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Watch Young Christian Boy Recount his Father’s Murder by ISIS

ICC Note: This video shows the interview of 10-year-old Mina Habib who watched ISIS militants execute his father because he refused to recant his faith. Adel Habib and his son were on the bus caravan that was attacked in Minya province, Egypt in May. The caravan was traveling to a monastery to worship because many […]

London Attack Near Mosque: Prayers Requested

An attack early yesterday morning is being investigated as an act of terrorism against Muslims. The post London Attack Near Mosque: Prayers Requested appeared first on Open Doors USA.

Being a True Vessel for God’s Use

“Brother Matthew” is a pastor and church planter in South Asia, working among Muslims to share the gospel. After threats against his life and an attack on his brother, he was encouraged by family members to leave his country. He fled to a safe place, but God clearly called him to go back to his home country, […]

ISIS Murders 7 Sinai Christian

Seven Sinai Christians are killed within a month of ISIS publishing a video promising to eradicate Christians living in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Photo: A nun weeps inside Cairo’s St. Mark’s Coptic Cathedral after terrorists killed at least 25 people and wounded 49 on February 28, 2017 (Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters) Learn more:  

NDA Nominee Uses Inflamatory Rhetoric Against Religious Minorities in India

ICC Note:   The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in India is a coalition of center-right political parties that promotes pro-Hindu policies. It was founded by the BJP in 1998. Now, it is looking for a new president and one of the candidates was recorded in 2010 as saying that “Islam and Christianity are alien” to […]

Christian Father in Pakistan Wrongly Accused of Blasphemy is Jailed

ICC Note: As Pakistan continues to crack down on blasphemy, it has authorized the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to monitor online content and send text messages to Pakistanis warning them of sharing or uploading blasphemous content. This will likely create a more hostile environment with an increase in false accusations. One such accusation occurred late […]

Nigeria Signs Law That Should End Fulani Militia Massacres

ICC Note: In solidarity with those who have died from the Fulani Militia attacks, Muslims and Christians held a procession in Makurdi, Benue State to support the government’s Open Grazing Prohibition Law. This law should put an end to the over 17 years of mindless killing and invasions of Benue communities by herdsmen. This law […]

Surrounding Countries of the Philippines Help Increase Security While Fighting Continues

ICC Note: An ISIS group, the Maute brothers, and government troops are into their fourth week of fighting in the Philippines. The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte declared the region in a state of emergency back in May. However, there has been a “ceasefire” temporarily to get aid in and assist civilians in getting […]

Christians Maintain Hope Despite Persecution in Somalia

ICC Note: Somalia may be one of the most difficult places to be a Christian, according to some experts Somalia ranks 2nd only behind North Korea. Although conversion is legal, it is not socially accepted. Somalians suspected of converting to Christianity are beheaded. Christians aren’t the only ones suffering, Somalia scores lowest on marks for […]

The Future Looks Unknown for a War-Torn City in the Philippines

ICC Note: The fighting in the city of Marawi in the Philippines has persisted for over four weeks. This battle has covered four districts, only 10 percent of the city, but the surrounding cities are completely deserted. The Islamic State group, the Maute brothers have pushed over 200,000 people out of the city, forcing them […]

Christians in Minya Abandoned by Government Rely Solely on God

ICC Note: It’s been a month since Islamic State terrorists attacked a bus on the way to a monastery killing Christian men, women and children, however the Christian community in Minya is still trying to recover. The attack has left its mark on the community, for children like Mina Habib a 10 year old boy who saw his father […]

UN Reports an Increase in Refugees in 2017

ICC Note: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reported that there has been an increase in the number of people worldwide who have fled their homes in 2017. The level of displaced people was already at a historically high level now it is up by 300,000 people since last year. Now, the number of […]

Cross in Pensacola Park Must Come Down, Violates Constitution Federal Judge Rules

ICC Note: In 2016, the Freedom from Religion Foundation and American Humanist Association filed a lawsuit regarding a cross on public park grounds in Pensacola, Florida. In a recent ruling, a US district judge ruled that the cross’s presence on government property was unconstitutional as it allegedly served as an endorsement of Christianity. However, in […]

