Korah…VS. Torah, Manage Under The Right Side

Weekly Reading Portion for 6/24/11

Numbers 16:1-18:32
I Samuel 11:14-12:22
Romans 13:1-7

Setting Up The Management For The Right Rapport

Sometimes God sets you up. If you haven’t been working with him, you’ve been set up to be cut off– sent out of his community. If you’ve been walking with him, he has set you up to be promoted– sent out of your current position into a promotion that is both profitable and prophet “able”. God isn’t just looking for those who can deliver a good report, but also those who can deliver a good rapport. The latter is of greater importance than the former because the latter will save lives, the former will only save work.

While it is true that a good report can sift out an impending project, a good rapport can sift out the whole production. God desires to promote those who can not only return the assessment with a thorough testimony, but also some key information that he didn’t say was pertinent. This requires a special kind of skill. The only way the skill can be revealed is by the sifting. The sifting set up usually happens when an annoyance occurs. It is when something irritates you just enough to move you out of your comfort zone. The annoyance is there to see how you handle conflict.

You might be the greatest professional. I’m sure Korah was. But if you don’t handle a situation the way that God wants it handled, I guarantee you that you will know the difference. On the contrary, you might think that you fumbled through a situation and you could have handled it differently. But if you manage it in a manner that God respects, you are building Godly rapport.

The Wrong Rapport Can Get You Killed In Canaan

God allowed Moses’ administration to irritate the leaders, beginning with the chief leader of the community right down to the member with no written name. Instead of bringing the aggravation before the Lord, the people became so “incensed” that they turned against Moses publicly. Their public incense contaminated the whole camp and caused the camp to stand in a bad place with God. Literally, their incense was such a stench in God’s nostrils that it affected Israel’s rapport with God. It was now necessary to separate three divisions within the camp so that Israel could see what was causing the problem:

1. The Directors
2. The Managers
3. The Staff

It was a problem of rebellion. Ironically it wasn’t against Moses that they were rebelling. Perhaps there was a legitimate irritation that needed to be resolved. But it was in the way that the people handled the irritation. God was looking for folks who were good at conflict resolution because that was the skill that was needed in the land they were about to enter. Someone was not prepared to build the rapport with God on behalf of the next generation; and that was essential. Everyone wanted to be a leader, but no one knew what God was looking for in management. The consequence was astounding.

When God wants us to understand something practical, it is because he sees something that we don’t see. God wasn’t judging Korah on his behavior with Moses solely. God was judging Korah based on how his behavior would affect the entire camp of Israel on the other side of the Jordan. Korah was demonstrating bad management protocol. He was in too senior of a position to not know that good rapport matters.

Building A Permanent Rapport Takes More Time & Energy Than Protocol

God purged them out of the camp by: swallowing, fire consumption, and plague/disease. When the camp began to go through the purging process it did not end on its own! It was as if God would have allowed the entire people to disappear! But Moses quickly commissioned Aaron to run and stand between the living and the dead. When he did that, without hesitation, something happened. The rebellion was sifted out.

A new plan was set up. It was called: Profit/Prophet Sharing. God’s intention was finally made clear. It was evident that he wanted to bless those who were managing his commandments and his instructions, and to spank those who had been warned too many times before about rejecting Godly management protocol. God wanted to bless those who held their rapport with God as top priority.

Aaron, unwilling to cling to his own life, risked his health by strategically placing himself between the sick and the healthy, so that the plague would have to confront him before going any further. When he did that, the plague backed down because it recognized Aaron’s rapport with God. That’s what God was looking for.

God was looking for the kind of rapport that even death respected. Yes, it was still managing protocol, but when there is no time to teach everything, the professional depends upon rapport that he’s learned and earned and built…by being on the right side of the Living God.

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Send Forth…The Projection

Weekly Reading Portion for 6/17/11

Send Forth…
Numbers 13:1 -15:41;
Joshua 2:1-24;
Hebrews 3: 7 -19

The Expected Results

Well, Moses knew that 12 was the number for producing and 7 was the number for working profitably. So what happened? Were the wrong men sent? Was the timing off? Was the assignment too difficult? No. The staff missed a step. When your superior asks you to do something, save your special touch until the end and make sure that it actually compliments the work without changing the work They should have gone back to review the agreement. Reviewing the agreement would have reminded them what they were sent to do.

Before we can send anything or anyone off to do a job well done, we must first determine what is required for agreement. If the team had already been fully matured, the results would have been different. But what was required that they didn’t develop yet? The basics. They had to agree with God regardless of what it looked like. They had to follow holy protocol. Holy protocol insists that orders are followed the way they were given in the beginning.

Why would God allow them to ask the questions if he wanted their answer to match his own anyway? What was the point in asking their opinion? Aha! That’s just it, he didn’t ask for their opinion. They volunteered it anyway and not in privacy behind closed doors with Moses alone. They delivered the results to the wrong people when they were required to report directly to Moses. They were out of order, out of place, and out of line. The questions were good, the answers were good, but the way they carried through with the instructions was all wrong. They should have known better than to deliver the news to the people rather than to who sent them. It was a bad management issue that had to be dealt with. The results were already known, they were just sent to follow the order.

