Life; It takes work!

The Program 

God’s plan for you is a program of life.  In his program there are beginnings, middles, and ends.  You are given: a vision, instructions on what to do with the vision, a work assignment, corrections, and a delivery date.  It is a program that receives what you’ve produced, reviews it, and passes it back to you with a final grade.  It is a program that shows results.

The Steps 

There are steps, but they are steps that provide direction.  They are not steps that promote wandering aimlessly in pointless circles.  Sometimes there will be circles, to recover what you missed before, but the key word is profitability.  It is a program designed for you to have a life, carry a life, and take it with you when you leave one plan in preparation for another.

The Choice 

You have options.  Blessings or curses are your choices.  In order to participate you have to actually enroll and enter the class.  That takes more than determination, it takes self examination.  Do you really want to do the work?  This is a question you must ask yourself and no one can give the answer to you.

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