee Brice concert, someone in the crowd who caught his attention. While performing the song “I Don’t Dance” for the audience, he grabs a little girl who had a mask over her head. What he does next will bring you to tears.

Laos: Prayer Is a Crime

Five Christian leaders in Laos were charged with medical malpractice after praying for a sick woman who later died. The Christians were ordered to serve nine months in prison and pay a fine for causing Mrs. Chansee’s death. Mrs. Kaithong, Mr. Puphet, Mr. Muk, Mr. Hasadee and Mr. Tiang are all local church leaders in […]

Niger: God Found Us Worthy

After more than 45 churches, homes and other Christian property were looted and burned down by Islamic protestors in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, Nigerien Christians still came together to worship the following Sunday. In some instances, believers were at the site of their church one day after the church was burned […]

UCLA student government member questioned about Jewish identity

(JTA) — A member of UCLA’s student government was asked in a hearing whether her Jewish identity presents a conflict of interest. During a Feb. 10 hearing, four student government members at the University of California Los Angeles questioned Rachel Beyda’s ability to make unbiased decisions on cases in which the Jewish community had a vested […]

WATCH: Leonard Nimoy explains Spock’s salute

(Youtube) Leonard Nimoy, who played the overly logical part-human, part-Vulcan hero Spock on “Star Trek,” passed away Friday at the age of 83. To quote Spock’s most famous recurring line, Nimoy certainly lived long and prospered. Though he had a wide-ranging career that included acting on stage and screen, directing, and writing, Nimoy was (and will […]

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