The Days of Fasting for Our Temple

It’s Our Temple (Body) We’re Talking About! 

Seventy years before our second temple was destroyed, Christ had already filled in the gaps by standing in the breach.  Thank God!  If you truly know what that means, you would rejoice!!!  Without the physical temple, there is nowhere to sacrifice offerings for sin!  But because Christ did come, he became the temple, so that the temple is now housed outside of the physical building (hope I didn’t lose you).   The temple is now “a church/synagogue without walls”, physical ones anyway.  But that doesn’t mean that the walls can not be breached.

When we fast for the temple, we remember that just as the physical temple experienced a breach in the walls, a seige of our holy place– Jerusalem, a destruction of both of the temples that stood in the same place, and a departure of us leaving our homeland in shame and exile, this can and does happen again and again in the spiritual world in each one of us. 

Forgetting The Temple Is Like Living Without Your Skin 

By remembering the past, we protect ourselves for the future.  We fast for God to reveal to us the breach in the wall of the global church/synagogue/body, and for Him to show us how to mend it– how to stand in it!  Don’t think that the temple can not be destroyed because it is spiritual.  If everyone thought like that the adversary would wipe us out one by one and the only one left standing would be Christ.  Jesus did the hard work, but we must contribute something!  Remember the apostles?  Why do you think Jesus left them behind?  Not for their good looks, I assure you.

Fasting Reveals The Leaks In The Body

When we fast, we fast for those who have not fallen in line and have no safety from the oncoming threat of destruction.  We fast for those who will be destroyed in the process of us becoming free.  We fast for ourselves, that we will become all that our nations need us to be.  We fast for our children who are required to take over our position on the wall and claim even more territory then we did.  We fast for the life that we are carrying, that it will be lived well.  But mainly, we fast in the hopes that the temple was not destroyed for nothing. 

It must be that the temple was destroyed in order for Israel to be sent out to reach the world; sent away on commission, not in shame.  There is no other acceptable reason for the temple to be destroyed.  Ask Jesus who willing laid down the temple in order that the world would have the choice of salvation.  We fast to be justified; that the difference will be in the reason we had to leave home, so that in returning on that great judgment day…we will have an honorable name to be proud of.

Sooo?  Fast for the temple of Jerusalem; fast for the church/the synagogue/the body of Israel and the global body of Christ (those saved and to be saved); fast for your local church and/or assembley; fast for your own physical body.  Stand fast and Fast so that you can stand!


The Fast Days Regarding Our Temple

July 20th- until 8:00PM (mourning the breach in the walls-  think of Judas)

August 10th- until 8:00PM (mourning the destruction of both temples- think of Jesus)

September 2nd- until 8:00PM (mourning the departure to exile- think of the lost souls)

December 12th– seige of Jerusalem began (think of the persecution of the saints)

* Remember these dates– mark your calendar.

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