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Iraq asks for help in building atomic reactor

Iraq’s foreign minister asks countries for help in building an atomic reactor for peaceful purposes.

‘When we’re unified, we’re unstoppable’

Watch: Martin Oliner stresses unity in interview for Rosh Hashanah.

Trump on Iran: Not much of an agreement

Trump blasts Iran after it conducts a ballistic missile test in defiance of his warnings.

Drama at Ben Gurion Airport

Plane makes emergency landing at Ben Gurion Airport just prior to start of Jewish New Year. Arab MK: People worried, but we’re all okay.

London acid attack injures six

Group sprays ‘noxious substance’ at London crowd, police arrest one person.

2 Jews missing in Mexico

ZAKA volunteers search for missing people, promise to work until they find missing Jews.

‘Relationship with Israel is extremely important’

Nicole Malliotakis, who is running for mayor of New York, speaks about the importance of relations with Israel and the Jewish community.

Mike Pence: UN Human Rights Council doesn’t deserve its name

US Vice Pres. Pence berates UNHRC, quotes Pres. Trump who called organization “an embarrassment.”

North Korea: Trump made an ‘irreversible mistake’

Kim Jong-un calls Trump a ‘deranged dotard,’ says his rocket’s ‘visit to the entire US mainland’ is even more inevitable than previously.

Will the Palestinian Authority be able to arrest IDF officers?

Israeli, US, diplomats push for Interpol to delay vote, reject PA request for membership.

France ‘extremely concerned’ by Iran ballistic missile test

Six people believed injured in suspected London acid attack

Paratrooper becomes 1st French casualty in anti-ISIS coalition

Man shot to death in Jisr az-Zarqa

N.Korea says rockets to US ‘inevitable’ after Trump dubs Kim ‘rocket man’

Israel responds: Tehran’s test of ballistic missile threatens free world

The new ballistic missile has a range of 2,000 km, while the distance by air between Israel and Iran is 1,800 km.

Saudi cleric suspended for saying women can’t drive due to brain size

Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that bans women from driving.

Damaged New Zealand fuel pipeline restarted

New Zealand Labour leader says will not yet concede election

Melania Trump meets Prince Harry, Trudeau, thanks US Invictus team

Three Kurdish fighters killed, five wounded in blast south of Kirkuk

Iraq asks UN for help to build new nuclear power reactor

North Korea says rockets to US ‘inevitable’ after Trump dubs Kim ‘rocket man’

One French soldier killed in Iraq-Syria area

US bombers fly off North Korea’s coast in show of force

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