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Secular moral indignation

It is ironic that even while society is making war against boys, American males are extending boyhood well into their adult years. So it is no surprise that college fraternities, those institutionalizations of adult boyish irresponsibility, are embroiled in unusual levels of controversy. Kappa Delta Rho at Penn State University caused national outrage when fraternity […]

Boko Haram abductions mar Nigerian elections

Despite pushback from Nigerian and neighboring forces, the Islamic militants remain deadly and determined

Vanity license plates become free speech flashpoint

Just whose speech is on vanity license plates—yours, or the state in which you live? That was the question in the case of rejected license plates in Texas, which were created by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The group wanted a Confederate flag in its design, but the motor vehicle board ruled that violated its […]

Will the LGBT alliance fall apart?

On Aug. 13, 2012, a local pastor addressed a meeting of the Springfield, Mo., City Council. He spoke to a packed house called out by a contentious subject: ending discrimination against gays, lesbians, and the expanding universe of transgendered people. After an apparent fire-and-brimstone denunciation of the nondiscrimination ordinance, Pastor Phil Snider of Brentwood Christian Church pulled […]

Indiana lawmakers: Frenzy against religious freedom law unwarranted

Indiana legislators plan to clarify a religious freedom law after widespread backlash from gay-rights supporters. Last week, Gov. Mike Pence signed the law that mirrors the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). It prohibits the state from passing any measure that substantially interferes with religious practice. President Bill Clinton signed the federal version of RFRA […]

NYC churches set for Easter, future unclear

Supreme Court rejects Bronx church case, leaving the mayor to take action as he promised

Midday Roundup: Co-pilot who crashed flight had suicidal past

Deadly secret. The co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed into the French Alps last week received treatment for suicidal tendencies several years ago, prosecutors said today. Andreas Lubitz, 27, continued to see a doctor for follow-up visits, but any sick notes he received did not mention suicidal tendencies or aggression toward others. Prosecutors in […]

No middle ground at the abortion center

Jill and I filled the 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. slot for the “40 Days for Life” campaign at 12th and Lombard streets in Philadelphia last Wednesday, one of the days of the week they do abortions at that block-long Planned Parenthood facility. Three people from another church were already there, one man kneeling on a […]

Army wrestles with competing intel analysis software tools

The military acquisition system is supposed to provide the weapons, equipment, and tools service members need to defend the country. But when it wasn’t agile enough to meet a critical and fast-changing intelligence analysis need during the height of the Iraq war, some Army Special Operations units turned to a popular and effective commercial data […]

Dollars and Sense: Volatility returns to the markets

Calm before the storm. Last Monday, I said the week before had been pretty quiet, but we can now say it was a calm before another storm. In Europe, Greece and its key creditor Germany kept trying to work out a deal for Greece’s debt. But because both sides remain intractable, the deal continues to […]

Why Stretch Marks Remind Me of the Resurrection

By these scars, we get new life. Before I had children, I thought pregnant women were adorable. Their faces glowed; their bellies rounded out trendy maternity wear. I dreamed of one day donning a baby belly, as if it were the latest accessory. Then I became pregnant, and I didn’t feel cute at all. I […]

Christian Reformed Church Takes ‘Go and See’ Attitude on Climate Disruption: Challenges Cornwell Alliance on Kenya

Go and see, he begged us. Go to the Himalayas and Andes, where poor people are being flooded by melting glaciers. Go to the deltas of the Ganges, the Amazon and the Nile, where livelihoods and hopes are being drowned.

Amanda Knox Makes Emotional Statement Hours After Being Cleared of Murder Charge

Italy’s highest court has ended Amanda Knox’s long, high profile legal saga on Friday, March 27 as it overturned her murder conviction.

‘Sherlock’ Season 4: Show Co-Creator Says Upcoming Season Will Deal With ‘Consequences’

The cast and crew of “Sherlock” has been keeping mum about the show’s fourth season for quite some time now, but in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Sherlock” co-creator Steven Moffat offered some clues to fans on what to expect when the show comes back.

Karrueche Tran Says ‘There’s No Making Up Right Now’ With Chris Brown

Weeks after Karrueche Tran broke up with Chris Brown after it was revealed that the singer fathered a nine-month old baby girl with an aspiring model named Nia, Tran finally opened up about her failed relationship to Iyanla Vanzant in an Oprah Winfrey Network exclusive interview on Saturday night.

The Legend of Zelda News: ‘Zelda’ on Wii Not Happening in 2015

Nintendo is not able to keep its promise to release “The Legend of Zelda” on its Wii consoles before the end of 2015. This much was revealed by the game’s producer Eiji Aonuma through a video announcement last March 27.

‘The Walking Dead’ News: Spinoff Series Titled ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

The long untitled “Walking Dead” spinoff series has gotten itself a title. It is now officially called “Fear the Walking Dead,” according to a report in Forbes. Aside from a title, the new series also aired its first trailer after the season five finale of “The Walking Dead.”

‘Transformers’ Cinematic Universe in the Works

Paramount Pictures has big plans for the “Transformers” franchise. Beyond plans for more film sequels, Paramount wants to create a “Transformers” Cinematic Universe, much like the one created by Marvel. The company is negotiating to get the help of Akiva Goldsman, writer of “A Beautiful Mind” to put their plan into action.

NFL’s Benjamin Watson Praises God for His Family, Shares Photos of Infant Son on His 2nd Birthday

Outspoken Christian NFL player Benjamin Watson recently posted photos of his infant son on Facebook and remarked about how every time he thinks of his son, he’s reminded of how deserving God is to receive the utmost highest praise from believers.

Roma Downey, Mark Burnett Underline Women’s Roles in the Church and the Ongoing Persecution of Christians in ‘A.D. – The Bible Continues’

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are bringing women in the Bible to life while shedding light on the persecution of Christians both past and present with “A.D. – The Bible Continues.”

Evangelicals Dominate the Fastest Growing UMC Churches; Will They Make a Difference?

Len Wilson helpfully took the time to compile a list of the 25 fastest-growing large U.S. United Methodist congregations.

VOMRadio: No Panic in Heaven

In the current episode of VOMRadio, Tom Doyle, author of a new book about Christians facing persecution in the Middle East, tells us that, in spite of the advance of Islamic State, God is changing the hearts of people in the region as Christians continue to boldly share the gospel message in spite of the […]

‘The Soul Cannot Be Killed’

Pastor Mukhtar Barkat was martyred for Jesus Christ one morning in a train station in Pakistan. Parveen, the martyr’s widow, said “All he did was love people.” Her husband had been an outspoken pastor and was incredibly bold for Christ. The pastor had received permission to install a loudspeaker on top of his church to […]

Two Christians Jailed in Ethiopia for Distributing Bibles

By Abebe Kibret and Troy Augustine 3/25/2015 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Two Ethiopian Christian men are now free on bail after being detained for 13 days and 10 days, respectively, for the distribution of Bibles in the Melka Belo region prison. On Wednesday, March 10, authorities detained Gemechu Jorgo just before he was […]

‘No more Christians in Mideast within 2 years’

ICC Note: As attacks on Christians continue to mount and armed Islamic extremists groups gain more territory, Christian leaders are fearful that the entire community will soon be gone from the region that is the homeland of Christianity. Lebanese parliamentarian Samy Gemayel called for the international community to do something or else he fears Christians […]

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