Setting Up Good Work

Be Prepared By the Due Date!Your current assignment is almost due (in August) and your new assignment is just around the corner from the due date (September/October). Don’t be caught passing in inadequate work when you were designed to be excellent! Use these tools to help you.____________________________Pro-Active:Read a week ahead to break ground on where God is taking you next weekExample:   Send forth… (You are sending spies out next week who will bring you back a good report about the land that you will be working in). This teaches us timing; we aren’t sending them out this week, and not the week after next, but next week for optimal results.Active:The “actual” word of the week is what you are “working with this week”.Example:   Set up… (You are setting stuff up this week: the work order, the work plan, the work load, the work place, potential struggles, potential strengths, and the Godly assignment).  All of this I will teach you when I work with you through the Partner Program.Re-Active:Remember the word you read last week, it is what you don’t want to “lose”.Example: Life, bear, carry, take… (You are carrying the instructions for life, don’t let them go.)   Work With The Anointing!Here are the days and their anointing so that you can begin to schedule your week next week:______________Day One is Sunday:Visualization = ConceptualizingVisualize The Condition!Sunday is the anointed day for unity. It is anointed in seeing, digesting, collecting information, sorting through, determining which pieces match the vision and then stepping out with a : work order, work plan, work load, work assignment, work place, potential challenge, and useful strength, with a unified vision. It answers two questions completely– What is the work? How can I work it? It’s a great meeting day for leaders to get together to pray because it is the day anointed in unification.____God is interested in hearing your thoughts, your theories, your problems, your excitement. This is not a day to change anything about your work. Instead, it is a day to communicate what you’ve been feeling, discerning, what you are struggling with. In short, this is the day of the week that you actually have the right to complain, cry, throw a tantrum, grieve, boast, and celebrate. It’s an information gathering day; a day that you get everything out on the table between you and your ultimate boss (the Lord) so that when you represent yourself before your partners, or a staff, you are not divided, you are in good “condition”. You can’t unify a team if you are divided!Accept your new roles where you are: 1. Priest– Don’t be divided. You’ve been changed from someone disqualified to someone qualified to mediate on behalf of others.2. King– Don’t be divided. You’ve been changed from someone disqualified to someone qualified to rule/manage/direct others.____________________________________________________   Day Two is Monday: Stabilization = ProtectionStabilize Your Position!Monday is the anointed day for agreement.  You are putting parameters in place to ensure that the work is understood. It is the day that you have your staff meeting; you remind the staff of the annual vision, the goal of the month, the purpose of the work for the week. It is anointed in building and working with community. The only thing that must be done today by the day’s end is that the agreement is reached about the work week’s profitability factor. The profitability factor is ensuring that everyone is reminded of what is important to accomplish.God is not changing your workplace this week. He is revealing to you your workload. You will begin practicing your new work load in your current environment so that when he changes your work assignment, you will be qualified. Practice your new roles where you are:1. You are designated as a Priest (intercede on behalf of the people you work with). Actively pray for them. Remember them as if you are responsible for them. Remember their names and their personal conditions.2. You are designated as a King (make good judgment calls as if you are responsible for people’s lives). Actively (don’t be lazy) tighten your reign and role with those you work with. Be involved, be connected. Care, be concerned, be available, and be reliable.____________________________________         Day Three is Tuesday:Organization = Sifting CorrectlyOrganize Your Administration!Tuesday is the anointed day for order. It is anointed in bringing an order to the environment that can “work” for you. Every person whether you oversee a staff or not, is a manager. If you work, you manage something. How you manage it directly impacts your profitability. When you manage people you have even greater responsibility because you manage your profitability as well as another’s. As a manager it is important to factor in the staff’s “home” work. If you don’t factor all work into the picture, even the best employee will falter, collapse under pressure, or quit.This is the day to encourage everyone to go back and do the personal work it takes to pull together their entire workload and put it into a chart (organizational chart). This way you can help each person to see what they have on the table and how they can creatively manage it. They are not just juggling your work. They have a full plate that you should be aware of: Business, Home, Personal, Ministry (anything they do for others), and Extra Time (Nights & non-billable hours– even community service).