The Template Begins With A Contract

Joshua was lucky wasn’t he? He was on that first trip. You know, the trip that was only suppose to last for a few days but ended up taking 40 years. But it was worth it. He learned something very important about sending for information. Joshua learned that when you send someone to do something, you better make sure that you know who you are sending, personally! If you send someone who will not keep their agreement, then you were better off not sending anyone.

Perhaps there were many other officers who should have been sent other than the two spies who went to Jericho. There were probably many who were qualified to spy out the land the way that their parents had so many years before. I mean, when you think about it, these two spies didn’t actually do anything! So why were they chosen? They were chosen because of their ability to carry information, and their ability to be carried by God. In other words, they knew their assignment: Spy out the land– don’t ask how it will be done, just go there, carry the information, and come out. And they believed that the assignment was ordained by God.

The men returned with more than Joshua required. They delivered an ally on the inside who told them everything they needed to know: “This can be done.” As a result of their good work, not only did they carry back the information, deliver it to the one who sent them, but also, the battle was victorious before they ever returned!

The Contract Can Only Be Revised After The Assignment Is Over

God expects excellence. It’s really not an option. Even though sometimes we turn in inadequate work, the standard still remains. In order to be excellent, you really should know the “rest”. There is a “rest” of the story that most people don’t know about. That means that there is more to the job than you think and more to the project than what is due. Too many people leave the work place without ever truly knowing why they were sent in the first place. But…don’t you want to know it all if you can?

It is enough to deliver good work. Your boss will love you if you continue to produce a work that is profitable. But long after you are gone, you will look back to that job and wonder what you were ”assigned” there for. Was it the experience, the tools that you learned, or the people that you met? Or was it something more? Were you sent to uncover (without ever knowing it) something hidden? Were you sent to accomplish a secret task that no one ever knew? Yes, you were. Whether you “realize” it or not. You did an expected thing, an ordained thing that God ordered done and you never got the credit. That was the agreement.

Jewish tradition says that Rahab ended up marrying Joshua. I don’t know if that is true or not. But I do know this. Joshua sent the spies to spy out the land of Jericho, a city whose time had come and gone, however, the Most High God of the universe sent them on assignment. This was their mission: “Go save Rahab and her entire family. I see that she has a heart that is ripe for salvation. Save her before Joshua gets there so that she and her household will not perish, when I come.” Rahab was a woman who lived her life as a non-profit/non-prophet, earning a living off of works of the flesh. But she did one good work in her lifetime and it was enough for God. Rahab had a hidden belief that Joshua was coming and that he would be victorious. This faith made her prophet. Above and beyond the work that the spies did for Joshua, the spying that Rahab did for God guaranteed her salvation. And the rest of the story? Well, she was projected to Joshua before she ever beheld his face.

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When You Set Up…The Template Will Multiply

Weekly Reading for 6/11/11

When You Set Up…
Numbers 8: 1 – 12:16;
Zechariah 2:14 – 4:7;
I Corinthians 10:6 – 13

Decide now to never live your life again without a vision from God.

Never move on a vision again without God’s instructions.

Never follow through with instructions again without God’s vineyard assignment for where you are to implement them.

Never plant in a vineyard again without God’s promise of delivery.

Never expect to deliver again without taking a “rest” afterwards.

Never enjoy a “rest” again without expecting God’s re-vision for you to be waiting the Shabbat after Passover.

Never again repeat the same cycle, the same way, through the same path, taking the same steps. Orbit around the Son with purpose; creating something new every day for the rest of your God-given life.

The protocol was set up to be a template; a template for how to conduct ministry business, professional business, and personal business. Once you get the hang of the first template, setting up other protocols is a piece of cake!

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Life, Bear Up, And Carry…The Protocol That Works Good For You!

Weekly Reading for 6/3/11

Life, Bear Up, And Carry…The Protocol That Works For You!
Life, Bear Up, Carry…
Numbers 4:21 -7:89;
Judges 13: 2 -25;
Acts 21:17 – 26

Protocol Produces Results That Work

When someone’s character and/or integrity is called into question by report or rumor, there is a process that was devised in order to prove guilt or innocence. This process is called the ’swallowing of the waters’. An unfaithful person (in our reading the specific example is a woman) would be accused of an infidelity that was not seen by anyone who can testify the truth. However, the husband feels the presence of something (which he considers to be another man) and it causes him to be jealous of her actions (works). He can not determine whether they are works of the flesh, or fruits of the spirit at work. The only way that the woman can prove herself and disprove the accusation is to stand before her husband and the priest and undergo an examination.

This examination is no ordinary test. She is given a glass of special water that has the ability to bring forth and/or up the truth by manifesting itself through the body’s reaction. If the woman is guilty, the waters will cause her womb to work against her and she will be unable to carry seed that she conceives: thus proving that her body rejects seed from her husband because she has held the seed of another man. If the woman is innocent, however, her body will be able to carry the seed through its entire term proving that her husband has brought a false witness against her and his jealousy is unmerited. The new question becomes what work of the flesh in him is warranting jealousy?

