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Ten Reasons Why Theology Matters

Most Christians agree theology is important, but can’t articulate why. These reasons can help. With recent polls showing a declining awareness and interest in theology among evangelicals, we thought of ten reasons why theology matters to every evangelical beyond simply avoiding heresy. Theology matters… 1. Because even evangelicals need evangelizing. There is much handwringing today […]

LifeWay Stops Selling Jen Hatmaker Books over LGBT Beliefs

One of evangelical women’s favorite authors loses her place in one of America’s largest Christian chains. Jen Hatmaker’s recent remarks affirming LGBT relationships have lost her bestselling books a place on the shelves of LifeWay Christian Stores. The Southern Baptist chain stated Thursday that the author’s statements “contradict LifeWay’s doctrinal guidelines,” and it has discontinued […]

3 Growing Needs in Missionary Education

Missionaries need a biblical, theological, and missiological foundation. Any conversation around an exponential increase in the global missionary force must include methods for missionary education and training. When we think about those things, our gut reaction is often to rely solely on seminaries and missions agencies to fulfill educational needs. The problem with that knee-jerk […]

‘The Good Place’ Imagines an Eternity of Ethics Lessons

The NBC comedy serves up an unusual take on the afterlife with a side of fro-yo, hold the religion. From time to time, popular culture weighs in with advice about the afterlife. “You can’t take it with you,” admonishes the Pulitzer Prize–winning play by the same title. A popular ’50s polka warns that “in heaven […]

Gay Journalist ‘Horrified’ Court Ruling Forces Christian Bakers to Bake Gay Marriage Cakes

A gay journalist in the U.K. is speaking out against an appeals court in Ireland that ruled Christian bakers must compromise their religious convictions on marriage and make cakes that display pro-gay marriage messages.

Kirk Cameron Says ‘Heaven Is Moving’ as Christians Seek Spiritual Revival to Change the Culture (Watch)

Kirk Cameron’s film “Revive Us” will have an encore screening in select theaters nationwide on Nov. 1, one week before the presidential election, and urges more Americans to see the film and seek revival.

John Piper Answers: Is It a Sin to Watch Porn With My Spouse?

Is porn off limits in the marital bed of a Christian husband and wife or is it OK to watch it together? Pastor John Piper answers this often asked question that he says usually comes from perplexed wives.

The White Church Is ‘Late’ to the Racial Reconciliation Conversation, Christian Rapper Propaganda Says (Interview)

As racial tensions continue to be a major problem in communities throughout America, 37-year-old Christian rapper Propaganda sat down with The Christian Post to discuss what it is that churches need to do to lead the nation’s racial reconciliation discussion and increase racial diversity in their own pews.

3 More Things to Look for on Election Day Ballot: Casinos, Sex, Death Penalty (Part 2)

Choosing the future president of the United States of America is not the only decision voters across the nation will find themselves voting on come November 8.

9-Y-O Christian Boy Accused of Burning Quran, Tortured 4 Days by Police Finally Released From Jail

Human rights activists and politicians in Pakistan have banded together to successfully secure the release of a 9-year-old Christian boy and his mother who were jailed last week and could have faced the death penalty after they were accused of burning a copy of the Quran.

Christians Must Confront Culture With a ‘Hard Head, Soft Heart,’ Benham Brothers Say

For Christians to transform the culture, they must have “hard heads” and “soft hearts,” according to twin brothers David and Jason Benham.

Wheaton College Trustees Admit Suspending ‘Same-God’ Prof. Larycia Hawkins Was ‘Error in Judgment’

Wheaton College’s board of trustees have admitted that the evangelical school erred in judgment when it placed political science professor Larycia Hawkins on administrative leave last winter after she posted on Facebook that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Scholars Translate Richard Hooker’s ‘Laws’ Modern English to Equip Protestants Ignorant of Church History

A team of scholars is translating the work of a 16th century British theologian from old English into modern vernacular to spearhead an intellectual renewal in the contemporary reformed and evangelical Protestant Church.

