To The People On The Wall

One breach leaves a thousand gaps.  Remember Judas?  It only took a single traitor to bring the Roman army to Jesus’ feet.  But one mediator closes a thousand breaches. That was Christ, and now that’s you.

You Are In Over Your Head…And?

When we don’t do our part in the Kingdom of God, we break a promise.  We break the promise to put God first.  Putting God first is the only way to stand in the gap.  Your superiors will begin to look flawed, the plan will begin to look wayward, and you will stumble, be sure, if you are not looking to God.  It is too much for any human to behold without the son-glasses that God has provided, because your adversary wants you to see and hear everything.  He wants you to see how far in you are in over your head. 


Because he wants you to remember what is natural.  You can’t swim forever, and you can’t fly.  So how are you going to get out of this?  And that is his trump card.  He has revealed it to you and now he awaits your response.  He says, “I’m coming against the temple and there is nothing you can do about it.  Now what, God has abandoned you.”

You Are In A Position of Weakness…And? 

Remember Hezekiah?  Remember how the enemy came to speak to the men on the wall?  He began to negotiate with the men and wanted them to see that they were in a position of weakness.  But Hezekiah kept taking the plan back before God.  He stretched it out on the table and went over it again and again with God to see what God thought should be done next.  He wouldn’t make a move until the prophet Isaiah gave confirmation from God.  Ultimately, I like what Hezekiah did.  He eventually gave everything, every bit of gold in the temple, everything that was worthy…except the people.  He was not willing to negotiate the people.  Period.  I believe that God honored that quality in Hezekiah.  “Take it all!  I will have nothing.  I will have no name as a king, no riches to support myself, no authority if the people give up on me, take it all!  But I will not forfeit the people.”  Hezekiah took a stand.  It didn’t mean that he couldn’t fail.  He could.  But he wasn’t going to fail to hold on to the people of God.  The adversary would have to kill him first in order to take the people, and that was a call that only God could make.

It Doesn’t Look Like You’re Going To Be Rescued…And? 

That’s where Judas failed.  It wasn’t enough that he was a thief, and that he was constantly discussing Jesus’ situation behind his back.  These things are forgiveable, even the best of us do this.  But Judas buckled when he was willing to sell out the people.  That was the breach.

In fairness to Judas, it looked like Jesus wasn’t going to be the King after all, I mean he didn’t look like a king and he wasn’t acting like a king.  Nothing was changing, the people were still poor, and the Romans were still in control.  Judas began to look around him rather than to look up.  That is where the breach began.  Suddenly the stones started to wiggle out of place; stones that were thought to be unimportant became paramount as the wall trembled and threatened to collapse.  It was an entry way for the adversary to advance and attack.

And…So What If I Die Right Now…And? 

But glory unto God, the reverse is true too.  One vow, one oath, one pledge, one promise to God that is fulfilled is like a thousand soldiers standing in the gap.  God knows exactly where the adversary plans to attack.  When we consult with him, and accept his counsel, we withstand the reproach of our enemy.


Because the enemy doesn’t see all the other gaps.  He sees the soldier guarding the gap he was trying to enter in and he assumes that all of the other gaps are guarded with equal strength.  He assumes that the wall is covered with men like Jesus.  And he knows he cannot contend so he leaves, because he sees the truth. 

Devil, I’ll Trade Everything But The People…If God Even Allows That!

Of all of the things that the adversary wanted you to hear and behold, he didn’t see everything…yet.  He didn’t see that all God wanted you to do was to stand your post.  The other 24,000 gaps would be filled in by the legions of angels that were dispatched the moment you took your position!

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