VII. Unity Is The Assignment; pull the ‘work-together’

What’s In October?

God assesses us individually, but he judges us collectively. If your arm is hurting you, you realize that the pain is causing discomfort and you acknowledge that something is wrong in the arm. You do not send the arm to the doctor’s by itself. You send the arm with the rest of the body. In fact when the doctor tells you that the arm is injured, he tells your head about something wrong in the body. Likewise, God does the same with his body. If repairs need to be done, he makes the work known to every member saying, “This part of the body needs help”.

There is always work that needs to be done in the body. The successful member will listen to the judgement of the head. The head knows when the arm is aching, the heart is hurting, and the foot is crippled. Not all members know what is happening within the body, but the head does. Therefore, it is important to remember these three components when evaluating work:

1. The work order
2. The work plan
3. The work load

If any of these three are out of order and out of alignment, the body becomes disjointed, confused, depreseed, discouraged, and disappointed. it would be like a foot saying that he is not willing to go to the hospital just because the arm is broken, there is nothing wrong with him; when all along the head (whom he reports to) is telling him that the hospital is a priority (top of the agenda), because the body can not carry anything right now (incapacitated).

If forgotten, those three components will cause the work to be delayed. We must remember whom we report to, what the strategy is for accomplishing the work, and the actual burden that is our portion of the assignment. Again, no matter how important the foot thinks he is, if his assignment is to carry the arm to the hospital, nothing else that he does will please the body and his work is incomplete because he did not follow the instructions of the head. Unlike us, Christ actually considers the body very carefully and takes each malfunction quite seriously, even sacrificing himself. In other words, he might want to go to the movies (the mind is telling him so) but he cares about his arm, so he brings it to the hospital, because he loves it.

After God judges our strengths and our weaknesses, he gives us a work that is perfectly suited for where we are personally and how our work can benefit the body as a whole. He may have given a bad mark on our abs, but a great mark on our arms. When we come together the judgement is seen differently. He says: “I know that the arm was weak this year, but that is because it carried more than its share last year and couldn’t take on another thing. This year the arm will rest and the legs will do the job.”

Judgment is disbursed fairly. It is good judgment that imporves our work conditions and makes us proficient in our abilities.


General calendar themes: Eradication of poverty; United Nations Day; Day of the Elderly; Fallen Soldiers of Yom Kippur War; Atonement, fasting for unity, remembering the wisdom of the old, remembering the poor, remembering fallen warriors, remembering how we survived, not abandoning one another on the battle field

Calendar for the Month:

October 2nd- Second Day of Rosh Ha Shana

October 2nd – Fast of Gedaliah (ends at 7:45PM) Voluntary fast for lost souls

October 4th- Yom Ha Kippurim, Day of Atonements (Preparation)
October 8th- Yom Kippur Eve Beginning of FAST at sunset
October 9th- Yom Kippur Ending of FAST at sunset
October 13th- Sukkot Eve, Feast of Tabernacles, American Columbus Day
October 14th- Sukkot
October 15th – 1st Intermediate Day – through October 19th
October 17th- Hoshana Rabba
October 18th- Sh’mini Atzeret
October 20th- Hoshana Rabbi
October 21st- Simchat Torah
October 22nd- Isru Chag
*October 31st- American Halloween

(Find a substitute for this)***

Meditational Words for the Month:

Unity: The state of being one

Pull: To draw or haul toward oneself or itself in a particular direction

Readings for the Month:

(Week One) October 3, 2008 – And He Went
Reading of the week: Deuteronomy 31:1 – 30; Isaiah 55:6 – 56:8; Romans 7:7 – 12

(Week Two) October 10, 2008 – Give Ear
Reading of the week: Deuteronomy 32:1 – 52; II Samuel 22:1 – 51; Hosea 14:2 – 10; Revelations 15:1 – 4

(Week Three) No weekly reading

(Week Four) October 24, 2008 – In The Beginning
Reading of the week: Genesis 1:1 – 6:8; Isaiah 42:5 – 43:11; I Samuel 20:18 – 42; John 1:1 -14

(Week Five) October, 31, 2008 – Noah
Reading of the week: Genesis 6:9 -11:32; Isaiah 54:1 – 55:5; 1 Peter 3:18 -22


Volume Reading:  The Book of Esther & The Book of Judges 

Commandment of the Month:  4th Commandment

“Thou shall remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”

Fruit of the Month:  Faith

Commentaries for the Month: See Weekly Commentaries

*Special Reading See Complete Calendar

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