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Malia and Sasha Join Parents Barack and Michelle Obama on Bali Vacation

The Obamas are currently in Bali spending another fun and eventful vacation.

‘Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’: Devs Talk About the ‘Player-Friendly’ Improvements Included

New “player-friendly” improvements are included in “Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.”

‘GTA 6’ to Arrive in 2020 as a PlayStation 5 Exclusive

While many are already excited about the arrival of “Grand Theft Auto 6” (GTA 6), it is suggested that the highly anticipated game sequel may not be released earlier than 2020 as Rockstar Games may be developing the game sequel exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

WWE Rumors: Which Titles Will Change Hands in Battleground 2017 PPV?

With less than one month to go before WWE Smackdown’s pay-per-view event Battleground 2017, a few titles are expected to change hands after the event. So which champions are in danger of being stripped of their title?

‘Hunter x Hunter’ Chapter 362: Hiatus Ends with Continuation of ‘Dark Continent Expedition Arc’

The long-awaited return of the highly popular Japanese manga series “Hunter x Hunter” has finally arrived with the continuation of the thrilling “Dark Continent Expedition Arc.”

Lucasfilms Hires Acting Coach to Bring Out Better Performance from ‘Han Solo’ Alden Ehrenreich

Following Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s departure from the “Han Solo” film project last week, it seems that the problems aren’t over yet for the upcoming film. Now latest reports claim that Lucasfilms are not particularly impressed with Alden Ehrenreich, who will play Han Solo in the film, and have now brought in acting coaches […]

‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13 Premiere Spoilers: Reid Reunites With One of His Saviors

A familiar face will be added to the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the upcoming season of “Criminal Minds.”

‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 78: Match Between Saitama and Garou Coming Soon?

Now that Saitama has specifically mentioned his desire to face off against the infamous Human Monster, will a Saitama-versus-Garou battle come soon on the popular Japanese manga series “One Punch Man?”

‘Heroes of the Storm’ News: Stukov Will Be the Next Hero Added to the Game’s Roster

The next character added to “Heroes of the Storm” will be “StarCraft’s” Alexei Stukov.

NBA Trade Rumors: Will the Houston Rockets Be Able to Acquire Paul George From the Indiana Pacers?

The Houston Rockets may be looking to acquire Paul George from the Indiana Pacers, but it is unclear if they have the assets needed to do so.

A Walking Disaster

How a hurricane helped me weather my battle with cancer. As I emerged from the fog of anesthesia, I heard the surgeon informing my wife, Kelly, that our worst fear had improbably come true. “Cancer!?” I interrupted, before falling back into unconsciousness. That happened six more times before I fully awoke. Earlier in the week, […]

Died: Peter Berger, Prominent Sociologist of Religion

Thornbury: His work ‘made all the theologians just want to be sociologists when they grew up.’ Peter Berger, an “incurable Lutheran” who became one of America’s most respected sociologists of religion, has died. Boston University (BU) announced the passing this week of the 88-year-old professor emeritus, who founded the school’s Institute on Culture, Religion, and […]

Finally, Jackie Robinson’s Faith Is Getting the Attention It Deserves

Two books shine a long-overdue spotlight on the Christian convictions of the man who broke baseball’s color barrier. There is a God-shaped hole in the heart of 42, the 2013 film that depicts the inspiring story of Jackie Robinson. Observers noticed it at the time, pointing out that the film mostly ignored the role that […]

China, House Churches, and the Growth of the Kingdom

Two-thirds of Chinese Christians attend a house church. My host touched the ‘down’ button in the elevator of a high-rise apartment. Its door opened and we stepped out into underground parking. We maneuvered around cars and crates in the musty and dark basement. Then, to my surprise, I saw through a door a red cross […]

South Carolina Mom Gives Birth to 14.4-Pound Baby Boy

South Carolina couple Cindy Richmond and Arthur Keisler welcomed their third child on June 23. To their surprise, the tiny infant they were expecting turned out to be a record-breaking 14.4-pound baby boy.

‘Madam Secretary’ Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers: What’s Next for Daisy?

Daisy (Patina Miller) needs to be strong for her and her baby’s sake in the upcoming season of “Madam Secretary.”

‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ Release Date: Director Colin Trevorrow Aims for ‘Richly Satisfying’ Conclusion

Production on “Star Wars: Episode 9” will commence in January 2018 with Colin Trevorrow at the helm. However, the critical reception of Trevorrow’s recent film has made fans uneasy.

Britney Spears Finally Speaks Out on Lip-Syncing Allegations

Britney Spears has finally spoken out on a long-standing rumor about her.

WhatsApp to Soon Feature ‘Recalling Message’ Function?

Reports are rife that WhatsApp will soon feature a “recalling message” function.

Another Great White Shark Attacked by Orcas

A great white shark washed up dead onto the shores of Western Cape was discovered to have been attacked by killer whales, or orcas. The endangered species of white sharks is greatly affected by the orcas that have been killing their kind in the past few months.

‘Crash Bandicoot N.Sane’ Release Date for Xbox One This December?

A Hungarian retailer hinted that the once PlayStation-exclusive game will soon be available on the Xbox One.

‘Robocraft: Infinity’ News: Robot-Building Game Comes to the Xbox One

“Robocraft: Infinity,” the enhanced version of the robot-building game, is coming to the Xbox One. The game allows players to build robots to their liking and annihilate others in online play.

Refurbished Apple Pencil Now Being Sold By Apple for $85

Apple is now selling refurbished Apple Pencils for a reasonable price.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones Now Include Nokia 6, Moto E4, Alcatel Idol 5S, Alcatel A50, Alcatel A30 Plus

Amazon announced on Tuesday the five new smartphones added to its Prime Exclusive Phones program. The devices are: Nokia 6, Moto E4, Alcatel Idol 5S, Alcatel A50, and Alcatel A30 Plus.

In Nigeria, It’s More Than Just a Water Pump

“I cannot describe our suffering. It was just too much. Now that we have an abundance of water, I think it is a wonder that we all survived those days.” The post In Nigeria, It’s More Than Just a Water Pump appeared first on Open Doors USA.

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