This exam is completely voluntary. The faithful wife has nothing to fear in drinking the bitter waters because her body can swallow up whatever lie is brought before her. But it is forced upon the woman who refuses to be examined. The truth will be manifested regardless. If the woman is fearful of the exam, there is good reason to believe that there is something that she is hiding that will be brought out. A faithful wife withstands the test and leaves her husband with the results.

Protocol Protects The Integrity of The End Results

When the Israelites needed a savior to rescue them from the Philistines, God sent an angel to deliver a word to a chosen woman. The word was that she would conceive and bring forth a special son. This special son would have extraordinary strength and unusual power to release his people. His methods would be unprecedented. It was imperative that no one would confuse his-story. God gave special instruction to Samson’s mother, through an angel, as to how she should care for the pregnancy; giving her the terms by which she must keep in order to carry through and follow through with providing a righteous judge for Israel.

He was going to be a judge born into a vow; not even one that he could make for himself, but one that was a burden placed on him. If she had not followed through with the instructions, Samson’s tale would have been one of great tragedy. But because she did follow through, though Samson’s life ending would look tragic, he fulfilled God’s mandate for his life. He brought the Philistines down along with him. The woman could have worried that some would accuse her of having been unfaithful to God by delivering a son who was destroyed, though he was suppose to be a savior; but because she followed through with the given instructions, Samson proved that the ending of his life was the fulfillment of prophecy.

Samson was created to destroy the Philistines when he destroyed himself. Samson’s mother was protected by her decision to follow the Lord’s instructions. Samson’s name was protected in history because he had a mother who followed protocol.

When Developing New Protocol, Pass the Old Protocol Test

The apostle Paul knew that he had conceived something phenomenal from God. However, the vision was so big that none of his own people could understand his ministry. It looked to many as if Paul had been unfaithful to the Jews. Nothing could be further from the truth. Paul loved the Jews more than he loved his own soul, but God had called him to go in a new direction in order to witness to the world. Paul was preparing for what was coming. God had called Paul to bring the answer to the question that the world would be asking. It was the same question Esau had asked of Isaac, “Is there a blessing left for me?” But Israel saw it as a betrayal. Those who were companions of Paul, standing with him in the faith, also stood as mediators between the two camps. They were the believing Jews who were also burdened for the new converted gentiles. However, because of the way his “new” life looked, they had to both address and protect Paul in the form of a test. It was true that Paul’s new philosophy would require complete commitment to the gentile world, but one thing had to be proven, did he still stand for Israel?

Paul, usually known for defending himself and arguing his point, submitted graciously because he understood the dilemma. He underwent an examination completely voluntarily. He committed to a vow and went through with the customs of the other four Jews in order to prove his innocence. Paul had to prove that that which he gave birth to (a love for Israel) was not an enemy to that which he had recently conceived (a love for the world) and was now carrying. He had to prove that the children were conceived by the same Father and that they were in fact siblings; working together and not enemies tearing one another apart. For Paul, it seems, this proof never came in his lifetime. Many actually used his teachings to destroy both sides. Because the vision that God created was bigger than one generation, many simply didn’t have the capacity to understand. They couldn’t see it. However, the results of the test itself, his willingness to undergo the scrutiny of the other Jews in the vow, spoke to his innocence.

On the final judgment day when all books are opened and all hearts are judged publicly then they who accused him will all see clearly? But as for Paul, he did not miscarry. He delivered one and conceived another at the same time. Despite how it looked he was clean. He submitted to the DNA testing of the children, both the one delivered and the one he carried. It was an examination of his fruit. The bitter waters did not cause Paul to miscarry. He swallowed them up because his fruit was at peace with him. They were fruits of the spirit, not works of the flesh. Works of the flesh would have told on him by spilling out of his mouth. When you conceive good judgment you have to protect it by carrying through with a self examination, and self examination begins with being examined by others.

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In The Wilderness…You Were Trained For This!

Weekly Reading Portion for 5/28/11

In Wilderness…

Numbers 1:1-4:20
Hosea 2:1-22
I Samuel 20:18-42
I Corinthians 12:12-20

Think Civilly! It’s A Specialized Military!

The goal was to create a military that could stand against adversaries outside of the body of Israel, and could stand against adversaries inside of the body of Israel. It was a military unit within the body that was threatening to anyone who dealt falsely; including itself– including yourself!

No one knew what God was building in the wilderness. If his adversaries had known, they would have done everything to stop him. In the wilderness God established: weaponry, a standard, and a strategy of camping and marching in ranks by position. In addition, from that military, God separated for himself a priesthood that was part of that military and still separate from it. Their service was before the Lord on behalf of their brothers. The firstborn of each house belonged to the Lord, but instead God taught Israel how to pay a ransom price. Israel paid for their first born by sacrificing the tribe of Levi. Then within the tribe of Levi, God separated Aaron’s descendents and made them responsible for the sanctuary. God’s divisions were as follows:

1. Complete military divided by tribe and ranked accordingly, trained and positioned in their expertise within the structure of Israel (the body).

