The Self-Examination Study Notes

Know what is going on– it affects you!

During this season we have one of our quarterly reviews to see how we are doing.  Like any proficient teacher, God wants to ensure that we are retaining the information that we’ve been given.  One of the ways to “test” whether or not the teaching is sticking is to give an exam.  Just like school, we all hate exams when we aren’t prepared.  But this exam is a self-examination and no one knows the results but you.  You should know how You are doing at all times.

Review these study notes first.  Give yourself an opportunity to ingest all that you’ve learned.  You’ve been given these notes each week since April, but I’m cheating and letting you copy my outline:

Theme for the Year:

 I.  Holiness; Developing a people of Honor

Themes for the Term (Past three months)

A.  Fools Rush In; Wait for the new word

B.  Change of Strategy; Thinking it out

C.  Protect Where You Live; Creating an Honorable Environment

The Details (Points too important to forget):

I.  Holiness; Developing a people of honor

A.  Fools Rush In; Wait for the new word

1.  With God, racing ahead of his word is foolish, it is not honorable

a.  From the beginning it must be determind whether or not you have the ability to conceive an old vision before expecting a new one.

b.  You must find the infected one (old vision that did not line up with God’s plan).

c.  After the death of the old one, you have to conceive the “re-vision”

*For me personally, I realized that I could not maintain true vision without Christ and without the Jewish system.  Therefore, a vision without the testimony and the commandments was my own dream, not God’s vision.

B.  Change of Strategy; Thinking it out

1.  With God, honor begins in your thoughts.  Contaminated thoughts make bad decisions.

a.  Holiness means being separated and being able to separate

b.  Sometimes it’s better to say nothing until there is something to say

c.  When the Lord stands on the mount you should shut up and listen

d.  It is through living  “in my instructions” that you learn how to think like God

e.  In wilderness situations you will be able to re-think your way out

*I learned that any life outside of God’s instructions for living is not “life and that more abundantly”.

C.  Protect Where You Live; Creating an honorable environment

1.  God knows that the primary target of the adversary is where you live (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)

a.  God’s commandments protect you.  They give you life, bear them, carry them, and take them with you throughout the house that means ruling from the master bedroom not the room between the kids

b.  When you set up God’s commandments in your house, do it as law:  thoroughly, completely and correctly

*We are being tested before we have even completed the month of June because keeping the commandments are the fruit.  If you haven’t conceived that, you can not go any further in the program.

Read the Book of Ruth (commonly read by Jews during this time). See how her obedience and devotion led her to cross paths with her destiny.

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