____________God has an established work for you. It’s important to collect together all of the work that you are doing and to sort through it. You should be able to answer the following questions: How many “work” projects do you currently have on your desks (some people work in offices as well as at home– women especially). But to God, these works should be stacked together on one table first. Then they are separated so that you remember that they are all “work”. When they are stacked together you can see everything that you are working with. There should only be four categories at a time. More than that is too much work.Stay in the habit of making lists. God’s natural plan for you is to categorize each component of your work. Organize each division, as if they are departments in your company. Then stack branches under each department.Example:Business: PutnamDivision: Executive SearchDepartment: Research & Candidate DevelopmentSpecialization: Asst. Vice President________________________________________________Day Four is Wednesday:Civilization = InterconnectivityCivilize Your Submission!Wednesday is the anointed day for timing/scheduling. It is anointed in reconciling calendar dates, networking, interacting, mediating, making plans, re-scheduling, setting deadlines that will be due on certain dates, calling deadlines to be submitted. In short it is anointed in making demands civilly (in a way that makes people want to submit) because you are sensitive to “time”.By utilizing the Jewish calendar you can increase your productivity 100 fold. “There is a time for everything, and for everything there is a season” as Solomon said. But what good is it if you don’t know when the time is? Depend on your Jewish calendar and insist that your staff does too (for them, any kind of calendar is adequate, but YOU recognize the authority of timing by only keeping a Jewish calendar). It will also have worldly dates and themes that are helpful for you to be aware of. Make sure that you expect your staff to keep a calendar and to bring it with them every time you meet. Go over fixed times with them (times that you will not be working) and go over set times (holidays), and also go over personal times with them, scheduling vacations and personal days that they already know about. Not only is it good from a spiritual perspective but also from a sensitivity perspective and a worldly perspective. It is “good” all the way around._________God has established a calendar for you. The sooner you accept his cycle for your life the more profitable you will become. While you know to function on a five day work week schedule, and you know how to use a calendar to schedule events, you may not be using your calendar to increase your profitability. If you allow the Jewish cycle to be your compass, you will naturally fall in alignment with peak seasons and seasons that should be more laid back. Additionally when you add God’s set times (7 day week) into play, you actually develop a rhythmic working cycle for a profitable life.To God everything is profitable for something but if you keep using the wrong cycle you will keep reaping the same losses. A king and a priest must always know what time it is.__________________________________________________    Day Five is Thursday:Implementation = Productivity (Working the Plan)Improvise Your Thinking!Thursday is the anointed day for strategy. It is anointed in implementing new ideas, modules, etc. It allows the staff to think about the vision, augment it in their department and apply it to their specialization. In other words, allow the staff the ability to give feedback and implement their feedback into their work. They’ve been given the opportunity to work for several days and now problems begin to arise, setbacks are unavoidable, and conflicts come up in their time-table. Encourage them to think through creative ways to accomplish the task. Wait and expect them to come up with solutions and respect their solutions if and when they work. Any major changes make on Thursdays so that your team has time to think through what has happened and “re-visit” it on Monday to see how they “see” it now.______________Each person was born with a specialization (talent). Expect that each person on the team has one. If the person is worthy but they don’t know their specialty, work with them to develop it. Surround your company with players who are thinkers or can be taught to think. If they refuse to think, let them go. Don’t see this as an act of cruelty but rather an act of mercy. Give them the opportunity to work in an environment that forces them to think. Then, they can get back to you (or their next boss) with the necessary tools for the job. It’s not your job to force them to think if they don’t want to. It’s also not your job to keep them when they are not thinking.Encourage your team to use the tools but also give them the freedom to create tools of their own. Encourage their ability to produce solutions, to act on their feet. Put into them a reproductive nature. Encourage the team to keep you posted about actions, pro-actions, and re-actions. When they ask for help, be available. When they are thinking it through, allow them to– with a deadline. Expect results from them. Expect that they will come up with solutions even if the ultimate solution is to come back to you for more counsel on what they’ve come up with. Respect their process without disrespecting the mutually agreed upon deadline for results.Remember that the king and the priest are there for the people, but they report to God.