Turkey: Daughter Kept from Father

Byram, a believer in Turkey, has lost most contact with his 9-year-old daughter, who he says has been essentially “kidnapped” from him since he became a Christian. Byram came to the United States from Turkey years ago to attend university. During his time in the U.S., Byram often had discussions with Christians about religion and […]

Being a True Vessel for God’s Use

“Brother Matthew” is a pastor and church planter in South Asia, working among Muslims to share the gospel. After threats against his life and an attack on his brother, he was encouraged by family members to leave his country. He fled to a safe place, but God clearly called him to go back to his home country, […]

Two Chibok Girls Graduate from High School

l Two Chibok girls are facing the future with renewed hope. They will be attending a Florida university in fall 2017. However, these young women still vividly remember the horror of being kidnapped by the Nigerian militant group named Boko Haram. Photo: Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu on their graduation day. (Lydia Pogu’s Facebook) Learn […]

Suicide Bombers Kill 12 People in Nigeria

ICC Note: In Nigeria, five female suicide bombers killed 12 people and left 11 injured. No groups have claimed the attack, but the use of female suicide bombers is a tactic used by Boko Haram. The three bombs went off in Borno State, which has seen the worst of the Boko Haram insurgency. Since 2009, […]

Shabaab Militant Group Takes Responsibility for Attacks in Somalia

ICC Note: In Somalia, 31 people were pronounced dead in an attack in the capital. A suicide bomber rammed a car into the entrance of a hotel and proceeded to a restaurant next to the hotel taking hostages and shooting people. The Shabaab militant group has taken responsibility for this attack, and has been known […]

Philippine Negotiator Attempts to Make Peace with Islamic Militants

ICC Note: The battle in the Philippines has come to a halt as Philippine negotiator, Silverstre Bello III is hoping for a ceasefire and peace agreement with the New People’s Army, a communist insurgent group. The fighting between the Maute group and the government troops has been going on since May 23rd with the death […]

Egyptian Policeman Killed in IED Attack in Cairo

ICC Note:  The Hasm movement, a new group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, took responsibility for an IED that killed an Egyptian policeman and injured others in Cairo on June 18. Attacks like these have been motivated by political disagreements and have yet to target Christians, unlike ISIS’ attacks. Increased chaos, however, reinforces an […]

Christians Struggle to Build Churches in Minya Province, Egypt

ICC Note: In Minya province, Coptic Christians struggle to build churches because of the dangerous building process. A permit is necessary and Christians must fight for years in order to obtain one. Even if they do get one, they risk attacks from Muslim neighbors who don’t want a church built. The recent bus attack on […]

Chinese Christians Forced to Confess to “Evil Cult” Activity

ICC Note: This month, it was reported that Christians in China were arrested and forced to sign documents confessing to their involvement in “evil cult” activities. This charge was brought against these Christians for their involvement in their church. The churchgoers endured harsh interrogation. In one instance, when a member of the Fengle Church refused […]

Hindus Want a Rashtra in India and Nepal

ICC Note:   The All India Hindu Convention demonstrated religious intolerance when it passed a resolution demanding that India and Nepal be declared Hindu Rashtra. A Hindu Rashtra is essentially a theocracy based on Hinduism. Such a desire does not allow for religious pluralism or freedom to practice religion. Members of the All India Hindu […]

Hindu Villagers Beat Christian Families then Deny them Water for Crops

  ICC Note:   Hindu villagers attacked four Christian families in India’s Utter Pradesh state, forced them to join Hindu religious rituals, and then denied the Christian families access to water for their crops. When the Christians refused, the villagers targeted additional Christians. After those Christians refused and lodged a complaint with the police, the […]

Atheist Group Issues Complaint Over Police Department’s Christian Activities

ICC Note: The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) recently issued a letter of complaint about an Alabama police department’s Christian summer program. During the summer, the police department offers a community program which provides devotionals and hosts dinners with local churches. The FFRF contends that this program is unconstitutional because it favors Christianity at the […]

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