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ISIS Blows Up Assad Massacre Prison

In ancient city of Palmyra prison symbolizing brutality of Assad regime demolished jail was site of massacre, held political prisoners.

Lapid Reveals Netanyahu Offered Him Foreign Ministry

Yesh Atid head confirms surprising reports given his ‘putsch’ attempt against PM that led to elections, vows to be next prime minister.

New Tourism Minister Pledges to Put Samaria on the Map

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin holds first working meeting with Samaria Council heads ‘We’ll see one million tourists every year.’

On the Road to a Cure for Breast Cancer?

Experts at major US cancer conference reveal new treatments that could turn the tide in battle against number 1 cancer in women.

Regev: They’re Trying to Blackmail Netanyahu

Likud minister speaks out against moves in her party to limit Netanyahu, says PM wants to expand govt. but will hold firm regardless.

Waters to college grads: ‘It’s your turn to cause trouble’

USGS: Strong quake off Japanese islands

Yemeni rebels take control of southern city

Shiite mourners mass in Saudi Arabia for bomb victim

Monitor: Islamic State blows up empty prison complex in Syria’s Palmyra

Four Americans taken as prisoners in Yemen

The four were among a number of Americans who could not leave Yemen after the US embassy there closed and all US personnel removed.

Islamic State blows up empty prison complex in Syria’s jihadist-held Tadmur

Islamic State announced the explosion in a statement on social media and supporters posted pictures of huge clouds of grey smoke above the sprawling complex in the city.

Israel gives approval for construction projects in Gaza, says Qatari official

Despite pledging over $1 billion dollars in aid, only ten percent has reached the coastal enclave from Qatar.

Assad regime kills dozens with barrel bombs, rights group says

The military has been hit by a series of recent setbacks.

Saudi cleric’s fatwa: Women only watch soccer to look at men’s thighs

“A woman seeing a foreign man is sinful, so what about seeing his thighs and tight kit?”

Kansas man tests negative for Ebola after returning from Sierra Leone with fever

Beau Biden, son of US vice president Joe Biden, dies

Texas close to allowing concealed handguns on university campuses

Four Americans taken hostage in Yemen

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein in 1st place at table tennis tournament

70-year-old shot in his Pardes Hanna home

Lapid says was offered Foreign Ministry; Likud denies claim

Liberman warns of next cycle of violence with Hamas, as it builds road near border

Herzog thanks German FM for support in face of FIFA suspension threats

Former Maryland Governor O’Malley announces presidential run

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