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Abby Lee Miller Rumors: Former ‘Dance Moms’ Host Writing a Book to Tell Her Side of The Story

While Abby Lee Miller is not expected to leave prison anytime soon, rumors claiming that the former “Dance Moms” host is writing a book to tell her side of the story is circulating online.

Abby Lee Miller Rumors: Former ‘Dance Moms’ Host Writing a Book to Tell Her Side of The Story

While Abby Lee Miller is not expected to leave prison anytime soon, rumors claiming that the former “Dance Moms” host is writing a book to tell her side of the story is circulating online.

Iceland Capital’s Only Baptist Pastor Doesn’t Want Down Syndrome Eliminated

Pro-life minority faces major challenge in ‘most godless country’ in Europe. My family has spent a lot of time at Landspítali, the major hospital in the capital of Iceland. For over a year, our five-year-old son has been undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. Our youngest son, born this April, also spent two months at the hospital […]

Louis Farrakhan’s Jesus Is Not Our Jesus

Experts say don’t be misled by Nation of Islam’s Christian references—on Facebook or elsewhere. More than 1 million Facebook users have watched Louis Farrakhan proclaim that the living Jesus will save him from death, and that he will pay a price for his former teachings as the leader of the Nation of Islam. Yet what […]

Missional or Attractional? The Value of Embracing a Both/And Mentality

Every Christian should be missional and every church should be attractional. Much has been said and written to help today’s churches become more missional. Organizations, parachurch communities, and conferences abound in trying to move the Church in this direction. This emphasis is certainly justified in light of how many Evangelical churches are not missional and […]

Some Christians Hate Joel Osteen More Than They Love The Truth. And That’s Wrong.

Be silent until there is something to say. So, I never thought I’d write a post defending Joel Osteen…. But, seriously, the floodgates of media unleashed against Joel Osteen, based on an unclear church statement and fanned by agenda-driven social media, tells me that we have a cultural problem. The fact that many Christians have […]

Eid Al-Adha 2017: When Is It and Why Muslims Celebrate It?

Apart from the Hajj, the Islam world is celebrating another important holiday this week, the Eid al-Adha.

Sandra Bullock News: ‘Miss Congeniality’ Actress Donates $1 Million to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Sandra Bullock has proven that she is not only ‘Miss Congeniality’ but also Miss Charity as she donated a huge amount of money to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

‘Wonder Woman’ News: Home Release Epilogue to Tie Film to ‘Justice League

Following its record-breaking success, “Wonder Woman” is now prepping up for its debut in home theaters. Ahead of this, Warner Bros. confirmed several days ago that the “Wonder Woman” home release would include a new epilogue.

Pure Flix Digital CEO on Why Church Must ‘Re-Engage’ With Hollywood to Change Conversation (Exclusive)

“When I was in technology, the comments I heard were, ‘wow, you made the battery last longer, nice job!’ What I heard from Pure Flix customers was, ‘Finally, I can watch TV with my kids without having to have my hand on the mute button,’” Gudorf said.

‘Avengers 4’ Movie News, Release Date: New Set Photo Reveals Iron Man’s Intricate Arc Reactor

“Avengers: Infinity War” has yet to be released, but its continuation, the yet-to-be-titled “Avengers 4” movie, is already in the works. Over the weekend, a new set photo from the film surfaced online and offered a closer peek at the new arc reactor of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man.

Luxury Lamborghini Alpha One Smartphone Release Date, Specs, Price News: $2,450 Phone Runs Android Nougat

South Korea-based Dasan Networks has launched its single luxury smartphone model under a license from the “Tonino Lamborghini” brand, not to be confused with the carmaker. The Alpha One is now available online and in select shops worldwide.

‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Film News, Release Date: Donald Glover Wraps Filming; Michael Kenneth Williams Cut From Movie

Filming has wrapped for one particular actor in the upcoming “Star Wars” Han Solo standalone film, as director Ron Howard took to social media to share the news.

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Available Early Next Month? Standard Version Runs Android 8.0 in Benchmark Test

It appears that Sony is making a change in its approach with regard to product announcement and release timing—at least with the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact.

iPhone SE 2018 Specs, Release Date Update: New Model Getting A10 Treatment

It looks like users have not seen the last of the iPhone SE after all. A new report out of Taiwan claims that a new iteration of the device is on the way.

Best Period Tracker, Menstruation and Fertility Apps for iPhones, Android Mobile Phones: Which One Works Best?

More female smartphone users are now using their devices to track their menstrual periods and fertility windows every month. But which among the currently available apps works best according to one’s needs.

Christian Woman Freed From ISIS Stronghold in Iraq

Though the relief of being free is great, please pray for Rana. The post Christian Woman Freed From ISIS Stronghold in Iraq appeared first on Open Doors USA.

How Biblical Training Prepared Me For Persecution

Preparing Christians for persecution. That is the mission of Open Doors worker Nathan*. All over the Middle East and in North Africa, he visits Christian leaders with Open Doors’ Persecution Big Picture Training. The post How Biblical Training Prepared Me For Persecution appeared first on Open Doors USA.

Suffering & Grace Collide in Prison

One might guess it would be difficult for a Nigerian to be a Christian while living among the Fulani who are 99% Muslim, but as Bulus* found out, the cost is sometimes higher than anyone imagines. The post Suffering & Grace Collide in Prison appeared first on Open Doors USA.

Missionary Pilot Shares The Rest of the Auca Martyrs’ Story

Growing up the home of missionary parents in Ecuador, Gene Jordan has always known the story of five men—Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming, and Roger Youderian—who gave their lives in the jungle to reach an isolated Indian tribe. But for Gene, it wasn’t a far-off story. The five martyrs and their surviving […]

Bishops seek return of Catholic schools nationalized by Myanmar military

ICC Note: The Catholic Church is seeking to revitalize Myanmar’s long neglected education system. Myanmar was once considered by many to be the best educated nation in Southeast Asia due to the quality of education provided by Christian schools. Nevertheless, under the military’s rule, the country’s education system has deteriorated and led to the stagnation […]

Chinese Catholics try to stop the demolition of their church in Changzhi, Shanxi Province

ICC Note: Despite the restoration work that had begun four months ago, for reasons of “urban planning,” local authorities changed their minds and started the demolition of the monumental building in Wangcun. In order to stop the demolition, thousands of believers gathered in front of the building praying and asking Lord to soften their hearts. […]

Atheist Activist Group Asks Sen. Marco Rubio to Stop Tweeting Bible Verses

ICC Note: The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently issued a letter of complaint, requesting that Senator Marco Rubio refrain from posting Bible verses through his official Twitter account. Although the tweets are not being posted to his separate press office account, the atheist group alleges that the tweets are unconstitutional nonetheless due to the perception […]

U.S. Urge Sudan to Protect Religious Freedom, but not Linked to Sanctions

ICC Note Mark Green, the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, met with Sudan’s Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Saleh and Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour on Tuesday, August 29, 2017. During this meeting, Mr. Green said that he was given assurances by the Sudanese, that they will protect the religious rights of all […]

Young Kenyan Women Relate Tales of Sex Slavery in Al-Shabaab

ICC Note Kenyan women held captive by Al-Shabaab relate the terrors of being forced into sex slavery, forced marriages and servitude. Many of these women came from coastal Kenya, and were tricked into believing that they were being given a job. When they travelled to the work place, they would be drugged and kidnapped. For […]

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