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Why the Whole Church Needs Psalm 137, Violent Imagery and All

A protest song for Syrian refugees and suburban soccer moms. In the summer of 1941, in the Polish town of Jedwabne, a massacre of Jews took place. Roughly 1,600 men, women, and children were rounded up and burned. As a witness described the scene: “Beards of old Jews were burned, newborn babies were killed at […]

What Americans Think of What Evangelicals Think of Religious Liberty

How both sides of the debates over same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom access, and employer-provided contraception feel about each other. On two of three contentious issues at the intersection of religious liberty and nondiscrimination concerns, Americans remain evenly divided. Though most Americans believe employers should be required to supply birth control in their health insurance plans, […]

What Politics Can (and Can’t) Do to Prevent Another Holocaust

Good governments can slow the spread of genocide, but they can’t stop people from becoming genocidal. Today, when we think Holocaust, we imagine “extravagant anti-Semitism,” says Timothy Snyder, a Yale historian. But what if the Holocaust wasn’t propelled by racism so much as by politics? That’s the claim Snyder makes in Black Earth: The Holocaust […]

Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Evangelicals, We Need to Start Looking Beyond the Candidates

Pastor and Immediate Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention prioritizes issues over candidates For the past nine presidential elections – intentionally or unintentionally – I have stuck with one clear principle when I go to the voting booth: I do not vote for candidates but for policies. From our 39th to our 44th commander […]

Veiled Woman Systematically Killing ISIS Jihadis in Iraq

As Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria are systematically sexually enslaving and physically abusing women, at least one anonymous woman in the group’s stronghold of Iraq has reportedly taken it upon herself to kill the jihadis.

Ayesha Curry on Misconceptions About Christianity, Being an Effective Witness for Christ (Interview)

Ayesha Curry has been piling her proverbial plate with the business of building her own food empire from scratch. But more than focusing on cementing a name for herself in the food industry, the cookbook author and future Food Network host is planning to use her platform to serve as a witness for Jesus Christ.

Newlywed Churchgoing Father of 2 Shot Dead on Way to See New Baby and Wife in Possible Road Rage Incident

A young father in Washington state who relatives say was focused on going to church, taking care of his family and living a crime free life was shot dead in his car Monday on his way to see his wife and newborn son at a local hospital.

Robert Jeffress Wants UN Abolished Amid Demands Americans Pay Reparations for Slavery

Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, said he is ready to see the United Nations abolished, following demands by a U.N. panel that Americans pay reparations for the history of slavery and oppression.

Donald Trump Asks Crowd If Non-Christian Conservatives Should Be Thrown Out

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is receiving criticism after he jokingly asked during a campaign rally in Iowa on Wednesday whether or not he should have non-Christians tossed out of the event.

Grieving Man Pulled Over for Speeding Is Overwhelmed With Hope When Officer Offers Him Prayer Instead of Jail

A grieving Indiana man who expected to go to jail when an Ohio police officer who pulled him over for speeding on Sunday was left overwhelmed with hope when the officer offered him prayer after learning his 15-year-old sister, Eliza Fletcher, had just died in a car crash.

Christian Values Are Under Attack in America, Say 90 Percent of White Working Class Evangelicals: Survey

Nearly 90 percent of white working class evangelicals believe Christian values are under attack in America, according to a CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

Christians Shouldn’t Be Pacifists, Christian National Security Experts Claim; Unveil New Foreign Policy Declaration

Dozens of Christian scholars and theologians have signed a joint declaration on American foreign policy in a scholarly journal that outlines a thoughtful, distinctly Christian vision for engaging world affairs.

Another WWII Hero You Should Know: The Story of Irena Sendler

What happens when an ordinary Polish woman encounters extraordinary evil? Well, she saves 2,500 Jewish children.

3 Common Sentences of Dying Churches

You don’t have to wait until a church closes its doors to hear some of the sentences that led to its death. Indeed, these three sentences, or something similar to the words, are pervasive in too many churches.

Pray for Czech Christian on Trial in Sudan

Petr Jasek, a former hospital administrator from Czech Republic, is currently being tried in Khartoum, Sudan, on charges of “crimes against national security.” If convicted of the charges, Mr. Jasek, along with two Sudanese pastors and another Sudanese man being tried on the same charges, could face the death penalty. Mr. Jasek has a 20-year […]

Suspected Fulani Fighters Abducted Catholic Priest and Injured Two Others

ICC Note: On Monday a group of suspected Fulani militants attacked three Catholic priests in Nigeria, injuring two of the victims and abducting one of them. According to the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), the militants are demanding a ransom of N2.5 million. However, the CBCN representatives have directed that the ransom should not […]

NEWS | House Churches in China undergo heightened oppression

Zhang Mingxuan, who is a pastor and president of the Chinese House Church Alliance, told China Aid that the attack on house churches all over China has intensified. This ongoing oppression is a violation of China’s own laws and the commitment it claims to have to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Churches are being […]

Men Who Murdered Christians in Turkey Finally Convicted

ICC Note: In 2007, three Christian males were tied up, tortured, and murdered in a Turkish publishing house. Five men were finally found guilty this week and sentenced to three consecutive life sentences each. In addition to the men convicted of murder, two military officers received 14-year prison sentences each for “violating secret communications” which […]

Iran Arrests 25 Christians for Unknown Reasons

ICC Note: Iran has arrested at least 25 Christians in Kerman, Iran for unknown reasons. Iranian security forces broke into the Christians’ homes, searched them, and took various objects before arresting the Christians. Officials have not released the reason for the arrest nor where the Christians have been transferred. Without knowing where the Christians are […]

Texas School District Paints Over Ten Commandments Following Complaint from Atheist Activist Group

ICC Note: Following a complaint from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a high school in Texas has removed a mural of the Ten Commandments from one of their walls. The letter of complaint alleged that the presence of the Christian mural violated the US Constitution’s Establishment Clause. Although the mural has since been painted over, […]

Could this Christian of Chinese descent get the vote in a mostly Muslim Jakarta?

ICC Note:  Hardline Islamists have sought to unseat Ahok who is both Christian and of Chinese descent, making him two minorities in a mostly Muslim, Malay country. These radicals have staged frequent rallies against him and deriding him as a infidel. While there are some who claim it is sinful for Muslims to vote for a non-believer, others like […]

ISIS mimics the horrific public killings of Christians by North Korea’s government

ICC Note:  It is likely that the Islamic State took much of its torturous tactics from the authoritarian North Korean government. Earlier this week, the Iraqi News reported that ISIS killed six people by crushing them to death with a bulldozer. IS executes people it accuses of going against their so-called caliphate by publicly crushing them underneath heavy construction machinery or […]

Survivors of All Saints Church Bombing Still Struggling to Survive

ICC Note: Three years ago, militants from the Pakistani Taliban attacked All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan killing over 130. Many of the Christians had gathered in the church’s walled courtyard after the end of the Sunday service, making them in easy target for the militants carrying two suicide bombs. Despite the passage of three […]

Congressman Chris Smith (NJ) Issues Statement on Azerbaijan’s Referendum

ICC NOTE: United States Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey made a statement in regards to Azerbaijan’s recent referendum vote that would hand more power to the long term president. Stating it would reduce accountability of the president which is in congruence to the new amendments. Power would be given to the president to create […]

Seven Arrested in Connection with Terrorist Attack on Christians in Pakistan

ICC Note: Pakistan’s military claims it has arrested seven militants from an offshoot of the Pakistani Taliban in connection with a recent attack on a Christian community in Peshawar. According to the military, the attack was planned in Afghanistan and then carried out by forces that crossed the border. Christians and their places of worship […]

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