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Christians face immense Discrimination in Malaysia

Posted on | September 7, 2016 | No Comments

ICC Note:

In Malaysia, predominantly a Islamic nation, Christians have become second-class citizens due to their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Under the Malay Constitution, citizens have a right to religious freedom but often Sharia law ends up taking precedent over the government or court systems. This is made clear when a recent story of three Muslims who decided to legally convert to Christianity were denied conversion by the court system due to the implementation of Sharia law. There are many instances in Malaysia where people who have or are wanting to convert are tortured, beaten, and attacked at a psychological level in order to terrify them into renouncing their faith in Jesus Christ.

09/06/2016 Malaysia (Mission Network News) – What would it be like to be considered a second-class citizen in your own homeland? For many Christians in Malaysia, that’s exactly what they’ve become, says Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs, Canada.

“To the ethnic Malay people, they’re Muslim and they are not allowed to convert. So you know their churches and evangelism and things like that are very difficult,” he explains.

Although technically citizens have a right to religious freedom as protected by the Malay constitution, all too often Sharia law takes precedent over the government or court systems. For example, three Muslims recently decided they wanted to legally convert to Christianity.

“So when these three particular people decided they wanted to change their religion, it went through the court system, and the courts at the end of the day said, ‘Nope, you can’t do it, it’s illegal to do that,’” says Musselmen.

And some organizations take the issue of conversion very seriously.

“There are those groups that are going to try to set a precedent and cause fear to the society for anybody that would even consider leaving Islam. That’s kind of the way it works in any of these Islamic nations around the world,” says Musselmen.

“Overall Sharia law is implemented when it comes to dealing with matters of the family, with law, property, those kinds of things.”

Religion is considered a family issue, therefore letting Sharia law dictate the customs of the people. That means when someone does convert to Christianity, it’s up to the family to ‘fix the problem’.

“There’s also a ‘purification center’ they call it for people who have left Islam. So they take them there and get them to recite different Islamic creeds so they are again considered Muslim,” says Musselmen.

This purification center utilizes torture, beatings, and psychological attacks to terrify new believers into recanting their faith in Jesus Christ.

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