Christian Leaders: Don’t Tiptoe Through the Culture Wars; Be Courageous, Unashamed

In the year 123 A.D., the Roman government launched a severe crackdown against the Jews, culminating in 134 A.D., when all Jewish practices were forbidden, including circumcision, Torah study, and Sabbath observance.

Supernatural Things

If you are a US resident, you can request a FREE copy of Pastor Wurmbrand’s book, Tortured For Christ. You can also share this photo on Facebook or Twitter.        Related Stories What May Surprise You about the Refugee Crisis Tyndale: Father of the English Bible Torchlighters: Not Just For Kids  

Cathedral Lit Red In Solidarity With Persecuted Christians

ICC Note: The Brentwood Cathedral along with the Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey will now be floodlit in red this November to bring awareness to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. A recent reports shows that some 200 million Christians worldwide suffer for their faith in some form or another. The Middle East […]

Laws actively discriminate Egyptian Christian instead of absolute constitution freedom

ICC Note: 2013 was an all time high for Christian persecution in Egypt. While the situation has stabilized since then, there is much to be done in terms of equality and human rights. In the Egyptian Constitution Islam is the state religion and laws exist that directly discriminate against Christians. 10/27/2016 Egypt (Pakistan Christian Post): […]

NEWS | More than 20 Chinese believers beaten, detained for their faith

Over 20 Chinese believers have recently endured beatings and detainment for their faith. On September 25th a Christian man was beaten by police officers. Then 20 more believers were rounded up, beaten, and detained. In another province, a believer, his wife, and their house guests were detained for displaying a cross in their house. Their […]

China quietly just silenced all its human rights lawyers

ICC Note: What small line of defense that remained for persecuted Christians in China has effectively been dismantled. Directives Number 133 and 134 require lawyers to support the Chinese government, and prohibits them from expressing an opinion contrary to the political system or contributing in any way to demonstrations. The directive specifically mentions that lawyers […]

Nearly 1.7 million Kachin Christians live in fear

ICC Note: Since 2011 Myanmar has waged a military campaign against the 1.7 million Kachin people, nearly 99 percent of which call themselves Christians. Over the past five years up to 120,000 Kachin have been forced from their homes into refugee camps. These people live in poor conditions, have no work, and face food shortages […]

Nigerian Major and Captain Leak Information to Boko Haram

ICC Note: At least 83 soldiers went missing and 13 wounded during Boko Haram’s attack on Nigerian troops on October 22, 2016. After a discreet investigation, the Nigerian army accused and arrested a Major and Captain for leaking vital information regarding the movement of the soldiers to the Islamic fighters. After the release of the […]

Al-Shabaab resurges in Somalia After Ethiopian Troops Withdraw

ICC Note: Ethiopian troops have been pulled out of several towns in Somalia and Al-Shabaab radicals have wasted no time in seizing control of those towns again by raising their black flags. The Islamic fighters have been responsible for several of the attacks against Christians in both Somalia and Kenya.  On October 25th, Al-Shabaab claimed […]

Christian Graveyard in Pakistan Allowed to Deteriorate by Local Authorities

ICC Note: Christians in Khanewal, Pakistan have complained that local authorities have allowed their only graveyard to deteriorate to a state of disrepair. The Christians also claim that in two years time, there will be no more space in the graveyard to bury their dead. Christians in Pakistan often face discrimination and are forced to live […]

Religious Minorities in Nepal Concerned by Government’s Public Support of Hinduism

ICC Note: Christians and other religious minorities in Nepal have expressed their concern over public show of support their government and president have made to the Hindu religion. Before 2008, Nepal was a Hindu monarchy. Last year, the country adopted a constitution that made it a secular democracy. This new constitution encouraged many religious minorities, […]

Jewish feminist magazine Lilith celebrates 40th anniversary

Lilith magazine’s 40th anniversary issue (Lilith) (JTA) — The Jewish feminist magazine Lilith celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special issue that highlighted past iconic articles. The publication’s Fall 2016 issue included excerpts from a 1987 story about the JAP (Jewish American Princess) stereotype, a 1996 tribute to Barbra Streisand and a 2012 profile of three deaf Jewish […]

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