2. Within the body (military) God separated one tribe from the body and this tribe was solely responsible for mediation between God and the other members. They were required to sacrifice and to serve the other members of the body; that was how they functioned in the”service”. That was their military service.

3. Within the military (body), even within the tribe that was separated from fighting and was called to serve, there was yet another separation- a particular family. This family was required to tend specifically to the tent of meeting.

4. Then within the particular clan there was a family (Son’s of Aaron) who were responsible for the dismantling of the sanctuary. They were the only ones permitted to dismantle the sanctuary. If a Levite who was not from this family took part in this service, he would die. He wasn’t qualified for it.

God designed a highly technical RE: chip

Every member of the body was qualified for their specified position and not qualified for the position of another. It was a particular army; a peculiar army. And it was designed to manage sin.

Regarding sin, there is only one military program: repent, return, reset, reboot. Israel was designed to be the people of God. Everything in Israel is designed to work for God. If Israel functions poorly for God, she will work against herself. But when she turns back to God, every single experience she has ever had actually becomes converted to being useful to her. Literally Israel is like a machine that gathers trash to her detriment, but when she returns to her design she remembers that trash is converted to energy.

In the book of Hosea, God begins to recount to Israel the tale of her trash, all that she has stored in her and then he takes her into the wilderness and teaches her how to use the trash the way that it was meant to be used. She burns it. She burns it like calories, like fuel. She is reminded of her design. She burns the trash with his every instruction. Israel re-sets herself back to the beginning of her program and remembers her purpose. She was written with this code: In the event of contamination, return to the Lord and the contamination becomes a re-fueling system.

God discharged a professional release clause

The story is about David and Jonathan. Sometimes you know something so deep in you and you don’t know why or how you know. It’s illogical for you to think what you are thinking because it doesn’t make any sense. How can someone be both a mentor and an adversary? How can you be expected to work under someone who wants to kill you? Why are you designed to love someone who innately hates you? But God answers: To learn.

David had to wait outside of the castle in the wilderness hidden in a field, all alone. He laid hidden, unable to eat, unable to fellowship, unable to live, because something inside of him was telling him that his life was in danger despite what everyone else was seeing. But he couldn’t leave on his own. He had to be released. There had to be someone who stood between him and his adversary who was a witness to the fact that David had left for the right reason. There was only one reason that mattered– that he was dismissed from his service in that part of the body (serving Saul). The assignment had to be over.

Jonathan was the only one who could give a clearly unbiased opinion because he loved them both. So David tried to convince Jonathan that it was time for him to go. He would not depart until he heard back from Jonathan. If Jonathan desired to trick him, David was in his hands. Although it grieved Jonathan, he came back to David and confirmed the truth. Saul would no longer allow David’s service. And how could he? While David served him, he was in very essence replacing him.

God designated a witness protection plan

Everyone has a role and a position in the body. Sometimes the roles get tricky. Sometimes those who are in higher authority laud themselves over the positions that are weaker in rank and are suppose to be submissive. When that happens, there is no way to ensure that justice is served because the one who has been determined to be the judge is corrupt.

What happens when a member of the body uses his knowledge and authority to abuse his position? Without a fair arbitrator there would be no one who could contend with the alleged abuse. But God uses a witness protection plan. God plants witnesses in the body who are unknown and unnamed for their protection. These people observe ill behavior and report it back to God and alert the rest of the body of the truth. They are alarms in the body. The difficulty in their position is that often they lose their lives or their jobs at the end of their assignment, not by God’s doing, but by those who hate the protection they provide.

John the Baptist was on the witness protection plan. No one knew who he was until something had gone so wrong in the camp that the military lacked the power to protect itself and its civilians; because the corruption was in the seat of power. But God had designed his military, from the beginning, with the ability to withstand corruption; even if the corruption was coming from the inside.

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In My Instructions…Business Is Serious

Weekly Reading for 5/21/11

In My Instructions…
Leviticus 26:3 – 27:34;
Jeremiah 16:19 – 17:14;
II Corinthians 6: 14-18;
1 Peter 1:13 -16

The Decision

Just when we think that our lives are too small and insignificant for God to give notice to, we realize how wrong we are. The choice was between blessings and curses. It was going to be a serious decision because God’s business is serious. There were going to be severe consequences in going any further without instruction…so God stood in his way. Sometimes, no one else can tell us anything, but God.

Paul was on the road to setting up what he thought he was supposed to do. But God had changed the plan. It is imperative that we receive God’s instructions for our lives. It is imperative that we know exactly where we are supposed to be in God’s movement, because the danger is in losing everything. ”Without vision the people perish”.

God’s business is serious:

1. Setting up his land requires vision

2. Setting up his land requires instructions

3. Setting up his land requires assignments

4. Setting up his land requires knowledge of the story

5. Setting up his land requires the ability to be put on public display

Now Is The Time

Now is the acceptable time to agree with the vision. Now is the acceptable time to listen to the instructions. Now is the acceptable time to take God’s business seriously. Or, you will stumble down that road you are on…permanently blind.

