Weekly Reading

Numbers 16:1-18:32

I. Samuel 11:14-12:22

Romans 13: 1-7

** Volume Reading:  The Book of Nehemiah


Weekly Commentary

Korah…was set up

Numbers 16:1-18:32

–The Set Up

Sometimes God sets you up. If you haven’t been working with him, you’ve been set up to be cut off; sent out of his community. If you have been walking with him, he has set you up to be promoted; sent out of your current position into a promotion that is profitable.

God allowed something Moses did (we don’t know what it was) to irritate the leaders, beginning with the chief leader of the community. Instead of bringing the aggravation before the Lord, they became so “incensed” that they turned against Moses. Their incense contaminated the whole camp and caused the camp to stand in a bad place with God. Their incense was a stench in God’s nostrils, so God separated three divisions within the camp:

1. The leadership, 2. Those assisting the leadership, 3. The community

He sifted them to find those who were rebellious. Then he sent them out of the camp by: swallowing, fire consumption, and plague/disease.

When the camp was purged rebellion was sifted out of the:  leadership, the congregation, and the community.  Then a new plan was set up. It was called: Profit/Prophet Sharing. God’s intention was then made clear. It was evident that he wanted to bless those who were keeping his commandments and following his instructions, and to spank those who had been warned too many times before.


The Set Up of the Substitute 

I Samuel 11:14-12:22

The “Clean House” Plan 

Samuel was a special kind of prophet. From his childhood he practiced the priesthood under Eli. Then he became the first judge of Israel. Then he became the first arch-type king, in that he:   anointed the king, appointed him into position, gave him responsibilities, and removed him. But as Samuel aged he sought to replace himself because he was tired. During this time he was assisted by his sons who did not have the same fever for God as he had. His sons did not love the community as much as Samuel did, and so they did not oblige themselves to God on behalf of the people. They were not “sold out” to ministry.  Samuel had hoped that his children were worthy to take over but they were not.

The community respected Samuel.  Samuel demonstrated all of the qualities that one would want in a boss.  He was a priest; he knew how to sacrifice for the people. He was a prophet; he knew how to listen to God and give the word back to the community.  And he was a judge; he knew how to make good decisions. What made Samuel excellent is that he functioned in three roles but he never forgot that they were separate positions and he always knew that only God could maintain all three at once, perfectly. It was a juggling act that he neither wanted nor deserved, and he was honest about it. In fact, it was the constant juggling that made him tired.  That is why he brought in his sons.  But the people didn’t agree with the solution.   What they wanted wasn’t wrong, but why they wanted it was the problem.

The community realized that in their camp they also had to be priests (of a sort). They also had to be prophets (of a sort). They also had to be judges (of a sort). And they also had to be kings (of a sort). They were required to partner up with Samuel, but they wanted him to do all of the work and then they became incensed when they discovered that a portion wasn’t being fulfilled. A part of the work was lacking excellence. It was theirs! They expected too much from Samuel and got enraged when he couldn’t deliver through his sons.  Instead of replacing Samuel’s sons, they wanted a new system all together. It was a good thing that they were ready for change, but a bad thing because the kind of change they wanted was worldly.

You see, they didn’t want a Godly king. That would mean that the new system was the old system with only one “altar-ation”: Them! There were two positions available on either side of Samuel, but the truth is that they were full-time positions with very little benefits and they had seen Samuel’s life. The cost of true ministry had been revealed to them: the toll it takes on your spirit, on your soul, on your strength.  So they promptly answered,  “Ahhh, No Thanks! Instead, let’s hire someone to do it for us like the other nations do!”

Big mistake.

So God sent forth Saul to fill the position. Saul was corrupt from the beginning. He was the perfect “set up”. If those under him continued to walk with God (or began) they would use the time to prepare themselves for the season when God forgave them and relented; sending a new king again– a righteous king who would partner down with them: David. But if they did not use this time to increase their profitability/prophetabilitily, productivity, and personal developement, they would be swept away with the old regime. Because the substitute system was set up to fail.

Those who followed God’s commanments and his instructions were waiting for Saul’s house of rebellion to fall. They knew that the new kingdom would require something from them…a commitment to get the job done. And they were prepared because they had already assumed partnership with God. As for those who rebelled? They thought they were the ones who brought up the allegations against the Torah, but it was soon revealed that the allegations were brought up against them…it was a Korah set up.


Korah…the set up of the disobedient 

Romans 13: 1-7

Torah vs. Korah= Torah

If you’ve had difficulty following directions in your youth; rebelled as a young adult, and still choose not to yeild to God’s authority, you’ve been set up by the adversary.

Report card time! Is it good work or works of the flesh? No matter how often you told your parents that you were studying; told them you were at one place when truly you were in another, your report card will tell it all. If you adhere to God’s commandments and instructions, your report will reveal it. If you did not adhere, your report card will show you out…the door! You will be sent out of the leadership, out of the congregation, out of the camp, and out of the community. You’ve got to start all over again!

Submit to the structure God is providing for you, it is your protection. Obey the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.  You will be shielded from the sifting out of the rebellious.  Hold on, cause this time, what is “left” is who was right.

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