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Predictable Max is still a boy’s best friend

A well-trained dog carries out its duties with loyalty and selflessness, qualities a boy will not come by without discipline and instruction. Max tells the story of a boy who through friendship with a dog recognizes his obligation to act as an honorable son. Like many 15-year-old boys, Justin Wincott (Josh Wiggins) isolates himself from […]

How to succeed in college by really trying

School’s out for summer, and many of those who made it all the way through high school graduation are anticipating college in the fall, a radically new phase of life. It’s short—a mere four years—but hugely transformative. It’s also quite expensive. So it’s wise to approach it thoughtfully. As a professor at an academically and […]

Supreme Court puts part of Texas abortion law on hold

The U.S. Supreme Court today granted an emergency appeal from Texas abortionists trying to stop their state from enforcing regulations adopted in 2013. The rules, set to go into effect July 1, would have required abortion facilities to meet standards set for ambulatory surgery centers. Abortion advocates said the rules would have forced all but […]

‘Miracle baby’ beats the odds

The Batsons trusted the Lord with their son who was not supposed to live. The first prize award winner

Supreme Court OKs lethal injection drug

Key lethal injection drug not “cruel and unusual,” majority rules, as two justices announce opposition to death penalty

The Supreme Court’s brave new rights

By a vote of 5-4, the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday granted a new constitutional right: The right of same-sex couples to receive marriage licenses nationwide regardless of state law. The parties before the court, in the words of the majority justices, sought fulfillment, rescue from lives of loneliness, and equal dignity. The dissenting justices […]

What does China gain from U.S. universities?

WASHINGTON—In 2012, New York University (NYU) set up a degree-granting campus in Shanghai—one more American university stringing into China’s educational system. But does China’s communist government really give American universities academic freedom? One NYU official told members of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Thursday that NYU makes its own decisions. But a […]

Church fires in the South recall past violence

Arsonists have torched several African-American churches in the South in the last week, and a handful of other fires are under investigation as the nation continues to mourn the shooting deaths of nine people at a church in Charleston, S.C. Firefighters said fires at churches in Knoxville, Tenn., Macon, Ga., and Charlotte, N.C., were caused […]

The only bright spot in Friday’s Supreme Court ruling

I am going to save my June 27,2015, edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer with its headline “GAY MARRIAGE CONSTITUTIONAL.” I will place it in the attic along with my Nov. 23, 1963, issue of the same paper with its large black type “KENNEDY SHOT TO DEATH,” which I claim no personal foresight in having put […]

Midday Roundup: Second fugitive captured alive in New York

Finally found. The 22-day manhunt for escaped murderer David Sweat ended Sunday when a New York State Police sergeant shot and apprehended him just 2 miles from the Canadian border. Sgt. Jay Cook saw the convict walking on the side of a road near Constable, N.Y., and began chasing him. As Sweat approached a tree […]

The Poverty Fighters’ Bible

Six years later, ‘When Helping Hurts’ is still shaking up the church’s approach to charity. In 2009, knee-deep in volunteering in the United States and abroad, I bought three newly published books on poverty. I was feeling uneasy about the way I related with the poor, and I hoped these books might help identify the […]

Did Supreme Court Skip the More Important ObamaCare Subsidies?

Pro-life groups argue taxpayer premiums are still funding abortions on demand. Two leading pro-life groups say the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) means that taxpayer dollars will continue to pay for abortion on demand. “Federal taxpayer subsidies are helping pay for over 1,000 health plans […]

Sodom, Leviticus, and Obergefell: The Bible After Friday’s Decision

Scriptures searched and tweeted in response to the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage order. Google Google saw a surge of Bible-related traffic in response to Friday’s Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. The five Bible-related searches with the largest absolute changes were Sodom, Leviticus, End times, Abomination, and Romans 1. Twitter The 24 hours following the […]

Interview: Melinda Gates: ‘I’m Living Out My Faith in Action’

One of the wealthiest and most controversial women in the world believes that all lives have equal value. She’s willing to spend $3.6 billion a year to prove her point. Melinda Gates describes herself as an “impatient optimist,” something that was nurtured in her while attending Ursuline Academy, the leading Catholic all-girls school in Dallas. […]

The Biblical Meaning of Clothing

It takes on special significance throughout the arc of Scripture. Before becoming a PhD candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary, I served for 12 years at a church in Long Beach, California. A number of my congregants worked in the fashion industry. From them I learned that programs on fashion—fashion design, merchandising, and a body of […]

Jesus Suffers with Us—and We with Him

Even in our darkest moments, he is not going anywhere. When I moved from North Carolina to Illinois for graduate school, I immediately formed a tight bond with four other men. We went to class together, studied in the library together, and relaxed together. We made a ritual of gathering every Friday night to eat […]

Crowdfund My Outrage

Online fundraising turns to culture-war causes When leaders at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Chicago wanted to update their school’s playground, they turned to WeRaise, a Christian crowdfunding site. They posted a short video featuring smiling school kids and a brief description of the $9,000 project. Before long, they had raised $11,200 for the playground. Similar […]

My Own Pilgrim’s Progress

Summoned by God, I learned to follow him in trust and vulnerability, even when I felt displaced. As I drove south on Interstate 65 one hot summer day, headed for Birmingham, I was uncertain about what lay at the end of my 376-mile trek. I had spent ten wonderful years in Louisville, Kentucky, teaching at […]

The Power of Gentleness

How one missionary responded when his charges were murdered. Once upon a time in a land far away, a 4-year-old boy became an emperor. At first his aunt helped him rule, but when he turned 18, he took over, and he wanted to change many things. Imitating other countries, he founded a university. He streamlined […]

Gleanings: July/August 2015

Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our July/August issue). Birthright trips no longer just for Jews About 200 Christian college students will head to Israel this year as part of the new Covenant Journey program sponsored by the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, and the Philos Project, a […]

Pennsylvania Media Group Apologizes for Labeling Traditional Marriage Support as Hate Speech

A Pennsylvania publication that announced Friday they were banning nearly all columns that support traditional marriage has issued an apology over their decision.

The Oppression Implied in the Confederate Flag

Regardless of one’s personal nostalgia for the flag, the so-called Southern cross served as a symbol of the fight to preserve the institution of slavery.

This Little Boy’s Puppy Follows Him Everywhere, Through Thick and Thin – It Is Precious!

If you grew up with a dog then you know how special it can be to watch them grow with you. From puppyhood on, a dog is nothing less than a perfect companion. In this video, you see how special a friendship like this can turn out.

Black Churches Targeted, Burned in Wake of Charleston Massacre; FBI Launches Probe

The FBI is investigating a string of fires that have occurred over the past week at primarily black churches in the South and so far at least three of them have been ruled acts of Arson.

Christian Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross Announces New Book

Sanya Richards-Ross, the Christian Olympic gold medalist who has had to publicly overcome adversity, recently announced that she plans to share some of her life in an upcoming book.

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