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On The Mount…There Is Compassion

Weekly Reading for 5/14/11

On The Mount…

Leviticus 25:1 -26:2;

Jerimiah 32; 6 -27;

Luke 4: 16-21;

The Apostle Paul was raised a religious man. He didn’t have to wonder about what was right or wrong. He already knew. He came from a long line of people who knew how to stay within the rules; but that was Paul’s problem. He became a traditionalist who couldn’t perceive that the move of God was shifting in a new direction. And who could blame him. God was doing something entirely new and no one was prepared to receive it.

The Split In The Road

So there you are doing what you do best, working at living. Nothing extraordinary has happened lately; in fact, it has been business as usual, except for one thing. Some lunatics are talking about doing something different than what you’ve been doing your whole life. You don’t even bother listening because you know that it is crazy. You begin to speak against what they are doing because it goes against your belief system and you don’t want anyone contaminating your cultural traditions. Except one thing, God interrupts you. Have you ever been interrupted by God?

The Apostle Paul was not looking for Jesus. He wasn’t part of the initial recruiting strategy that Jesus employed while he was on earth. We don’t even know where Paul was or what he was doing. He was probably performing “business as usual” and didn’t even know too much about Jesus until after his death. Paul was on his way in one direction, but the Lord had another instruction in mind.

So Paul is traveling down the road, on his way to Damascus, when something happens. A ray of light blinds him. I like the way that God toys with our brains and makes us work for it. Think about this. Paul is blinded by “a ray of light”. We now commonly refer to that as a “big” or “great” idea. It is when something that was probably always there becomes so obvious to us that we exclaim with great emotion: Why didn’t I see that before? However, this ray of light was slightly different. It talked, it commanded, and it left a lasting affect that could only be altered by changing directions. Sometimes that happens and when it does, we are blessed.

The Blessings

Jesus stood before Paul and told him that the way that he was going was completely wrong. Paul had a choice. If he continued to go in the direction he was heading, he was going to be blind for life. But if he surrendered to the light, he would have to turn around and realize that he had made some mistakes along the way. All he had to do was to trust the “idea” that was blocking his way. If he trusted the “idea”, he would be blessed as soon as he turned around.

When God stands in our way, we are blessed. But he won’t stand in our way forever. He stays there just long enough for you to understand that you’ve come to a point where a decision MUST be made. But then, he moves. When God moves out of your way, there is trouble around the bend. You don’t ever want God to move out of your way. Instead, you want to move IN his way; even if that means turning around.

Think about it. Paul and Jesus came face to face. Jesus was going one way, and Paul was going another. If Paul continued going the way that he was heading, from that point on, and every day in between, he was moving further and further apart from the truth. Jesus was heading in the right direction.

The Curses

But sometimes our pride causes us to be incapable of seeing where we are at fault. We simply can not get passed the idea that perhaps we were wrong, or somewhere along the route, we missed something.

In those instances, the kindest thing that Jesus can do for us is to make us blind. Paul couldn’t go any further. He wasn’t going to be useful in Damascus. What would he do with impaired vision? Nothing. Now his most pressing priority was to regain his sight. Ironically, that meant stopping his present objective, turning around, and retracing his steps, with the assistance of others.

The blindness of Paul seemed tragic, but it wasn’t. It was mercy. God understood that it was a mistake. There were reasons why Paul didn’t understand what God was doing. There were reasons why Paul completely missed the move of God; and God had compassion.

However, compassion alone wasn’t going to get Paul where he needed to be. God saw Paul as a bishop. He wasn’t going to get there without the help of others. Now he had to stop, think, and really recognize what was happening to him. God had changed the strategy and he needed to be part of it, or be left behind.

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Say…Consider The Honor of The Protocol


Leviticus 21:1 – 24:23;

Ezekiel 44:15 -31

1 Peter 2: 4-10

The Corporate Standard

There is one standard for the whole world. You reap what you sow. That is the foundation on which all of creation is built. Because of this program, the universe stays in order; it even orders the world when to fold. Earth was designed to self destruct. We call these “self destructive” patterns evil. But God created evil so this confuses us. The Apostle Paul said it best. The more evil there is, the more grace abounds. That means that evil is producing free will, and free will is producing more choices, and although the cost of that free will is more decisions that are separate from God, it also means that there is greater opportunity for many people to choose God voluntarily! Hence, evil reaps good, even though we don’t fully understand the system.

Everything that God creates is good– that means that it is purposeful. When you realize that evil is nothing more than unlimited choice; and that without it, there would be no free will, you understand that evil is simply making the wrong choice continuously! Now, you have greater understanding when folks ask, “If there is a God, why is there so much evil in the world?” The question really is, “If there is a God, why is there so much free will?” And that, my friends, is the mature question that we only begin to ask once we realize the bad news. There is a predicament. The earth has a way of telling us when the wrong choices have been made too often.

