III. Protect Where You Live; creating an honorable environment

What’s In June?

You can create an honorable world simply by changing your environment. Who you are, how you think, and the way you act, all  determine the environment in which you live. If you decide that you want an environment that is filled with: kindness, gentleness, meekness, patience, temperance, joy, goodness, love, faith, and peace, all you have to do is to begin to build it.

We build by planting seeds. Have you ever seen a home surrounded by trees? There is no need for a fence because the trees provide the environment that the owner desired to create. He/she wanted privacy, beauty, atmosphere–  an arboretum; so he/she built a sanctuary. If you plant these seeds, they will grow to protect you. If there were seeds that you already planted from seasons before, the more you tend to your past work, the taller these trees will grow and the more beautiful your atmosphere will be.

Sometimes we are blessed. We move into a neighborhood that we did not work for. The trees had already been planted, the protection was already lined, and all we have to do is honor it. We honor our environment by respecting those who came before us and those who weren’t able to come at all, but sacrificed their lives in order to leave us the instructions for care.

The commandments are the universal principals for honoring our environment. It keeps good in and purges bad out. Follow the instructions on the label.


General calendar themes: Appreciating the loss of those who perished along the way; being aware of your environment and developing sensitivity; Studying commandments again which are universal principals; Appreciating Fathers


Calendar for the Month:  June 2nd- Jerusalem Unification Day, National Memorial Ceremony for Ethiopian Jews That Perished on Their Way to Israel; June 4th- Rosh Chodesh Sivan; June 5th- World Environment Day; June 8th- Shavuot Eve, Giving of the Torah, Festival of First Fruits/Pentecost, The Feast of Weeks, The Harvest Festival; June 9th- Shavuot; June 10th- Isru Hag; June 17th- Father’s Day


Meditational Words for the Month

Protect– to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, to cover or shield from injury or dangerCreate- to cause to happen


Readings for the Month

(Week One) June 6, 2008 – Life, Bear Up, Carry, Take  Reading of the week: Numbers 4:21 -7:89; Judges 13: 2 -25; Acts 21:17 – 26 

(Week Two) June 13, 2008 – When You Set Up Reading of the week: Numbers 8: 1 – 12:16; Zechariah 2:14 – 4:7; I Corinthians 10:6 – 13

( Week Three) June 20, 2008 – Send ForthReading of the week: Numbers 13:1 -15:41; Joshua 2:1-24; Hebrews 3: 7 -19

(Week Four) June 27, 2008 – Korah Reading of the week: Numbers 16:1 – 18:32; I Samuel 11:14 – 12:22; Romans 13: 1- 7

Commentaries of the Month:  See weekly commentary


Volume Reading of the Month:  Hosea


Commandment of the Month:  Introduction to the commandments again, know them, memorize them.  Start with God’s introduction to the nation–“I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage.”


Fruit of the Month:  Peace

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