Feel The Weight/Wait Gain? It’s Super-Natural!

Feeling a little heavier lately?  It’s Not Your Imagination! 

Like any pregnancy, right before the due date, in fact a month before, the baby puts on the most weight.  All through the pregnancy a mother may have had one too many ice-creams and packed on a few pounds herself, but that last month is different.  In the last month, it’s all about the baby. And for us, that means the assignment.

Remember The Assignment?  God Does. 

The assignment you were given last Fall is preparing to be delivered (not to be confused with the vision you received after Passover). Let me take a moment to remind you that God causes us to be entirely fruitful all year long. We give birth to vision, to commandments/instructions, to assignments, and to rest. Not to mention the fact that when we are at our peak, we produce every single month in some area of our lives; most commonly mastering the fruits of the spirit and learning to follow God’s commandments. We are very profitable and productive people.

So this baby, this time, is the assignment– what you were sent to do last Fall. Are you wondering if you did it? Ask the Lord to reveal to you what you were told to do and whether or not you are on your way to completing the task and delivering the assignment to him…on time!

This is the season when the baby (the assignment) will increase its weight by up to a 1/2 pound per week. For most of us, it feels like an additional 100 pounds! Pressure crowds and it seems like there is nothing you can do to stop it.  All you can do is to learn how to carry the extra weight/wait properly. Don’t panic, and don’t fight against it; Rather, breathe deeply, and exercise regularly- demonstrating the fruits of the spirit.  Try patience this month for practice, and eat a healthy diet of the word of God.  Then, you can be sure, absolutely sure of one thing (this will give you peace of mind) you aren’t the one putting the weight/wait on. God is putting the necessary meat and the fat and the insulation in the baby.  Be willing to carry the assignment full term (even with the added weight/wait gain) and deliver it by the end of the summer. No matter how many ultra-sounds you have, only God knows when the exact due date is!

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