God showed us what was required for perfect functioning order. He told us when it was time to sow, when it was time to cease from sowing, and when it was time to reap. We didn’t believe him. He told us what to wear, what to allow, what to kill, and what to refrain from killing. He told us how to live and he showed us how to work. He left us with a complete manual that specialized in ruling the world, and becoming like him. Yes, I said, becoming like him! But we discarded the protocol because we thought it wasn’t important.

It Is Beyond Our Ability To Reconcile

No one likes being the bearer of bad news. And even more, we hate the one who brings it to us. We hide from him because we know that when he shows up it is only to tell us what we are not doing right. Adam didn’t want to hear it, and we have not changed a bit since then. We hate bad news. We run from it, we hide from it, we pretend that it won’t come if we close our eyes. But that isn’t how good news works. In order to receive the good news, you must face the bad news. There can only be good news if the current condition is bad. And it is. There I said it, and now it’s in you.

Let me tell you about someone who only wanted good news. His name was King Ahab. God sent the prophet Elijah to him to resolve his “evil” condition, but Ahab hated whom God had sent. He called him “The bearer of bad news”. The problem is that Elijah loved Ahab and that made his assignment difficult. You see, Elijah wasn’t sent to be friends with Ahab. He was sent to correct him about his wrong choices. He was sent to cause Ahab to do what was right before God, but their personal relationship got in the way. Elijah couldn’t understand why Ahab wouldn’t get the logic of it. Elijah found himself unable to separate what was business from what was personal. Elijah had to honor God. His loyalty belonged to God. What God wanted was the only choice.

Moses, on the other hand, specialized in this one area, and that is why he was able to excel in what he had to produce for the Nation of Israel. Moses regarded what God considered holy, HOLY. He debated with God behind closed doors but when the order came down, Moses reconciled God’s call as the final decision. This single attribute caused Moses to be the most honored prophet that ever lived. The Israelites could (and did) say many derogatory things about the man of God in his generation, but one thing that they would never say to their children is that he fluctuated on God’s decisions. The people only remembered his honorable administration.

The Truth of The Matter Is That There Is Only One Truth

We may not want to keep the laws and the commandments, but without them we’ve destroyed our planet. We may not want to keep the holy times and the holy days, but neglecting them has destroyed our calendars, our economy, our human resources, and our human services. We may not want to be accountable for the actions of humanity, but ignoring them has cost us our future on this planet. It’s the truth that no one wants to talk about because there is no solution and the consequences of the truth are too terrifying to grasp hold of. There is no one else to blame. We were put here to govern the earth, and quite frankly, we did not do a good job.

Well, so here is the bottom-line if you can receive it. The game is over. Everybody knows it. Nobody wants to talk about it. We cannot save our planet. It is only a matter of time. The real question is who will qualify to live again. That’s the question. If you are afraid of the answer, and I don’t blame you, we’ve got some work to do before it is over. That means that you still haven’t learned how to accept the good news about the bad news; and I wasn’t sent to convince you. I was sent to show you how to end well, on my way back home.

Scientists tell me that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and another opportunity for people like me who didn’t qualify to rule in this present age. Scientists tell me what I already knew. Historians tell me that I should live the most excellent life I can live while I journey through the labor pains of this planet, because your name far outlasts your lifespan. Historians tell me what I already knew. Mathematicians tell me that my investment here will not multiply for several generations, though I profit minimally off of the dividends. Mathematicians tell me what I already knew. Linguists tell me that though I speak a thousand tongues I cannot mediate world peace without commonality, but linguists tell me what I already knew. I needed to know the protocol that governs all administration on this planet. This protocol pleases God, and choosing it produces life. Not choosing it perpetuates death. What I really needed to be taught, no one was qualified to teach. That was the bad news.

Consider The Honor of The Protocol

The good news is that God saw everything ahead of time, and had compassion. He knew that the day would come when we would ask the most important question in the world. “How do I make the right decisions?”. God devised a process whereby those whom he chose, and those whom chose him, could escape a perishing system by asking that question. Like Ahab, Like Adam, we are presented with a choice. It’s the choice of listening or not listening to the counsel of the Lord. Ironically, it all comes back to the beginning, doesn’t it? God wants us to choose to do it his way– regardless of whether or not it makes any sense at all. All we have to do is to honor the protocol. It is only after the decision is made that the protocol will be honored that Salvation reveals the how.

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Holiness…Those With Chutzpah Wear White!

Leviticus 19:1-20:27
Isaiah 66:1-24
Ezekiel 20:2-20
1 Peter 1:13-16

Holy, Holy, Holy

Have you ever had the guts to do something that took every ounce of energy out of you to do? I mean it took all of your mind, all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your strength. It took everything! And when you did it, someone in the crowd whispered (though maybe you didn’t hear it) “He’s got a nerve!” Yeah, if you understand that, then you understand a little bit about holiness. Holiness requires unapologizing audacity.