___________________________________________   Day Six is Friday:Specialization = A Legitimate CreationSpecialize What You’ve Created!Friday is the anointed day in excellence. It is anointed in finishing, completing, finding the kinks and working them out. These are not major editing errors, these are the little things, and the special embroidery after the material is already made. That “thing”, that quality that shows everyone your label– “you” were involved in the project. It’s evident. It is your signature day (You sign off).By Friday you know how productive the work week was. You know what you need to go back to, to add the last touches. Most importantly, you’ve worked so hard to be thorough, complete and correct, that you have time to think about creating what you love to do the most. You add your special touch to the area that leaves the “you-ness” on the project. It is also the anointed day for creating sketches (templates) for something spectacular that you’ve just been thinking about. You file these things and begin to play with them, and take them out whenever you have extra time. Before you know it, it blossoms into the next “program/project” under one of the divisions you’ve already set up. This is how material becomes a vision. We keep these things in the folder of time until God says, “You know what, I agree with your thoughts, let’s run with that!” Now it is a vision!___________________          In a sense, the level of specialization that any boss sees from his people is his responsibility. An employer must create an atmosphere where the people can use the tools available to excel. The people should be able to: condition themselves to the vision, position themselves within their department to bring profitability, manage their own work, submit to the rules/regulations/deadlines within the company, and according to their clients, think through challenges, and still have time to create something extra that is beyond the requirements. (This is the material that promotions are made of). Whenever God promotes you, it is because you’ve taken the time to become specialized beyond what was needed and have carved out a new position for yourself within the company.It’s required that they do good work, but the specialized person does excellent work because they are always creating something profitable that helps the company. They may create relationships, work charts, products, strategies, sales, whatever, but one thing is consistent. This person uses their “time left over” to perfect an idea.In fact, this person can always be expected to say at the staff meeting, “I’ve been thinking about this…”, or “I have something I’ve been working on…”, or “I’d like to show you something when you get a chance…” Some staff chronically take Fridays off because they are done with their work in the office and they want to work in another area of their lives, and that is okay. Leave room for that. Some goof off in the office at the water cooler to keep their paycheck but not their profitability. But a few are ensuring that the company keeps working. They are the future partners!The priest is partnered with Christ. The king is partnered with Christ. They share the same position and the same authority. Christ is only above them in relation to where He lives!*Always end your work week by saying: Shabbat Shalom (Peaceful 7th day) It is where we got the term “Have a good week-end” from.__________________________________________________       Do Not “GO” Until it is time!Day Seven is Saturday:Contemplation = AccomplishmentRealize The Rest! (Pun Intended)Saturday is anointed in revelation. Believe it or not, the “rest” of the work week will get done without you.The scripture actually says that God stopped working on the Sabbath. That means he was working and he finished. It was on the Sabbath that he ceased working and when he did, he decided that there was no need for anyone to work again on the Sabbath. He believed that what he did on the Sabbath was work that no one else could work at. It had to come from the heart because it was actually “Ministry”.The Lord God (the first time that term is ever used in the bible) performed ministry on the Sabbath. He could have allowed Adam and his wife to roam the earth and wait for the earth to work for them, like animals; but instead, he designed (specialized) a program. Perhaps he filed the idea on Friday. It was something he really wanted to do. There was no profit in it, but there was prophet in it! And that is the difference between the work that is allowed on the Sabbath.The Lord put more into this program than any of his work. He put himself literally into Paradise. This ensured that it would have everything he could think of. When he finished, he knew it was very good because he had been there himself! He gave himself to the program! It wasn’t another project, it was his special program.Be careful about the work you do on the Sabbath. Make sure that it is ministry. If not you are better off “resting it out”. Notice that when the Lord stopped working on the Sabbath, the devil started working on the same day. If the couple had listened, they wouldn’t have been recruited into another profitless work program!

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