God has a particular idea of what holy is. Whatever it is, it is something that describes him. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I know it means separate, but even then I’m left with a sense of inadequacy in that description. Surely there is more. I think Holy means fully converted. It means nothing left in you that resides in your old way. That makes sense about us, but how does it apply to God? Well, I think that God is saying that he is fully converted in his commitment to the plan that he created for us. He is fully committed to living/existing in this universe with company. He didn’t make alternate plans to exist without us. In short, God is saying that he is married, and there is no plan B in his rear view mirror. And he doesn’t apologize to the angels (not even to Satan) that he spared no expense to make his plan come to fruition.

When you are truly married, you no longer think about only yourself. You always consider the other person in your decisions. You act as a couple, not as an individual. Your ideas are based on how the results will affect both of you, regardless of how much you love your own ways. It’s easy to be single, and so much harder to be married. Being married is a hard life, but it is also a blessed life. I believe that God is telling us that he is sold out to the idea of sharing his world with us in it. He gave up his bachelor pad a long time ago and he isn’t going back to an existence that doesn’t have our picture framed on his desk. And God is pleased with himself about the decision he made concerning us.

How can we meet God where He is at?

I was watching a movie the other day (not a particularly great movie) that had a thought provoking moment. A man was proposing to a woman. He sat down in a chair beside her with no ring, no bended knee, no flowers. He took her hand in his own and said:

“I was trying to decide whether or not I had a right to propose to you because I have absolutely nothing to offer to you that is better than what other men can offer. But then I got to thinking. I started to think about all of the details about you. I started to wonder if anyone else could ever appreciate you the way that I do. Then I started to consider the idea of you being with someone else who doesn’t get you like I do. I realized that if you were sharing your life with someone who didn’t get you, he could make you feel less than you really are. You wouldn’t know how great you are because someone else may not see you the way that I do. And then I came to this conclusion, I decided that the one thing I have to offer you is that I can really love you. That’s a job I can do.”

Love is what we have to offer to God. Yes, we have the audacity to believe that nothing in all creation can love God the way that we can. We have the ability to offer him what he is asking for. It isn’t that we will always keep all of the laws and rules and regulations that he (himself) acknowledges. Or that even after learning them, that we would perform them with the dedication and attention that means so much more to him than it does to us. It doesn’t mean that we will always believe everything he says right when he says it, or that we will give him all of the honor, all of the praise, all of the glory, all of the time. We would be lying if we promised that we could! But it does mean that we can be loyal to the process.

Loving God is the most important lesson you will ever learn

Our loyalty to God is an acceptable offering. We are capable of loving him through loyalty. We can be in a committed learning relationship with him. We can grow old with him, and laugh with him, and share a knowing smile over perched glasses every once in awhile. Learning to love God means that we won’t wish that we could be with someone else and neglect what we have in him. It means that we won’t forget how lucky we are to be in-love with someone so real, and so committed. What it really means, is that we are capable of giving God what He truly desires. We believe that he exists and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. We can give him our belief, and our commitment to seek after him– and isn’t that all that anyone ever really wanted in this world? Men want respect, women want love, but both want to be found by someone.

Some would say that those who come out in white are wearing the wedding gown– perhaps. Or perhaps, by the time they come out to meet with God, they are wearing converted energy. Perhaps the conversion from the flesh has left them feeling elated, prepared, eager, and able to keep up with God. Perhaps there is no relic of turning with them, now. They are willing to go all the way, having left every false thing, that weighed them down, behind.

As we follow his lead, and learn from his ways, we become more and more acceptable with each passing day. We become energized; but not the traditional energy. It is a new kind of energy– a readiness to face the wormhole, and what is waiting for us on the other side. permanently. And so, while we are here, we strive to reach the standard; Not the standard that God requires in order to be in relationship with us, but the acceptable standard for ourselves. You see, I have a feeling that it was never about how God feels about us in our wretched condition, but about how we would feel about ourselves in a wretched position. I mean, imagine spending your whole life on making it through the wormhole, only to be disappointed with how you look on the other side. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be with somebody whom they really, really, feel that they don’t deserve. You want something good, but you want to feel like you are good too. Am I right?

And so…the whole coming out in white thing is about us. It’s about wanting to look great at the party. It’s about wanting the angels to say, “They are a great couple!” instead of, “What was He thinking…?”. After all, can you really appreciate the red carpet if you hate the way you’re dressed? I don’t think so! And any woman can tell you that only a very confident gal would don white. When they see the honorable ones, whose lives were completely converted, words will not be competent enough to describe their approval. Only one word has been created to mention the indescribable: Holy— distinct from all others; different; peculiar; occupying a class by itself; nothing that anyone had ever fathomed before: separate

“And this couple is wearing a white ensemble that was designed by…Holiness…or should I say…Chutzpah!”

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Do Not Enter The Wormhole Any Other Way; You Will Not Survive The Journey!

Special Reading
Exodux 3:17-15:26
Numbers 28:19-25
II Samuel 22:1-52

It’s the blood that preserves you during the “trip”

It’s funny that something that provides a temporary shelter can actually become a prison to you if you are not permitted to leave. That’s what happened in Egypt, and that is what happened in the world.

This world was meant to be a training ground. We were suppose to live, and love, and learn here; but it became a place of bondage to us because we weren’t living long enough, we weren’t loving right enough, and we weren’t learning fast enough. In essence, being here became a waste of time. No sooner did we learn one thing, we died without having ample opportunity to apply it to our lives, let alone instill it in our children. This is the cycle we became stuck in, and as a result of the cycle not working properly, a system that was originally meant for good became bad in sooo many ways. It even produced a lifetime enemy who torments us the entire time, to prevent us from ever figuring out the way to leave.

Our adversary wants us to live here, and die here, and never ever leave here. He desires to be the god in our lives because he doesn’t want us to be free. He is surviving off of us like a parasite, and he knows that when the time comes, he will perish. Any time something or someone seeks to be God in your life, it/they are out of line and out of position.

The only way to determine that this is happening is when you attempt to leave. When leaving becomes a problem, you will quickly realize that that which you thought was a mutually beneficial relationship was clearly one-sided. Being unable to leave can thrust you into a cycle of tripping in so many areas of your life because you lose time.

Losing time is the adversary’s most advanced weapon. Your enemy desires to delay you in a place that God has given you permission to leave, because he knows that if you stay longer than the time that God afforded you, everything will change. The system will no longer work for your good. We don’t even realize how many offenses the adversary causes in order to encourage us to make wrong decisions until it is too late (literally too late). Yes, some people/things have been purposely positioned in your life to promote you to stumble into the wrong time zone. But don’t trip, there is a way out, despite your enemy’s desires.

Let’s not think of “blood” as antiquated anymore

I don’t know about you, but when I was young, I sang songs that I didn’t understand. I sang songs about the blood of Jesus, and I recited passages of eating his body and drinking his blood and before I realized what was happening, I became brainwashed into a way of thinking. I became accostumed to believing in something, and accepting something that I didn’t even understand! But you know what? It was right! It was right and I didn’t even know how lucky I was to be born into the right place at the right time.

The fact is, as I aged, like many people, I began to question what I had been taught. I began to re-think it. I began to ponder the evidence. Soon, I latched onto more simple lyrics that appeased my ego and comforted my wounded soul. I sang songs that were clear to me and I put away those songs that talked of things I never understood. Talking about Jesus’ blood became antiquated to me. It was something that the old timers used to sing– and weren’t they foolish, they probably didn’t know what they were singing about either! Right? Wrong!

You see, that’s the problem with not living to be 1000 years old, let alone 100 years. You don’t have an opportunity to grow old gracefully and to pass back all of the knowledge that caused you to understand. Now, instead of getting all of our wisdom to our children, we are lucky if we can even get a drop of it ourselves before we die, and we leave close to nothing behind; and our children have to start all over again, asking the same questions that we finally answered on our deathbed– but there is nobody there to coach them.

It really is the blood, guys!

The truth of the matter is, I really wish I could take their word for it. I wish I had that kind of faith, but I don’t. Even when I believe, I still want to know why I believe, and I want to investigate the mechanics/science of what brought me to that belief; and therein lies the problem. I don’t have time for all of that! Some things I must learn to believe on faith and not take the time to re-investigate all over again because I will miss out on all of the other important things in life. As we already established, what I want is not bad (the time to know these things for myself) but the reality is that because of the fall of man, I will have to sacrifice time from somewhere else, and where can I pull it from!

Moses was able to move a whole nation from one country to another simply because he believed something that his predecessors already discovered. He trusted that the blood of the lamb was a code that even the destroyer respected. He trusted that there was something about the DNA/Life of the blood of the lamb that caused every component of the system, every bend in the cycle, to submit to the governing powers. Moses was able to believe that the blood was the answer– without investigating it any further.

There will be a time in your life when you must jump in the wormhole if you want to survive. It would be nice if you could test the sides of it to see if it can hold you. It would be good if you could measure the length of it to see how long it will take you to get to where you need to be. It would be great if you could test the density to see what it actually consists of simply to cure your quest for knowledge. But none of those things will help you. You will have your enemy behind you, and a great sea before you, and you don’t know if that sea is capable of doing all that you’ve been told it can do, but you’re going to have to trust something, and you know the enemy quite well. So…you jump.

You know what you learn once you are in there? The first thing you learn is that the sea has the ability to split! Yes, how long would it have taken you to investigate that? How long would it take before you could piece together the knowledge of two time zones existing at once?

Then the second thing you learn in there is how important the blood is. It is a covering, some sort of protective layer that hides your DNA behind a DNA that the wormhole acknowledges, and it is because of that protective coating that the wormhole does not destroy you. You learn that even though you now can see the science of it, you thank God that you trusted the saints of old and didn’t wait to jump in until you figured the whole thing out; Because, while the wormhole will get you where you need to go (and science eventually would have unfolded that revelation) once you got on the other side, it was the blood that would prevent you from being sent back to where you came from in the first place. The old timers knew this.

The old timers knew about time, and space, and matter. They knew about energy conversion too. But you know what they figured out? They figured out that when time is pressing and the enemy is closing in, all the children need to remember is:

The blood of Jesus Christ covers all expenses

It was the only way in, and it is the only way out.

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